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  1. Its the net code. Have nothing to do with the sniper sir
  2. I would rather not have the Halo 2 BR aka easiest Utility weapon in the next Halo.
  3. so the community is blinded by nostalgia? Cool.
  4. I have no words right now. Complaining about someone discussing Halo on a Halo forum. If you don't like how someone post ignore them.
  5. Tbh Narrows is the best map ever. Dat meta is impeccable.
  6. I don't have an agrument = its my opinion
  7. Nothing. Halo will never be at the top again.
  8. Well I tried again. This game is too ass.
  9. wow those gametypes you listed were amazing.
  10. Slaughterhouse was better tbh. Jay Rock went in tho. Kendrick was cool as usual.
  11. Bruh that Em song.....MY GOD
  12. How can someone say an album is "AOTY" when they didn't even listen to all the albums that came out? Hate that shit.
  13. It's funny because there are a ton of people who think the way Afterdeath and Common do.
  14. How are your shots consistent if the gun was designed to be random? I would like to see a video supporting your claims.

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