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  1. I'm really hesitant about throwing scorpions onto the map by default. Scorpions on the map basically nullify interesting Warthog play and promote vehicle hoarding. On a related note, I think another interesting way of incorporating the big maps into your 4v4 settings is with a real Race mode. Team Race: Team Scoring: Sum Race Type: Any Order Team Play: Yes Laps to Win: 25 Vehicles: 4 Rocket Hogs, both sides (could be normal Hogs if we're focused on excluding GB content, but RHogs are more interesting in vehicle vs vehicle) Vehicle Respawn Time: 60 seconds Weapons on Map: -Either Short Range or None The best vehicle race maps are: -Death Island -Timberland -Ice Fields -Infinity Unlike most gametypes on these maps, Race is a pretty focused and succinct, and its a great way of experiencing CE's vehicle sandbox even if we end up without a way to play BTB in CE.
  2. To summarize what korn has said in the past: -He's aware of halobugs and documentation regarding MCC CE's quirks. -He is aware of CE's competitive scene and works with people close to esports/competitive. Its not his only concern, obviously, but multiplayer has been a priority for him.
  3. It sounds like decent arena style strafing fixes some of your issues. If there's a decent opportunity for an opponent to juke your melee, melee has an opportunity cost associated with it. I'll try and look for some good examples from TF2, which I think has a really sound melee system. I'd be interested in hearing how CE is inconsistent. Oh please, stop pretending that removing melee as a concept is comparably significant to removing some arbitrary ability fad we know for a fact won't survive to the next game. Believe me, I've been in similar positions. TF2 has had random crits in matchmaking for longer than a decade. I've hated the concept since I first played the game. To say that random crits are a cancer upon a great game is an understatement. That being said, I recognize the status quo; Valve and a non-negligible part of the community have tended to be very change averse on the issue. Arguments against random crits have to be well constructed and convincing. I can't flippantly say "yeah no random crits aren't fair or balanced you plebs" and expect to convince anyone. Thankfully, random crits have been criticized by people who care even more than I do for longer than I've been playing, and most of the community that takes the game seriously doesn't like them. You don't have that advantage. Melee has a significant physical and psychological impact on people interact with the game, especially outside of competitive multiplayer. Saying that its 2ez and should be removed without much thought put into changing it or any sort of alternative isn't very convincing. Sprint, for example, is going to be difficult to surgically remove from the Halo franchise, but the argumentation that's been put out and effort put into showing what a stupid ability it is vast enough to turn some heads. I'd be interested in the argument that makes me abandon the concept of melee from the Halo franchise. Are you actually interested in convincing people here that melee should be 100% culled and that it is 100% not redeemable, or is this just some contrarian need to show that people might be attached to certain concepts because Appeal to Tradition, without much care or regard for fixing said concept and thinking about how it will effect the rest of the game? I learned it from you dad.
  4. An entirety of like 2 people are arguing for that. Everyone else is humoring them because there is absolutely nothing else to discuss.
  5. Halo's effect on console game design is extremely well known. Regenerating shields, two weapon limit, melee and grenades linked to buttons, not weapon slots, etc. That IS Halo's legacy, that's undeniable. Whether that's good or bad is subjective. I'll be the first to admit melee has had some problems in competitive play in the past, and that's not even considering the advanced mobility shit we have now. That being said, nothing you described is some fundamental problem. Dumb melee fights are mostly caused by lunging. Trades are a networking compromise. Reloading and throwing grenades also render your gun "useless"; meleeing is decision that should have some opportunity cost, and its cost is making your gun unable to fire. Double pummeling and other stupid shit that determines the outcome of the fight before its over is linked to lunge and garbage utility weapons. I think it would be more productive if you described what you thought was wrong with CE's melee system. Having melee is so fundamentally ingrained into Halo its bizarre to imagine Halo without it. The Covenant species core design is balanced around having melee. Speedrunners and trickers abuse melee to setup skips and tricks. Infection gametypes use it to setup barricades to fight the infected, among other things. Its how all players manipulate the environment around them. It touches every aspect of the game in some way. You might think its a dumb, irredeemable function, but that opinion isn't shared by many. imo its far more productive for you to suggest fixes for the melee system that improve it rather than just proclaim that it should be removed without some kind of extraordinary or compelling evidence that melee truly is irredeemably broken. I'm not saying you can't hold a controversial opinion, but ask yourself how likely it is that 343 or the community at large (or even this community) will ever even come close to considering simply removing melee from the game. Why do you believe this beyond all doubt? "Easier to use than the UW, slower to kill than the UW" is one balancing mechanic that keeps the AR relevant and interesting in CE's sandbox. Surely melee can be kept in check by that same paradigm?
