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  1. Woah, thanks for the heads up. News to me. Thanks @@ske7ch for acknowledging the situation. The servers have been inaccessible since July 2015. The issue has been unaddressed so long, sites that sell copies of Halo 2 Vista specifically note that the game doesn't have online multiplayer.
  2. God I love multiquote. I mod every PC Halo game except H5F, but I rarely play multiplayer because where I am atm has a shit internet connection. I didn't know Cartographer didn't allow FPS unlockers. Strange. Are you sure? There's several H3 graphical packs which change all the armor and weapons to their Halo 3 equivalents, and sprint can easily be disabled. Just throwing that out there. Does it still refuse to connect to any servers? What does the text at the top left of the screen say? And indeed, the way hosting still works in H:O they're still alienating anyone outside of the Americas. The audio bug is still a major issue as well...I remember someone was working on a fix, but I don't know what ever came of it.
  3. "Look pal, I'm playing a first person shooter, not a flag parenting simulator. My K/D ratio is counting on me."
  4. I'm glad you said that before Lemon found this conversation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsdNZNAMqtA
  5. I hope you realize that the composition of people we call "Bungie" went through drastic changes between 1 and 2 and future Halo's. If Football Team X has a great deal of success from 2003-2004, but they sucked in 2016, maybe, just maybe, their original success wasn't an "accident", but instead their recent failings have to do with the fact that 95% of the staff, players, and management have changed since then.
  6. I'm certain that 343 wishes they had either not released the game/had just delayed it, instead of going with just about the worst possible option, releasing it and then saying "the internal testing was fine ok lol". Keep in mind, the overall response to 4 was more or less positive. Yeah, HaloCouncil kids and a few mainstream vets of the series noticed that the multiplayer was an abomination and that the story was different and not always for the best reasons, but by all means it was fairly well received overall. When they did the whole "Map Pack Trial" PR hail-mary thing for the first DLC, they were called out a little bit for unnecessarily spinning what could have been an honest mistake, sure, but it was mostly just viewed as "oh look, free stuff!". Most mainstream Halo players didn't notice the bent truths and slyness which at this point had only hurt OG fans, and I think even a good portion of those fans still had some inkling of hope that 343 was learning from its initial missteps. But I think MCC opened the floodgates for criticism. 343 was absolutely lampooned by any media that covered gaming at all. Casual players were forced to bear witness to 343i's PR bonanza after they realized they couldn't play multiplayer. And of course, the most important part of all of this is that MCC created a space and audience for Halo Youtubers whose role is to essentially to rock the boat. I'm certain that something as trivial as "black-undersuits" wouldn't be the point of contention it is now had MCC and certain Youtubers never existed, especially when during Halo 4 people were still arguing over whether the Covenant design looked good or not (unlike now, where the general consensus is that the Covenant designs look unfitting at best, and there's a huge push for the old artstyle). Throughout any community that isn't filled with people who joined the franchise extremely recently, there's a huge disdain for the company. The PC Halo community, for example, is filled with people that either don't agree with 343's decisions or more plainly do not like 343 and denounce anything after Reach or 4. I know Halo 5 would be better received if it wasn't followed up by MCC, but I can't say by how much. Assuming they didn't add more features before launch...Infection, Grifball, Forge, and countless other communities were left out for an incredible amount of time after launch, the campaign was still poorly written and marketed, and the game in general was still quite barren and unpolished. At the very least they would have more respect from gaming media and wouldn't have to deal with being in the never-ending shadow of MCC's failures.
  7. There honestly isn't a general consensus. A great many people enjoy it and I can see why, lots of community features, events, dev involvement, ect. However, it will always be inferior to something like TF2 (as poorly maintained as it is) to me. To quote myself: Now, there's more nuance to the Overwatch than just that, but really, "press e to ultimate" just isn't appealing game design to me.
  8. Now, see, THIS is a good reddit post. In my opinion, reddit is worthwhile for just 3 reasons: 1. For people to make edgy and clever comments. 2. The H:O community can't settle on an actual forum. 3. Top-filtered nosleep is more addictive than crack.
  9. tl;dw MS believes the term "naked" is inherently sexual and thus ban-worthy. This was after 343 put an achievement in MCC called "Naked Tyrant" in reference to Eli (and Mythic Tyrant).
