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  1. Dang it. All my plus reping lately is just not turning out the way I intend. Good post. +1. will edit with my perspective later.
  2. actually it's not as simple as logging out, at least on my browser. I had to clear my cookies when I was banned in order to read the site again. Some people might not know or think of that. heck, maybe they just like their cookies. I like cookies. Makes sense.
  3. Did you read the post? He said he didn't have permission to access the site, so he didn't even know to message RyaNoob until after the fact. the BE staff make all these posts telling other people they can't be sarcastic or passive aggressive, but it's amazing the volume of said posts I see coming from the staff themselves.
  4. Sounds like competitve MP has a chance at being competitve. Still too soon to tell. I'm excited though either way, even if it is just a casual experience.
  5. I feel like if we are going to use two symmetrical maps for extraction we should at least try and tailor one of them with an asymmetrical layout. The fact that we have to limit the possibilities for gametypes doesn't sit well with me. All the power weapons and extraction sites down the same portion of the map really seems like a limitation to me. That being said if we can get anything to spawn away from the center of the map I think that would be a small victory. However I think if you are going to push for damage boost and OS you might be fighting two losing battles instead of one. Isn't damage boost a two shot BR? Personally, I'm all for testing it, but I'd prepare for shouts of "over-powered!" Especially if it spawns at the start of the match on a certain teams side. I would like to see more powerups used. OS gets tiresome. The only problem I really see with it is that--I may be mistaken--but can't you only delay one ordnance drop per map? So I think you would definitely run into a balancing problem as far as starting spawns.
  6. Why are we acting like the only place we can put power weapons is down the middle strip of Haven. The only gametypes on it are asymmetrical. Has anyone considered having a delayed power weapon or power up somewhere else on the map? I think it would do the map some good to not have everything lined up down the middle street.
  7. That makes two of us. I think you'll find more will agree with you here on that point than will agree with you about Station 9.
  8. No, but it is one of the first game me and my wife played together. gamer wives GOAT
  9. I won't be able to unfortunately as my wife and I are celebrating our first anniversary, but I do hope it leads to good debate. (Nor do I see myself as qualified to represent the community, but I appreciate the thought) Though at the same time I don't understand the need to do it via stream. If RyaNoob is more comfortable making a video, he could always record his thoughts and post it here for responses. Just as those who are more comfortable debating via text can post how they feel most comfortable. I hope this doesn't turn into some sort of thing if no one volunteers their time, and I'm not saying that is anyone's intention, but people simply have their own time constraints and comfort zones, and they shouldn't be faulted for them. I honestly don't expect this to be the big spectacle that it could be, though if it was it would be cool.
  10. Has anyone contacted you to enter the debate yet?
  11. cool. Whatever floats your boat I guess. Hope you post the video here afterward for those who can't participate or watch. Cheers!
  12. I mean, the whole idea of a streamed debate is cool and all, but why not just voice our positions here and now?
  13. what's his education background? Maybe he is simple qualified for a position? I know nothing about him outside of Halo.
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