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  1. Hey guys, I've been wondering. I haven't played the new BTB yet and wasn't sure how well it matched partys. Can 4 teams of 2 match vs a team of 8 or is it a bit more social like halo 3. Please let me know how your experience has been. I have a bunch of casual friends I want to PvP with but getting stomped by a full team of 8 BTB try hards isnt desirable. We just want to drive each other off a cliff or 2 youknowhatimsayin!?
  2. The problems with the recent patch come as no surprise. Guys, the sooner you accept that this game will never be fixed and simply swept under the rug, the better. I know it hurts seeing our game destroyed but dont be so naive.
  3. Major patches? I wouldn't hold my breath. Since the last major patch in March (which finally allowed the game to be playable) 343 are for the most part washing their hands of this nightmare. We will never get the game which was promised at 100%. Expect small fixes to minor issues for the next little while.
  4. So what's the deal with GoldenBoy, why isn't he on Bomb Planted anymore?
  5. They're also going to make it an all Ricochet tournament with slappers only variants, viewers eat that shit up.
  6. No way. Heinz is a better version of Flamesword, that team would get stomped. Also, I imagine Richie would want a more dedicated team.
  7. At G4G you made Colby switch sides TWICE bc of host. Nobody else on your garbage team cared bc you were going to get trashed 2-0 either way. No wonder you support the Sudds.
  8. Looking for 2 for HCS 1 tomorrow and we can go from there. We'll be practicing tonight, GT: Boris077
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