  10. His full response is here: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sph8su
  11. "An ode to DMR idiots" by Ling Ling (circa 2013 Halo Council 2017 Team Beyond) "Stop using the DMR, plebs BR is good BR is skill BR is halo Get good bks" ....am I doing this correctly, master MultiLockOn? Seeing your avatar always makes me think that you're Sam for a split second.
  12. Welcome to Team Beyond Will!
  13. You've woke the ZBNS Krayt Dragon fam. "Hell, the fact that H2 has somehow transformed in to this competitive classic in some people's eyes is still baffling to me. I can see why CE still holds its place after all this time, but in competitive terms I'd take ZBNS over H2 any day. I think the size of the scene and the great memories from MLG's glory days make people forget just how fundamental the mechanical problems were with that game." I hope you see the irony in you noting how Halo 3 had a great scene because of its size and not so much its settings, then note how that short-lived ZBNS revival couldn't live up to Halo 2's "depth". Where exactly was this "depth" found? In the unending barrage of small, samey, symmetrical donut maps? Lockout? The worst method of respawning power weapons to ever grace competitive? (the second worst in normal settings, GG default Halo 4) In the sheer lack of meaningful power weapons in general, in stark contrast to every other game in the series? The spawn system? The lack of emphasis on powerups? I'm genuinely curious as to what depth Halo 2 has that ZBNS doesn't. I get told a lot by certain people its the "bad maps", but I have a really difficult time taking those people seriously when they put down Countdown and then praise Narrows/Lockout/genericmidshipremake23.
  14. You can put images from your computer into the browser as a preview image.
  15. I loved HW1, but after playing it again recently...damn, the pathfinding is just infuriating. Almost gamebreaking its so bad. I sort of agree and disagree. I thought Halo Wars was adequately designed for the audience it was trying to capture...I'm not the biggest RTS guy, so maybe I'm completely wrong, idk. What exactly did you think was wrong with the design? I do agree with your comments on HW2. I too was excited to see how CA were going to build on or reconstruct the game's original mechanics...and as you noted, they didn't make as many deep changes as I thought they were going to. It doesn't damn the game in my eyes, but its certainly disappointing and a massive waste of potential. How was the pathfinding in the HW2 beta? Same, better, worse? I've watched gameplay, but that's a step away from actually feeling how responsive units are.
  16. There isn't. Normally you restrict color palettes in games to prevent players from picking purposely ugly/"contrary to the art style" color combinations, but Halo has always allowed absurd colors/combinations, so I really don't know.
  17. This is true, but far from the whole story. From a competitive standpoint, CS:GO is a juggernaut for many reasons, from its matchmaking to its omnipresent dev support to its (often controversial) balance patches, but I think the biggest factor is that its simply a great game to spectate, its simple. The game is extremely easy to follow; 2 teams of 5 spawn, they buy guns with money, they play one of a small handful of maps, and we get to watch the teams execute strategies which are risky and exciting as a byproduct of the round system. The strategy and skill required to play the game are more comparable to reality than arena shooters; managing recoil and strategic placement of your soldier guy and your teammates are less abstract and strenuous concepts than timing 3 power items at once, managing fast movement in 3 dimensions, and deciding which of your 7 weapons to shoot the opponent with, all decisions and mental activities you'll be doing a lot and very quickly, at nearly all levels of play. CS:GO is a little more involved, but its sort of like Halo 1 in that the complexity of a match is decided by your skill level and understanding of the metagame; player growth is more natural in those games than in a pure Arena Shooter where all these mechanics are simply thrust onto you. In the same vein as Halo, CS:GO provides lots of incentive for more casual players to play; skins and alternative gamemodes ensure that even terrible players have something to do besides get their ass kicked. Maybe you just lost a competitive match, but that's fine, you'll just hang out in a surf server and show everyone the knife you just got for a bargain...success in CS:GO can be found in other venues besides "getting good", and unlike in most arena shooters where you're provided a silly gamemode or two that have no real meaning or competition, trading and even surfing to a lesser degree can get very competitive and require almost none of the skillsets you find in default gameplay.
