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  1. Sprint is ironic in nature as it actually slows down gameplay, because we have to traverse larger maps and have gunfights at a slower speed. Why not just have a good base-speed instead of having to make walking so unnecessarily complex? No sprint plox.
  2. On the surface this game seems to be complete, but below the surface its blatant just how rushed this game was. Obviously, NF and One Flag (officially, at least) were supposed to be in the game. The hidden AA's, hidden weapons, and rather newly discovered audio files from Reach gametypes, including Stitzer anouncements for Stockpile, Headhunter, Grifball, Dominion, and ones that don't even sound like current gametypes, are all in the code for Halo 4. Its quite sad really, how much better this game could have been had 343 been given just a few more months of development time.
  3. So, you should be able to get Halo 3, then get the Heroic Map Pack, then Cold Storage. The Legendary, Mythic, and Mythic II map packs still cost money, of course. So considering there are only a few DLC-less playlists, players are actually only getting a portion of the MM mutiplayer and of course the campaign and the other offline features of Halo 3. However, I don't believe this will actually sell Halo 3 DLC or even build in any long-term interest into the game itself, but rather, is being used to build interest into the upcoming Halo 5 and current Halo 4.
  4. People quit games because there is no incentive to continue playing. CSR is a mediocre but functioning ranking system, and JiP is currently the tumor that is ruining it. Connections are going to be solved with ded servers. But thats mostly because of the low population.
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