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  1. I definitely learned to be wary of game dumps, and even popular old-school games have a chance of just not working. Steam's version of Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 + 2 are still largely broken on modern OS's.
  2. I understand that its a tech demo, but I still can't help but feel a little let down that they would put 3D Covenant models in the game, then have a segment where you play literally Duck Hunt a 2 dimensional game inside a 3D environment.
  3. If there are hacks I'd assume the one Antidope is referring to is Halo 3. He was either playing it on the 360 or via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. While I too have problems with certain aspects of anti-cheat development over the years, its a more difficult problem than you would think. Hacking games isn't usually done via "manipulating files" (at least the multiplayer aspect). Most of the time, cheating is done by poking memory values in real time, and in a P2P game, its often a very non-trivial problem to watch for cheating of that kind. Any detection of cheating is already dealt with by console bans. However, any existing JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 has already had its security compromised to the point that the console's KeyVault, or how Microsoft uniquely identifies a console, can be swapped with another, thus allowing cheaters to evade the console ban.
  4. Ayyyyyy good to see someone with some good taste in video games.
  5. Ever since Star Wars: Battlefront (2015), I've lost most if not all desire to request "sequels" to the FPS games of that populated my youth.
  6. For me, the annoyance stems from how lopsided the settings are. Everybody on this forum is well aware of the limitations consoles have. I would throw 4K out the window if it meant doubling my FPS (and no, I'm not saying its a simple 1:1 this or that kind of thing, but there's obviously a strong correlation in terms of how you're budgeting performance). All I'm saying is that for me personally, a game that's 1080(hell, even 720) at 60 FPS is way more playable than something that's 4K at 30. The obsession with resolution at the cost of having a decent frame rate is pretty sad in my eyes.
  7. A dual release is actually a legitimate possibility at this point. Halo 5 Forge is theorized to be a test of UWP's viability for developing dual plat. I really doubt that PC will ever be the "home for esports" for Halo, however. That's more or less what Halo Online could of become, once the developers "localized" the pay to win elements out of the game. Somehow, though, I don't think "Halo 3 Lite" is what 343/MS want to push right now. Indeed. It blows my mind a little bit every time I think of the bloated weapons sandbox in campaign and realize how much power multiplayer designers have over how the campaign has to be balanced. Its a nice sentiment, but Halo, as it is right now, has no place seriously looking at PC for "esports" exposure. Its not that I think Halo is "inherently" not usable on PC or whatever (I literally play Halo PC games almost every other day), its just that its implementation WILL be fucked up. Somehow. Halo 5 Forge suffers from high system requirements (at least for an esport), and Windows Store/UWP/Windows 10 exclusivity, which has annihilated what little population it ever acquired. You'd have fix all of those issues before your PC esport can even succeed at the casual level. If Halo did somehow overcome all that on PC though, I'm curious to see your solution to input devices (Controller vs KB/M) would be.
  8. That's correct. Halo: Custom Edition can be downloaded from: http://hce.halomaps.org/?fid=410
  9. Yeah yeah yeah, that's interesting to hear, but lets move onto a more important topic... Why is your dog cute as hell?
  10. This is how casual matchmaking works in Team Fortress 2. I could see it working in Halo as well.
  11. Ever since I first played 5 Levels of Terror in Reach, it has been painfully obvious to me that linear infection is superior to "camp one spot of the map with shotguns" infection. I agree, progression and resource management is how you make an interesting zombies mode.
  12. Playing Sniper, on 2Fort, on a Skial server? Reputation annihilated.
  13. The campaign since Halo 3 has only ever dealt with basic movement and weapons/vehicles. The campaign's haven't even had OS/AC since Halo CE, or Halo 2 if you count Arbiter's cooldown based camo. Grav lifts are rare and teleporters are even rarer, despite being common multiplayer components. Admittedly, I would love to see how 343 explains a static, gravity based mechanic that only blocks grenades to the player. It would either have zero relevance or it would be annoying as hell.
