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  1. You need KSoft 1.4 (1.5 will work too, but korn decided to remove documentation for MegaloScript for whatever reason), and you need the raw gametypes you wanna work with in a file on your PC. After that, we need KSoft to decode the gametypes into an XML form. First, we'll need to compare the default Slayer gametype vs Bleedthrough ZB Slayer to isolate what properties control bloom and bleedthrough. After that, we'll need to take each gametype we want to convert and apply those properties to each. Then, its just a matter of putting those gametypes back on your Xbox, which should just be a simple matter of resigning them. I don't currently have an Xbox 360 with me. If you can provide me with ZB Bleedthrough Slayer, and then the default version of the gametypes you want converted, I'm fairly certain I can get the job done.
  2. OP has been MIA from the modding community for years. If his tags don't have the gametypes, your best bet is to find someone else who downloaded them. Worst comes to worst, I "could" help remake them since I have Ksoft and documentation, but it'll be a painful experience.
  3. Welcome to TeamBeyond Chris!
  4. I mean, if we're gonna invoke the "t" word, the CE sniper has a flag which says "turn off spread only when zoomed". Same with the Sniper and Beam Rifle in H2. Incredibly minor compared to what we have now, but still "technically" there. Could someone please explain what the problem actually is? I know the Olympics are a little politically tepid in terms of Russia + North Korea, but I don't see how that should effect flag skins in a video game. Am I missing something?
  5. That reminds me of when Lord Zedd discovered that one of the "hinted at" easter eggs in Halo 4 was broken and he had to fix it himself to show off what it did.
  6. Once you have the install wizard in their face, sure. Finding the program to download is a little more taxing. The uncertainty of getting to that step is the biggest obstacle. I completely agree. I think console manufacturers are making a big mistake defuncting "tray and play", LAN-functionality, and making their UI's abhorrently complicated. I'm primarily a PC gamer. I guess its a regional thing. I grew up in the southern portion of the United States. Children there are probably more technologically inclined than they were, but most of the 20 somethings I knew couldn't make a new folder on their desktop to save their life.
  7. Every time I go to play Skyrim I have to download more RAM to put it on. I don't understand why they don't just package the RAM with the game? This is what people are missing. That, and the use of consoles as common social tools/experiences (similar to what the phone markets have become). Social convention isn't concerned with the relative cost/performance of PC's vs Consoles, nor should it. I could just as easily stumble upon a car forum where there's heated discussion something I don't spend much of my life thinking about, like what car I drive. People could swear up and down that a different car in the same automotive class is "better" than the car I drive, better features and slightly more efficient, but quite frankly, I'm fine with the status quo. Maybe once I need a new car, maybe I'll heed their advice, maybe I won't if its inconvenient. For something far more trivial than what car you drive, like what gaming machine you own, I can't blame most people for not caring and just wanting something convenient and easy, with few exceptions. A big demographic for consoles are people who do not have the knowledge to install a computer program. That is not an exaggeration. Every mole hill a technologically literate person encounters is a mountain to those who are not.
  8. TBH they're only a few scripts away from turning Warzone maps into BR maps. Wouldn't surprise me if they genuinely add it into Halo 6.
  9. As Cloud has mentioned, GMYF isn't CE on Xbox, but its just about the next best thing. Is there any specific issue you have with GMYF? I'm sure stunt_man would be interested in knowing. If its controller based, Chimera will solve that in time. H2V problems are largely just visual/rendering problems, with the occasional issue with the launcher written by the Cartographer team. lol I'm pretty sure I complained about that specific issue with you once. Yeah, its a problem, but its not really all that different from a server browser for source games; you've gotta filter through shit to find good games. How's that? I mean there's some stuff I'd change like melee lunge, but "can't really work" feels pretty contrary to my experiences with the games.
  10. IMO population is a symptom and not a cause in most cases. CE has garbage default netcode and everything else has stability/QoL issues that can make them uninviting. Once you're in, the average player has a solid variety of gametypes and active servers to choose from (I can't speak for H5F though. I don't play it because of my OS). I can also assure you that the majority of Halo populations on PC enjoy casual gametypes. Sure, if you hop on GMYF/MLG rotation servers you're gonna have a bad time as a complete newby, but the average server, the SWAT/Infection/BTBfest server, is more than inviting for the lesser skilled, and they make up the vast majority of servers across every PC Halo title. I actually think some Halo's on PC have the opposite problem, where supply doesn't meet demand or vice-versa for comp players vs comp servers. So is your main hangup aim assist?
