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  1. The M6D returning in Destiny is more than i could have ever asked for. If its even close to its original functionality that thing is never leaving my character. im here for it lets goooo
  2. lol between Halo and Star Wars movies, we've just fully embraced having a cohesive, meaningfully story as being the least important part of story-telling. speaking as someone who has worked for a software company for 12 years now, sales and marketing depts run everything and ruin everything.
  3. MCC? Bro I took a week off work, had friends drive 500+ miles to my house to spend the week playing MCC. The hype was so real. Turned out that their attempt at using the Halo PC code was as much of a failure as their host servers that week. We ended up breaking out the old hardware and lanning h1 most of that week. In a group chat I infamously took a screenshot of me putting a beer on my Destiny disc as a coaster because I was so ready for h1 on MCC. My friends still give me crap about that because I went back to destiny shortly after that nightmare of a launch. With infinite - while it's mostly a negligible amount of money in the grand scheme of things, spending 60 bucks on something I'm going to probably finish in 6-7 hours and never touch again is annoying. Thats about all it took to finish the halo 4 and 5 campaigns and while I did play a lot of Halo 4 mp, i barely touched halo 5 mp and it just seems like it wasnt even worth it. Telling these people that they did a great job on this game with my wallet just isnt in the cards for me. If for whatever reason this campaign looks insane, super long and replayable once I get a good look at it, i might reconsider. Until then, my faith in them is at an all time low.
  4. Even if the campaign is good, I have no idea what is even going on in the current Halo lore. Halo 4 & 5 were just confusing and I have no idea where we are even at. Since I have no plan to spend any significant time in this ridiculous multiplayer, I finally realized I have to stop giving these people my money. I've burned down every Halo campaign on day one since 04. Kinda sad about it tbh.
  5. you know as well as I do they will not learn or change. We've been playing Teamshoot BRs for 17 YEARS. They had an opportunity here for 7 years of dev time, all the necessary resources and they still made the same idiotic trash that the current Halo fans seem to love. I keep going through that thread in utter disbelief that these are real peoples' opinions. Yes that sub is full of fanboys but that's all that 343 will hear. They're as stubborn and inflexible as the worst of the old bungie crew. I do agree though, I dont know how they look at the success of overwatch, cod, destiny and think BRO 2 SECOND TTK IS WITH HORRIBLE RANGE IS PERFECT. It's not fun to have no chance in a 2v1 (unless your opponents are actual toddlers). It's never been fun. The only time when it was sorta ok was when H2 had such a wide range of TTK-reducing glitches and when NBNS bleeding Reach opened up the skillgap/range for a brief period. Even those were still slow. My point was not to be some overly-dramatic goodbye post even tho it probably came off that way - but it was me giving up. Somehow i had hope this might have finally been a move in the right direction. For this to be regression just tells me I won't buy the next halo game. They've proven they will never want to return to their roots.
  6. This kind of reaction from the larger fanbase is 100% the last nail in the coffin for this franchise. I had a LOT of fun over the last 18 years, but it's pretty unlikely i'll be back to BS with you guys about why Halo Infinity Plus One or whatever is next is so bad. What a god damned shame. https://old.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/qw0upa/this_is_the_best_halo_since_3_343_absolutely/ ...scanning. Just, dust and echoes. We're all that's left.
  7. It's the hubris that pisses me off more than anything else. Their idea of design credentials is reading a bunch of game design books written by dinosaurs who think videogame design is akin to designing classic board games that are determined by dice rolls. I know this cause I read about 8 of those dumbass books a decade ago, right after the Reach beta. That in conjunction with focus groups / testers comprised of soccer moms and other thumbless wonders and big data analytics / Skinner Box psych mechanics that are driving Battle Pass participation and cosmetics monetization above all else leads to yet another fustercluck of AR-spraying idiocy put out by a bunch of confidently incorrect neckbeards. This industry is so lost it's not even funny.