  14. On Midship, yes, it actually would be pretty terrible map design. My problem with the gravity pylon in general is that its a really exotic map element that's difficult to visually explain, and it has very little payoff. If you're in a situation as a map designer where you have to use it, chances are your map has deeper problems than just "nade spam". The last time Halo had frag grenades with some real bite was in Halo CE, and Reach, to a lesser degree. If your Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4+ map has legitimate nade spam issues, its time to take a critical look at its design. Have you ever noticed that most of Halo CE's "arena" maps are enormous? Have you ever noticed that Halo 3 also had several competitive maps with large sightlines (Construct and Narrows being the two most prominent)? Have you ever noticed that 3 of Halo 2's 5 traditional competitive maps are short-range clusterfucks? Have you ever thought about why that is? Projectiles allow long LoS's to exist peacefully alongside short range. Hitscan forces us to stick to short range or introduce rng.
  15. This is exactly what should logically happen anyway. But no, then our anti-fun anime robots won't have a presence in the multiplayer! Unacceptable! I disagree, although we might also disagree on what Halo's core gameplay formula is and how flexible it should be in what dimensions of gameplay. From how I see it, the "default" gameplay from Halo 2 to Reach, SMG starts to loadouts, is just one long string of idiotic design decisions enveloped in technically competent games. From what I see, the "success" of SWAT, Infection, and other casual modes stems from the casual playerbase avoiding shit map/core setting designs, where these negative elements are effectively minimized. This is just my opinion, and my perspective, but when I look at competitive Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, I see a consistent process; look at the game as a whole, throw the shit away, make it play like Halo CE. Its never a perfect translation, and it may not even have always been a totally conscious effort, but that's what it tends to. From what I've seen in the history of gaming, there are a few golden nugget ideas that people are just drawn to. Like you say in a quoted post below, people really like personalization. One emergent idea that stems from personalizing "your guy" is personalizing "your collection of guys". People like the idea of personalizing and controlling an army of personalized "things". Whether that's controlling monsters (Pokemon), human soldiers (many games, but notably XCOM), or just...things (Pikmin). They're all radically different games that all tend towards a single appealing concept. I think its an concept that's timelessly appealing. Similarly, I think the unique pacing and structure of Halo's gameplay is timelessly appealing, its just bogged down by incompetent designers who never understood why Halo was fun in the first place (its not necessarily an easy concept to grasp either, but each post-CE Halo has plenty of features that demonstrate how and why the developers weren't even close). That is to say, I think a Halo created by some people with enough actual imagination and creativity to look at CE and examine what made it fun and interesting would do very well. No, I don't think a clone of CE is whats needed either, as CE obviously hasn't aged well in many areas; again, it will require some intellect to discern what's really worth saving and what to make anew. In that case, you wouldn't need a return of old players when you create a genuinely good game and generate a brand new audience, returning players would just be a bonus. And just to note; feature crawl was more a Bungie concern. 343i seems pretty intent on both removing features and letting other ones decay in public view. I absolutely agree, and this is something that I wish 343 would pay more attention to. If there was anything that 343 "totally needs to copy because EVERYBODY is totally doing it", its personalization. I'm not too concerned about the overarching implementation, since we've already started down the path of microtransactions, and I'm sure MS has engineers that direct how those are implemented down to a science. Other games deal with team colors fine (TF2 is a real standout in this area), and I think there's nothing inherently stopping good customization in the game. What's really baffling to me is just how bad 343's armor looks, period. Almost all of it is uncreative and/or nonsensical, and has little semblence to the old or even the new artstyles. I mean, hell, I've used Blender a few times, is 343 looking to hire 3D artists right now? I'm confused as to how a "blank slate" framework wouldn't help expand potential ideas for creative and unique designs, even ignoring the wildly stupid decision to "canonize" multiplayer. Just a note about CS:GO, Valve has been very successful at making gaming the paywall a little game in itself with trading. I've never really heard MTs in Valve games be described as grindy or a paywall, especially since those systems can let you earn a small profit if you know what you're doing. Absolutely, there should be more focus on helping players improve and being specific as to how. I actually got around to making "bots" (AI in spartan bipeds) in Halo CE's engine, and while they're pretty basic, they're very fun and a great way to learn maps. I'm not saying full fledged bot support is the best way to go, but its easily a possibility in a game with AI that's already developed. I'm not a big fan of the multiplayer and the campaign getting very linked together in certain ways that other