  11. I've noticed this trend as well. In a lot of games where the microtransactions are based around buying "heroes" that are supposed to be sidegrades, new heroes associated with some kind of DLC/money barrier are almost always released brokenly overpowered, and then rebalanced later on as they become more accessible. Sketchy indeed. The guy was trying to talk about the old idea in AI design that AI should be fun before smart. He's right in that sense, but his blog thing really seemed to demonstrate that poorly. IMO a bigger issue in AI is that smart AI isn't as easy as flipping the smart AI switch in your engine. Really solid FEAR level AI requires time and expertise if you're making your AI from scratch, and AI development is often a battle of diminishing returns. It gets harder and harder to justify spending more manhours for a more nominal improvement in your AI, especially when the AAA FPS environment right now is hung up on the "multiplayer, social, and online centric with rushed development" approach to making games.
  12. Watch Frank O'Connor EDUCATE Ignorant Halo Purist Cursed Lemon on EQUAL STARTS
  13. http://discord.gg/halo ;Eldewrito, has places to discuss any Halo game. https://discord.gg/pbfWMrh ;SBB clan, they like have gamenights in Halo Custom Edition https://discord.gg/mmwzqPr ;general Halo Custom Edition discord https://discord.gg/PASbNqB ;competitive Halo 1, both on PC and XLAN https://discord.gg/0n33ymiyO2nnIp2B ;r/halo Discord https://www.discord.gg/fqgj44m ;H2V Cartographer Discord https://discord.gg/YqBSkCe ; Installation 01 For a mod for a decade old game that was critically panned, its pretty darn active.
  14. Reading r/halo is just awful right now. "Less competitive, more casual", "balance between casual and competitive", "Halo 5 was too competitive", etc etc, as if the terms "competitive" or "casual" mean anything concrete at all. There's a few people trying to be specific about what can be improved with the game, and then there's everyone else basically just turning their feelings into word vomit.
  15. Counter-Strike? R6? LoL? DOTA? All of them balance top-down and still somehow have large or even massive casual followings. I don't even know what this is saying. How are you measuring "competitive"-ness? It mechanically scales well with player skill, sure, but CE is far less forgiving in many ways than even most of the "competitive" shooters available now. Are you saying that casuals can enjoy getting stomped by a player only a few dozen hours better than they are? Starcraft is off-limits, but spawn traps, weapon nading, randoms, timing, etc etc are casual friendly? I don't understand how that's not antithetical to your argument.
  16. Just thought I'd drop the new changelog for H2V Cartographer. If you haven't already, you should join us on Discord: https://www.discord.gg/fqgj44m
  17. This is pretty much my response to the nostalgia argument. There are definitely childhood games of mine that haven't aged well, where that argument has some ground, but Halo is still just as enjoyable as when I first played it. In many ways, I enjoy it more now than then, especially since I have a better appreciation of the multiplayer and what makes it so fun.
  18. Fite me. You're not wrong though. Overwatch has the development and social features I want and TF2 has the gameplay. I'm curious to see how that would be implemented in the game given how servers/clients are structured. Maybe something like Forge aka object editor mode? Its kinda weird to think about how many games nowadays don't have a theater/demo mode, despite it first appearing in FPS games before the notion of vertical aiming was even popularized.
  19. Speaking of which, I'm trying to remember the name of the person who offered to edit santa hats onto people's avatars a few years back. Santa hat Ling Ling really differentiates me from all the other Ling Lings out there.
  20. I know the point you're trying to make, but I'd like to interject and just say that 2fort is for players who are running the game on an toaster and people who are genuinely awful at the game. Its the most cramped map in the game short of Junction (which EVERYONE hates). Hightower is way better at pseudo-deathmatch.
  21. Yeah wow clearly you know nothing about programming or porting. 343 has already taught the MCC how to port games by itself, so the tedious task you just described has already been automated. Here's a snippet from its internal scripting engine just for proof: (global long reachbday 25374853) (script static "flawlesshalotitle" reach10year (port("x360", "reach", 60 , 4096, "mcc", "x1")) ) (script startup MCCmainloop (if (> date reachbday) (reach10year)) )
  22. I mean, if you all ever want to experience a console game with fairly raw aim, Team Fortress 2 for the 360 has zero aim assist, zero bullet mag. Just avoid the class restricted servers and you'll be gold.
  23. As a map in general, Infinity isn't stellar imo. As a race map, its incredible.
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