  8. Let's remind the current generation of Halo players what was said last time Halo developers tried to engage a competitive community for Beta feedback: I've never seen a more pretentious bunch of self-aggrandizing assclowns. They come asking for validation, not help or constructive feedback. They want to hear their existing (bad) opinions parroted back at them, nothing more.
  9. I am utterly without words that Gigz and Vetoed were consulted and BTB ended up launching in its current state. It's about as bad as Ive ever seen it in any halo. Seems like they probably talked to them and then ignored literally every suggestion they had. Those are guys who fully understand the cascading advantages in default matchmaking and just how unfair useless weapon starts can be compared to overpowered vehicles and full map control. I'd say their input is probably much more valuable for the larger game experience than Naded telling them how to make the Arena settings as much like Halo 2 as possible. at least they got a shout in the credits tho 🙄
  10. Halo 1 is fun but pretty god damned horrible without custom settings. Default slayer is plasma pistol start in most maps. Default king of the hill starting weapons changes based on map. Wizard is needler start. There is literally no pistol spawn to pick up on dammy or creek in any gametype where you dont spawn with one (which is most). I'm literally the biggest h1 stan on earth and I would include halo 1 in "garbage without mlg settings" for about 95% of default gamemodes. The exception is that Slayer Pro is a pretty great FFA setting with no changes. also, what up dood. aint seen your name in like 5 years lol.
  11. good to be seen <3 Destiny has a million problems but at the end of the day its more fun than Infinite even without being ultra competitive. I'd rather put up with the things that make destiny suck than the things that make modern halo suck because at least i can customize my experience and playstyle. And if I want to shoot in a straight line or kill someone as fast as the h1 pistol I have literally dozens of solid options. @Aphex Twin lol posting that clip from my old montage is awesome. I forgot I even put that on youtube. It's insane that wanting to shoot accurately at distance is such a controversial opinion in a conversation about 'competitive' shooters.
  12. Id put ZBNS in front of halo 2 but i fully understand that is a subjective opinion and not a fact. I get why people loved h2 as much as they did. Sort of. Also, personally, I'd put Halo 4 much higher because at least you could spawn with a weapon that could shoot in a straight line in normal matchmaking. Something you could barely do in H5 and flat out cannot do in vanilla reach, halo 3 or Infinite. This is just more slow, weak halo. Thankfully there isnt as much defensive bs as reach but its jsut not fun. I was playing with a friend that I've played with for 10+ years and we were just bored and frustrated with our entire experience. Also peace to Aphex Tiberius and Pyroteq! I love seeing names that I recognize from back in the day. Even if we don't always agree on everything coming back to this community is great nostalgia.
  13. i might type up a tome later on why I'm so extraordinarily disappointed with this game but I care so much less than i used to i might not even bother. They've broken me at this point. The fact that today marks twenty years removed from the game I fell in love with is fitting i suppose. I'm playing its predecessor and I can't effectively engage an enemy at anything outside of 8 meters in front of me, the time to kill feels like triple what i enjoyed. The radar is trash. The aiming feels bad. This might be the worst default matchmaking settings/guns/mechanics I've seen since vanilla armor lock reach. The fact that reddit is raving about how great this is just BAFFLES me. The ranked playlist, while better, suffers from the same problems the last couple halo games have. Long TTK, super high mobility (sprint etc) plus cover EVERYWHERE means very few 1v1 engagements mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Teamshot will be the most important factor by a long shot yet again and while I'm sure that's the pinnacle of competition to people who spent their childhoods on last four halo games, it's not my cup of tea. It's pretty tho. That's kinda cool. The campaign better be amazing. peace to cursed lemon and big show. cT
  14. Not too bad, just living man. Working from home, playing bad FPS games on a seven year old xbox.
  15. Nothing of any real consequence. It started when Ghost posted some big long post on the MLG forums and I kinda freaked out on him in a long reply. He hit me up and we talked a couple times about halo and I think i still have his number in my phone but it just never materialized into anything significant at all. Bravo I talked to about my issues with gametypes in H4 more than anything else cause that was his focus at the time as community manager.
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