people advocate. I do agree that the campaign should be a way to teach players the sandbox, and that there should be consistency between them when there are shared elements, though. Obviously, I agree that the comp vs casual multiplayer divide is an issue that needs a thought-out resolution. More direct developer involvement with the existing community would be great start. Yeah, H5's campaign reminded me of why I want and simultaneously don't want a Republic Commando sequel. I don't entirely disagree. Halo's original playerbase has been irreversibly damaged, and those that are left either greatly enjoy Halo 5's gameplay and might object to a return to form, or they're resentful players still holding on after being taken on a ride on 343i's torture coaster, or they're in some position in the middle. Not everyone will be satisfied with any course of action from here. While you would probably categorize me as someone who wants a return to "Classic Halo" (at least a return from "I hope you know how to claw" Halo 5), I definitely understand "prettier Halo 3" shouldn't be what anyone is shooting for, and I think some people that do advocate for a new Halo 3 only do so pragmatically, since we're dealing with a company who has well established they have a fetish for copy pasting stuff. Rather than discuss nuances and details with the company that greenlit Halo 4, its far easier to just collectively say "do it like Halo 3 did".
  16. I never understood this either. Bungie put time and resources into writing a gametype scripting system for Reach to make gametypes less "hardcoded" and more easily developed and distributed (which is how gametypes like Chess could be distributed from dev to retail without TU's). 343i, and eventually the community, leveraged that same system all throughout Halo 4 to great effect. But with Halo 5's anemic launch and gametype-light support afterword, I have to wonder if that system even still exists. Don't get me wrong, gametypes with new assets will still need its own game update. Gametype logic was made modular, not gametype assets. But the sheer lack of them just seems indicative of a difficult pipeline (or some kind of apathy/lack of focus on gametypes). Writing the script logic behind Oddball isn't difficult (someone "wrote it" in fucking Forge script after all), and the assets/Forge changes needed to support it seem minimal at worst. Hell, the hardest part of development would probably be shipping Steitzer in to say "Play ball" and a few other lines in some goofy way. Its all just...weird.
  17. Once a Halo kid, always a Halo kid. I use kid as an informal generic expression to represent a group of people who I have some kind of understanding or rapporteur with. There's a small group of 30-40 year olds that I work with that I refer to as kids all the time. Its also helps that they occasionally act like children.
  18. If your game mechanic is defeated by putting a piece of tape on your television, its probably a shitty game mechanic. Having dead pixels on your TV could let you cheat at a video game. 99.9999% of the time your game isn't being played at a LAN tournament (cheating on an online tournament is still possible btw). No. It. Won't. That's literally what the red reticle is for.
  19. Nobody gives a shit about a team wipe using easy weapons. Would you be satisfied if we gave anyone with a sniper 4x overshields until they get their first overkill? So we can those super skilled, entertaining "Rambo" plays against defenseless enemy combatants? What if we just implemented tactical nukes? Then one man really would make a difference. Counterplay to a weapon is just as important if not moreso than the gameplay created by the weapon. Good god, could you imagine how boring the Halo 3 montage scene would be if Bungie had this philosophy? And here I thought you were against boring gameplay, but what you're saying could alienate assym maps (skill required to obtain power weapons on Lockout = be Red Team), promote stagnant, snowbally gameplay after the first PW cycle, and encourage teamshot even more as counterplay to easier PW's. The way I read TryHardFan's post, he was referring to the rock's designation as Halo's "easy button" power weapon. We don't need another. You're right, the sword should be another legitimate dimension of gameplay. Believe it or not, there are way's of making it just as interesting a weapon as Halo 3's sniper or Halo Reach's grenade launcher without mindlessly increasing aim assist values. Imagine, say, Halo 2's Lockout. The sword on that map no longer has any lunge, but has a significantly increased hitbox. Upon killing an enemy player with the weapon, the sword user gains the shields of the slain player. I can imagine so many situations and setups you could break by moving through different corridors with a sword, using it strategically as a means to tank through encounters, and, more importantly, I can imagine just as many ways teams could strategize against a sword player by predicting his movements ahead of time and manipulating LoS so he gets put down before he can be effective. A redesigned sword wouldn't have to be quite like that, but I would find a skillful and dynamic sword with some interesting utility far more interesting and fun than "ez super sprint sword". Make the sword harder to "aim"? That would simply confuse players and its not a very interesting way of making it harder to use. Reach's grenade launcher, for example, relied on your ability to time and predict your drop as well as simply aim. The sword should be especially "game sense" demanding and operate differently than other guns due to the fact that it, well, it isn't a gun.
