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  1. Lots of wisdom for us makers http://www.paulgraham.com/hp.html
  2. That overabundance of supply has not gone unnoticed, either. It's also shifted the content toward cheaper, easier-to-produce stories.
  3. Structures are all wrong, unnecessary space lingers causing disruption in aesthetic flow. Halo maps are being homogenized by design, re-imagined rather than streamlined. Halo is Forerunner alloy, Covy carbon, Ancient ruin, or Human metal not plastic. Legendary level design characteristics that beget new legendary level design aren't being transferred well in new Halo games. Midship successor Heretic's stellar arena rightly scaled to Halo's core gameplay improved the vested, curvy, round arena aesthetic. Lockout successor Guardian altered design and became a standalone all original theme. Blackout and cold storage successors did not scale and added unmerited background, a good example of thoughtless change. I'm seeing a lot of that in MCC. Halo 5 uninspired arenas are probably going to be dirty, broken down, cemented, piss stained, giant plaza/warehouses, or cluttered floating plastic.
  4. Offering your work free might seem noble and kind to those who want to see it, but remember that giving things away 'for free' via services like Steam or the App Store costs both you and your users far more in the long term than $5 would cost them right now.
  5. Competitive players don't need institutionalized developers anymore when the indie scene is awesome right now. SteamOS is cool.
  6. Everything in this industry may change time and time again, but basic philosophy of competitive games geared toward longevity is going to remain very much as it has been. Sony won the crowd back in three minutes of bullet points, whooping and hollering of rent-a-crowd in E3 felt forced as always, but reaction to PlayStation's stance on used games, DRM, sharing, and online connections was genuine. PlayStation's biggest selling point is actually a last-gen feature and in spirit of capitalism Sony took first step in driving the price down, though free online multiplayer would have just been brutal to Microsoft's war on poor people, and ought to have been. Ironically, the original Xbox gained popularity because Halo CE was passed around dorm rooms like a cheap whore. Lending = more buyers. What happens ten years down the road when Halo 5-10 Xbone no longer exists - Xbone 2 not being backwards compatible (they have yet to make a backwards compatible console) - are servers going to be up forever? No. Once it's no longer profitable Xbone will no longer be supported, and when that's not supported the Xbox exclusives will die, if a game is uploaded to the cloud it's gone forever. All of these decisions are software decisions and they can change any of these, but chose not to. The internet dark age has been created. Long live indie!
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