  6. I mean, finding the best solution could take some effort, but its not as monumental a task as you seem to think it is. Melee is firing a short-lived projectile. TIL, melee, in the Halo franchise, is a "hamfisted" mechanic. I mean, you could definitely argue lunge is a bit ham-fisted, but the simple ability to melee is integral to Halo's identity. It kind of sounds like Halo isn't the game for you then. Nah, you were right. Remove all that, and then remove melee, remove vehicles, remove controllers, and remove any map that doesn't support high level gameplay. Let's race Halo to the AFPS graveyard as fast as possible.
  7. My principle would still stand if I was literally the only person who played [insert video game here]. By being deceptive about a LE purchase, I'm forced to make a decision with opportunity costs without full information. Ex: If I pay 20$ for an item and I get it on day 0, and then its offered for 1$ on day 3, its pretty clear I've been scammed. There is value to having an item earlier than you could have, but its pretty unlikely anyone would knowingly pay 19$ for the privilege of having it 3 days earlier. Your philosophy would be nice if implemented from the beginning, but in a situation where limited run items exist, its not really...ethical. I feel quite the opposite about skins; because it is just a skin, I very rarely care when I see some really rare now unobtainable skin in a game beyond a passing glance, and I certainly don't feel entitled to it.
  8. So what do you think about CS:GO-esque economies, which are largely based on scarcity? Do you find not being able to unlock a skin at all less ethical than being able to buy that skin for a market price of, say, $1000? I will say that I absolutely hate items that are described as limited time only items, but then aren't and the company breaks their word on that promise. I really hated Halo 4, but it was an incident with their redistribution of LE skins that insured I would be petty enough to buy MCC/H5 second hand.
  9. For me? Nearly every character in the movie was boring, unrealistic, or just awful, aside from Adam Driver's Kylo Ren. Leia being superman is actually one of the things I'm willing to forgive given the circumstances, and there are other criticisms I feel are nitpicky (space mortars/bombs, giant ships "chasing" each other in space ); after all, the characters are what make Star Wars interesting...just not in this one. Like, if you can watch the Canto Bight arc of the film and unironically not understand why some people weren't thrilled with the film's writing, I don't think anything I can say would dissuade you otherwise. That being said, I'm glad you can enjoy the film. I don't enjoy not enjoying TLJ, if that makes any sense. KOTOR 2 (circa 2004) is about a sith lord who wants to destroy the Force (reshape the nature of power), an examination of the hypocrisy and weakness of the Jedi, and a deep exploration behind what drives the Sith and the Jedi and how they relate to the nature of the Force. I really recommend it if you enjoyed that aspect of the film. TFA was OK, aside from having one of the most boring, predictable endings in the entirety of the trilogy. I guess TLJ gets credit for not literally copying entire segments of a previous film (generously ignoring the Hoth parallels at the end), but its a strange thing to have to give a film credit for.
  10. I defend Microsoft ONE TIME and this is what they do to me. DMCAing streamers like this is a waste of time, hurts them financially, and builds some justifiable resentment.
  11. This. Everything is alright. This was expected by some given the circumstances. Everyone playing Eldewrito should continue playing Eldewrito. http://blog.eldewrito.com/ Damn straight. SCP Containment Breach coming to a Halo 2 Vista near you.
  12. Just so everyone knows, the actual consequences of what's happened are still in the air, and the ED servers will be staying online until further notice by the devs. Nobody from Microsoft has actually had any contact with the ED devs. The devs haven't decided what to do yet. If the C&D is entirely asset related, its still possible to comply without shutting off the servers (this has happened before). We'll see what happens.
  13. Nah. The base is, if anything, Halo 3 ODST. It uses a lot of models and assets ripped from 4 though.
  14. https://www.amazon.com/Mega-Bloks-Hornet-Attack-Building/dp/B003Y5PFTE This red hornet?