  20. I'm no expert myself, but I believe with emulators, better /=/ more accurate. Well developed emulators that run older consoles (generally 5th gen and lower) have a lot of memory to work with, which is why stuff like frame advancing, state saving, ect. all works fluidly in modern emulation. Typically, games that maybe struggled a little bit in terms of performance on original hardware can be run far better in emulators .That's not to say 7th gen games will necessarily run well in 8th gen hardware, or that they inherently couldn't, its just that its possible for an emulated environment to provide better performance than original hardware, so long as the host hardware is significantly better than the hardware its emulating. Perhaps a bigger issue in emulation is the issue with "accuracy". As already noted by FarSight, certain details can seem to get lost in emulation (and in porting too). Generally, emulation, as its name suggests, only "emulates" hardware the best it can. Community emulators especially have to make some assumptions and generalizations as to how everything exactly interacts in real hardware. Minute imperfections can therefore butterfly and cause issues in any aspect of the emulation.
  21. I recognized his username from r/halo before. When someone linked your video on Arcanum on reddit, he commented: "Multi needs to be 343s multiplayer lead" Coincidence? I think not. Clearly this guy is actually your biggest fan and is purposely trying to get you fired from Treyarch. 343 will see how much you hate stuff because of X, and, knowing them, they'll immediately hire you, and you can finally #saveHalo.
  22. The people who quoted you are implying that 343 could develop the game until 2025, and it would still be of low quality.
  23. I wouldn't expect the radical redirection from H5's design that would make H6 worth having a PC scene. It would be nice if it happened, but I'm not really planning on it. I'm not sure of what benefits it will provide the competitive community either, its definitely hard to tell the future of something that's so implementation dependent like that. That being said though, I think the competitive PC communities you and I are imagining are divergent. Casual shooters on PC are enormous, and competitive shooter juggernauts (like CSGO and Overwatch) are focusing harder on accessibility than ever before. Believe me, nobody playing any popular competitive shooter nowadays is exactly looking down from an ivory tower at Halo. I fully expect a decent H6 port to be moderately more popular as H5F, especially if it still requires high min specs, and is still Windows 10 only, Windows Store only. That is to say, small, unless one of those stated conditions changes. Not really. Bullet mag is still 100% functional/adjustable with KB/M, and with a decent utility weapon and descope, snipers should work fine in their current implementation.
  24. Thanks for the clarification. But I wasn't throwing the word around loosely. Just because I can recompile an entire map doesn't make it sensical to do. Not being able to edit the meta (or mod, with the help of 3rd party editors,) of custom maps would make testing content absolute hell. Just a few days ago I modded someone else's map to help them fix some balance issues, and not having existing modding tools would have made the ordeal a nightmare. Oh yes, I'm well aware of what tags can and can't do. I understand what core functionality is. Actually, Halo is a particularly fun game to work with because the main menu is a map. Widgets are tag-based, so you can change the main menu however you like. Same goes for the pause menu and any other UI's in the game. The PC version of Halo CE supports opening any map you target in the scripting engine as well, so while the actual "core" campaign missions can't be changed, admittedly, you could quite reasonably make a new main menu with a new slot just for a new campaign, that would feature all of the same abilities as the regular campaign, with checkpoints, map to map loading, ect.
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