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  1. thanks for your response, i appreciate it! here is hoping that the staggered launches make it better than the catastrophe back in 2014
  2. hey all, is MCC on PC going to have classic halo 2 or just the anniversary edition, and im also curious about halo 1. i cant find any clear info googling it. if it doesnt have these theres no point for me buying it
  3. box

    OT Thread of OT

    that is a big ass baby congrats bro im sure youll be a good father
  4. box

    OT Thread of OT

    no im going to bum off of u do u have a spare bed
  5. box

    OT Thread of OT

    the weak should fear the strong
  6. box

    OT Thread of OT

    im probably moving to boston soon
  7. box

    OT Thread of OT

    say it to my face bitch youll regret it!! i will literally destroy u
  8. box

    OT Thread of OT

    went 2 portugal was p cool
  9. i love u too btw im soooo soore but it feels so good
  10. i was driving when i heard about england vs iceland and i started laughing so hard i had to pull over
  11. box

    Music Thread

    posting a banger
  12. this is my subjective opinion but i disagree that it plays better than mcc, there is something very off with how h2 vista feels as opposed to mcc version.
  13. you dont have to believe me, but u might want to take a look at how much h2 i played https://halo.bungie.net/stats/playerstatshalo2.aspx?player=fe%20thebox&ctl00_mainContent_bnetpgl_recentgamesChangePage=9
  14. i really really dislike all the movement bullshit in new fps games, the only game i thought it worked in was when it was just sprint in CoD 4 and the expansions or whatever you want to call the rest of them the only fps game thats been released this decade that i like is cs go kek
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