  18. You know you're old when the opinions you formed during Halo 3's peak, which have remained largely unchanged, are now "hipster". I knew some people that weren't very happy with Halo 2 during launch and well into post-launch. I think going from CE to dual wielding, SMG Starts, an atrocious melee system, shit maps, paper grenades, and hugely changed mechanics in general was quite a bit to swallow for most of them. Someday I'd like to meet up with one in particular and tell him that Halo 2 is considered a great, classic Halo now. I didn't say that H2 and H3 were bad. On the contrary, I believe that Halo 2 and Halo 3 are fantastic, genre defining video games. I've played both an incredible amount and I continue to play them to this day. Feature wise and engine wise, they're far superior to their predecessor which lacked even the ability to play online without a tunnel. Obviously. But that's not what I was comparing. I'm looking at the games' pure gameplay, without the context of social and technical features. How "highly regarded" and "classic" they are aren't that relevant to my taste in multiplayer. "Classics" change. Halo Reach is held in more and more high esteem as the kids who grew up with it reach the age where they can internet, and as people who disliked Reach leave. V7 and ZB gametypes have little to do with its image among any audience that isn't us. Eventually it'll be a classic. And the same will likely happen with 4 as well. Well, they did in 2001.
  19. Bungie mostly improved their games from a technical standpoint. Changing or even admitting that the balance of their game isn't the best (and the Reach TU was a very blatant attempt at saying just this) is completely out of line with what Bungie would do. 343i, on the other hand, is well known for providing many, many balance patches...of varying quality. No. Bungie made one great "Halo" game, and then three great "Halo 2" games with chronologically decreasing gameplay quality; if we're comparing the multiplayer of the sequels to the original, they're extremely unfaithful, mediocre, poorly balanced "Halo" games. 343i's patch gave us the ability to make gametypes that allowed us emulate a Halo game that had both good maps and a functional utility weapon, and reach a standard of gameplay actually comparable to CE's core tenets. Brad Pitt, if you have trouble believing that the same company that made the Reach TU also made Dumpster Fire 4, then just remember that the same company that made Halo CE made Halo 2.
  20. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/6e35355aecdf4fd0acdaee3cc4156fd4/topics/programming-in-forge-a-failed-thought-experiment/411a430f-0948-4ce9-9e52-ddf7e9fa84c0/posts I saw this a few days ago. I thought you might enjoy this guy's musings on the Turing Completeness of H5's Forge Scripting.
  21. I might have to try it sometime then. Its been a while since I've played racing games, but they still appeal to me.
  22. AI are ultimately limited by their limited ability to interact with different map elements. They're unable to teleport without command scripts, they can't directly interact with equipment/powerups/weapons at all,they have problems with strategy/awareness, ect. Most of these problems require complex or less than ideal workarounds to solve. Another problem with CE characters/actors is that they're structured differently than future Halo's. While the elite minor character tag in Halo 2 comes pre-packed with information on how to use most of the weapons in the game, CE characters are only taught how to use one weapon, so a grunt minor with a plasma pistol is an entirely different character tag than a grunt minor with a needler, which is fairly annoying. I also don't believe that there's just a general way of swapping weapons in CE either, and while it might be possible to somewhat emulate it by replacing bipeds/weapons, it would be rudimentary at best. People like Gamma and Kirby worked on bots for a bit, but if I remember correctly they never released anything. Gamma did release a few videos though. I'm working on bots as well, mostly just to practice working with Halo's dev tools and scripting. However, at some point in the near future I might make a thread here with a beta download and ask for feedback/suggestions, especially from big CE players like yourself. The goal of the maps should just be to (very roughly) emulate the normal multiplayer to essentially make a "practice mode", with a few big but optional additional features.
  23. They were quite bad. However, certain modders have worked tirelessly and payed out of pocket to fix up high quality competitive servers. You do, however, have to know where to find them: http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11775-current-state-of-halo-pc-the-xbox-experience/page-1 Stuntman's GMYF servers are high quality CE 2v2 servers meant to emulate Xbox gameplay. The link contains everything you need to play, along with the discord channel. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/13305-halo-2-vista-multiplayer-back-online-fixed-project-cartographer/ The official H2V master server has been long dead, but Permanull has a mod that gets around this aspect. He also has a few dedis online and you can easily create a personal MLG listen server. I haven't played in a while (due to conflicts with my personal modifications to the game), but I know several users here have a great deal of fun with it. https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ This game is far from dead. It has a wide variety of servers, and if I'm not mistaken, usually has a dedicated MLG server up.
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