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  1. It would be so funny if the pros take this to small claims court and end up on judge Judy Kappa
  2. I think tech could have gotten the win if brewer hadn't got hurt. Wonder if they will unredshirt the Miami de commit
  3. Pleasantly surprised with VT right now. Thought Ohio state had them beat with those first two drives, but bud foster's defense has been great, and offensive play calling has been better then it has in previous years
  4. I'm probably a little late, but did you see how many starters virginia tech lost last year? Not to say that they had a good season, but when you lose your starting running back, your backup, and your third string running backs, you're in for a rough year. Virginia tech played really well against Ohio State last year, and I'm looking forward to tonight's matchup. Let's Go!!!!
  5. Elevate just announced they will have randa, frosty, suspector, and unlegit on their roster for halo 5. Tbh I didn't really see that coming, but it makes sense that elevate would get back into the scene for halo 5. I just hope their team doesn't flop like the season 2 one did
  6. I could've sworn I saw h2a, h3, and h4 in landon's stream today edit: it just may of been a glitch idk
  7. I was watching someone's stream and team hardcore had h2, h2a, h3, and h4 on his stream. When i got home, I booted up mcc, and there was only h2. I've hard reset my xbox twice and it isn't showing up. The same person who's stream i was watching had to quit his build on mcc, then when he rebooted it, only h2 was there. Edit: It was on landon's stream (twitch.tv/lqndon), but his past broadcast isn't showing up for some reason (it was like 2 hours ago)
  8. Did they really just add hardcore gametypes for h2a, h3, and h4 into the hardcore playlist, then remove them? wtf
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