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  1. thanks for your response, i appreciate it! here is hoping that the staggered launches make it better than the catastrophe back in 2014
  2. hey all, is MCC on PC going to have classic halo 2 or just the anniversary edition, and im also curious about halo 1. i cant find any clear info googling it. if it doesnt have these theres no point for me buying it
  3. box

    OT Thread of OT

    that is a big ass baby congrats bro im sure youll be a good father
  4. the thing is homosexuality not being a choice isnt an opinion;...
  5. Do u argue to discuss stuff or do u argue so you can 'win'? Serious question cause i've never seen you concede a point in my life it's pretty remarkable. it's pretty fucking rare for every single member of congress to unanimously vote on ANYTHING, and we're talking about privatizing social security for fuck's sake. Actually thinking that social security is going to get privatized is pure bi partizan hysteria and a liberal equivalent of 'obama is going to take our gunz away'
  6. you really think all GOP senators would pass that? really makes me think
  7. Did you read the article? "The SSA cannot unilaterally privatize the program. That takes legislation that Congress has to pass and the president has to sign" That being said SS is a major issue that no one is talking about at all, not sustainable for our generation. I'd recommend everyone to manually save for their own retirement and not expect SS check.
  8. ive got a metaphorical boner thinking about how foreign money like saudi donations wont have any power in our country anymore
  9. nahh any establishment politician is whats wrong with this country tbqh trump winning feels fucking good man tho, excited to see what happens
  10. Im not a republican and i think this country is fucked in a lot of ways tho. Also I voted Obama in 08 and 12 because he was the better choice. The Democratic party was better than the Republican party from the 90's until a couple years ago, now the Democratic party is rotten to the core and Trump is for better or worse the option that I can vote while sleeping soundly at night. MAGA
  11. GOOD post, high energy!
  12. Seriously reading through this thread makes me realize it doesn't deserve anything other than getting trolled MAGA
  13. There is a lot of wasteful spending in Afhganistan, and we all know what Iraq was. But I am really wondering what your notion of 'results' are? Please tell me what you think these results should be, because from my perspective the only war we've seen in the Western world since 1945 was the Balkan wars in the 90's when Yugoslavia broke up. Longest lasting peace in recorded history.
  14. We need to have a stable relationship with Putin and Russia, not bi polar soviet era relations with him which is what Hillary is hawking for. Clearly sanctioning them did not stop the Kremlin from doing what they want, so Russia can't be bullied, which is why there are compromises that need to be made. Putin is widely accepted in Russia because he did a lot to un-fuck their system (it's still pretty fucked but people were actually starving during the 90's) during their transition to capitalism. They're willing to give him the benefit of the doubt with pretty much everything he does from now on. He also does a really good job at making problems that the west has widely known in Russia, so a lot of people there actually prefer to live in their current situation instead of the 'decadent and degenerate' west. Most Russians don't even consider themselves European anymore.
  15. While I agree with the fact that European countries should spend more on their military, do you have any idea what NATO is and subsequently our role in it with regard to European defense? Not to mention our military budget only looks to be so out of proportion due to our massive GDP compared to the ROTW. I would also like you to explain how a country like Belgium could do 'the same exact shit for the fraction of the price'. Most people's posts in here are legitimately ******** but you have this annoying way of making condescending statements without providing any information or any amount of knowledge on the subjects you're talking about. This is quite a complex issue and there is no cut and dry answer for it, like most things in geopolitics.

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