  15. I'm not sure why people are citing poor vehicle balance for their bad experiences on Avalanche and Standoff, surely its more of a problem with maps being glorified open killing fields. In a well designed BTB environment, infantry and vehicles should have overlapping but separate play spaces. Think Harvest. Think Headlong. Think of some of the higher quality BTB maps we had during Reach. "Open killing field" is a fun concept in a chaotic environment, but that quickly becomes untrue once people start sweating.
  16. I imagine it might be harder to implement teleporters into maps designed to produce enough dead space to justify the current movement system. Although I think the human-dominant aesthetics are also to blame.
  17. The Ark has a lot of water.
  18. I'm assuming you've already considered it, but considering your warranty is already expired, I would just recommend asking for a second opinion from local, "unauthorized" but trustworthy repair places as well, if 650$ is out of the question. There's reason to distrust repair places with contractual obligations to the people who made your phone in the first place. At some point somebody's gotta explain this whole "thousand dollar phone" thing to me (not calling you out specifically, many people in my life have done the same thing). Buying a beefy $1000 PC has a lot of utility and benefits, I get that. A current gen-console with accessories that total up to $1000? Sure, there's value in entertainment. A $1000 phone? Back in 2015, my old phone broke and a friend sold me their iPhone 5S for relatively cheap. I figured I'd just keep it around until it either broke or became unusable, and then go back to Android. The only issue is that the damned thing won't die. I've still got it. All the apps I need or want run great. The battery is obviously not what it used to be, but considering the expected lifespan of lithium batteries, its doing fine. The benefits of a brand new phone are really lost on me, save for higher quality cameras and also perhaps performance benefits in testing if you spend a good portion of your waking life in Android Studio. Its just too easy to imagine a situation like yours or worse, and think "why even bother?".
  19. Technology so advanced they break both theater and Forge mode? You realize half of "tech" and good development practices revolve around unit testing, right? How well do you think 343 has done on that front? I think this discussion has less to do with us having "no arguments" and more to do with your inability to acknowledge them. Ah yes, Halo 4, home of the 11 second weapon despawn. Real impressive. I'll take weaker graphics and a better art style over that shit anytime any day. Uhh...H5 looks like shit compared to current-gen games. I mean, I don't have to "act" like H5 doesn't look good, the artstyle is still horrendous, and most of the community "beyond Beyond" acknowledges that. I mean, sure, yeah, it has better graphics than Halo games that came out a decade ago I guess? If that's what we should be celebrating right now, the franchise really is done for lol.
  20. Gotcha. Yes, I'm aware they used the ports. I mod H2V and work with the Project Cartographer people, so its just in my interest to obtain differences between Xbox/PC, especially more minor ones. Right, both button combos and hit reg have been worked on, and the spawns are certainly a known issue. Noted.
  21. Can you elaborate more on this? In what ways does it differ?
  22. What exactly is this supposed to mean when CE has had a static map pool with like 9 viable 2v2 maps for those past 16 years?
  23. There's no difference that would effect the MCC, short of literally adding custom map support, which they wouldn't and can't do for a number of reasons. I think its weird of them to sidestep their own QA question, but... They are indeed most likely referring to netcode mods (akin to "nolead" and whatever stunt_man uses), and possibly certain aspects of Chimera/hac.Just for clarification, mods like chimera, hac, nolead, etc are dll's that hook into the executable, and have little to do with the official mod tools. Even with access to the source code, mods like that will be might be a good starting point. Greg Hermann analyzing the social experience provided by a community server amuses me for some reason. I wonder what the limiting factor is on adding Halo 3: ODST Firefight. The Firefight maps themselves are essentially just campaign maps, which have already been shipped. UI work? Firefight parties/matchmaking?
  24. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/travel-time I realize few people here are from the modding community, but just a cool little fact; kornman00 is on 343's internal MCC team. Historically, he's probably one of the greatest modders to ever grace Halo; he helped create Open Sauce (which is how SPV3 can have fancy textures and engine upgrades), KSoft (can edit Halo Wars maps and also edit H:R, H4 gametype scripting), and has upgraded every official PC development tool for Halo games (Guerrilla, Sapien, tool).
  25. Aight check your PM's. If it doesn't work out, let me know. Its no bother, I've actually wanted to learn MegaloScript, but I haven't ever been motivated to since I only ever mod Halo's that lack it.
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