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  1. So has Ninja officially confirmed that he is done with Halo?
  2. IT's alright. I just don't know what changes have been made since worlds.
  3. Who are Roxbox playing with? Ninja? Victory? Wonder if this will lead to a top 8 team losing their seed...
  4. I'm a free agent for the UGC open tournament in October. Just looking for a team that wants to go and play our hearts out! I will be going even if I don't find a team, it will be a fun weekend. If I don't find a team I would be open to coaching a squad too.
  5. I really don't have time to go through this right now, but really want to know what is going on. Can someone give me the rumors / intel of where teams stand??? <3 u long time
  6. Unfortunately, I currently live in Austin MN and wasn't able to make it up this weekend. Someone let us know how it went on here, post pics? Yeah man, lots of Reach MLG playlist. You live in MN?
  7. Mackeyyy you still around? This is ARKA Soller, we played at Gamerheadz last year. Current GT is Machin3dramon This sounds like fun!
  8. Halo Reach by far has the worst maps in all of Halo. You cannot include forge, forge maps don't come with the game, they aren't made by the developer, they aren't on the same level. And even if they did... The endless expanse of gray forge maps on Halo Reach was cancerous, not to mention that without forge Zealot wasn't even a playable map. We used forge to block outer space on that map. Camping in space with the concussion riffle, that was so legit.... Not saying Halo 4 is great, but the only out of the box map on Reach that remotely worked was Countdown. HR < H4 < H5 < H1 < H2 & H3
  9. So... Has MIkwen really left team Liquid? I thought I was getting trolled last night in Ninja's stream but then even Nightbot said that they are looking for a fourth.... But all of his stuff still says Liquid on Twitter and it hasn't been changed on here.....
  10. I know I have asked this already but I don't think anyone has really answered me... Can we please get the top 16 teams listed in this thread... or even just add the teams in that have notable players on them. It would make it so much easier to see how the teams are coming together. Nowhere is the title of the thread does it say the word "pro" anyway. Lets get Nemassist's new team on here, even Gunshot's, Reality Check, whatever. It just seams like going into Halo 5 the top teams or teams to look out for should all be listed...
  11. Dude, Elamite coached Liquid at the last two LAN events of season 2.
  12. Any chance of a guest appearance on Bomb Planted tonight to drop some "intel" ???
  13. I have a serious question for the admins though. Can we please have the top 12 or possibly top 16 teams listed on the front of this thread. It would depend on the growth of the Halo scene I guess but it seems like we are headed in the right direction. Top 12 for sure though... With all these pros coming back (Bestman, Maybe Anarchy, Gunshot, all others) it just makes sense I think.
  14. I'm just a die hard Carbon fan still, wanting anyone of the lineage to come back really. Speaking of I forgot about SK.
  15. Absolutely stoked to see these old pros/semi-pros coming back from the good old days. Hope to see several more teams of old players form. Of course the greatest players to see come back probably won't. -Gandhi -Shockwave -Karma -Ogre 1 -Defy -Tsquared (Maybe?) -Walshy (so many more you can't even list them all) Guess I'll have to settle for Bestman. Maybe we can get a Bestman interview by Walshy : D
  16. Your point would explain why his best placings in Halo 3 were with Shockwave and Walshy on the team.
  17. In halo 2 Naded only placed 2nd once, MLG Chicago 2006, lost to Final Boss. While I agree with your argument it is worth noting that they beat Carbon this tournament and then Carbon went on to destroy Final Boss the rest of the season... (after dropping strongside for ghost, of course) Halo 3 Naded also only got second once in three years of tournaments. Placed 3rd at 08 finals with Carbon, placed 2nd, 3rd, 3rd to finish the 09 season with Carbon. When he got second they got destroyed by Triggers Down in the finals. (Which was the dominant team of the season). At the finals they did lose twice to team classic, BADLY, and BtH won the finals. Halo Reach Naded got 2nd once on Str8, lost to Instinct. Then Str8 and Naded failed to qualify for finals. Halo 4 Naded basically non-existent, which is fine cause it's.... Halo 4.... So while I agree that Naded had tough competition, I believe that everyone who wins beat tough competition and I'm not sure about this but I would bet Naded has as many placings outside the top 8 as inside... Probably close (During Halo 3)
  18. Who is the other team?!?! It's not obvious Chig!!! Formal - Enable - APG - Heinz = Optic Faze ???
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