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  1. Not too bad, just living man. Working from home, playing bad FPS games on a seven year old xbox.
  2. Nothing of any real consequence. It started when Ghost posted some big long post on the MLG forums and I kinda freaked out on him in a long reply. He hit me up and we talked a couple times about halo and I think i still have his number in my phone but it just never materialized into anything significant at all. Bravo I talked to about my issues with gametypes in H4 more than anything else cause that was his focus at the time as community manager.
  3. That was like 20% of what I actually wanted to say on the subject. I ended up being late to something writing it lol
  4. I've been wasting away playing stupid Destiny 2 and keeping busy with other aspects of life. I'm old. i might be interested in this next Halo I just don't know yet.
  5. @BoyoI'd have to give this a lot more thought but a short answer off the top of my head would be additional mobility options that are not overtly defensive in nature. Something like a SHORT wall run or a brief wall kick could work. There's probably more but I'd need more time to marinate on that. I actually have to leave but I'll check back a bit later.
  6. >CE's melee system was fine- not a ton of depth, but enough to make it noteworthy. > not a ton of depth Not a lot of depth based on what? Your comprehensive understanding of it? Pop quiz everyone reading this: How many standing melees does it take to kill an enemy in halo ce? The vast, VAST majority of this forum just said in their head "uh, two, obv" Nope. It's three, go test it. That fact alone gives the melee system depth. There is a momentum based modifier on H1 melees and it doesn't even apply if you're running against a stationary enemy and then melee them. Your character has to be actually moving across the map, running toward them. Then it's two. Guess what? it scales with velocity. If you're falling or being propelled by a nade, moving faster than a run you can do almost 80% more damage. You can never win a melee fight by backing up because it reduces your damage. There's a scaler in h2 as well but you have no control over it because of the lunge mechanics. Sometimes you hit for more damage, sometimes you dont. How many people know that there are vastly different hurtbox sizes for h1 melees entirely dependent on what gun you currently are using? I actually believe there is a tiny delay in damage for certain weapons as well, specifically the sniper due to the up and down melee animation. A melee can hit a fraction of a second later with snipe and it has a super narrow and annoying hurtbox. The AR hurtbox and low damage delay make it the ideal melee weapon which is why so many people have their pistol out and RT Y BLB the first shot guarantees your double melee kills and the hurtbox is wider. Maybe we can start talking about double melee and how the risk reward of dropping a nade at your feet is infinitely better for competitive play than smashing BXBXBXBXBXBXB. Hell I could talk about double melee for a thousand words. The fastest one I ever did was .06 seconds between the first and second hit. Maybe we can make the argument that your inability to control your location because pressing melee unplants your feet from the ground and moves your character, that mechanic sucks - someone else already said it. Maybe talk about how there is little risk involved with BXR and BXB and, while i believe glitches did improve the game overalll, they dont drastically widen the skill gap at high levels (doubleshot i concede is a different conversation). I mean just look at the lunge distances in the videos above. It's absurd. Let's look at the hurtboxes vs hitboxes on H1 too while we are at it! Look dude nothing personal but these kind of comments are why i got so frustrated with the Halo community and left. If you want to start a conversation about this, how about "i didn't really play a ton of h1, could someone explain why the community tends to think the melee lunge was such a downgrade?" Back to my old ways. I can't promise I'll stay around; I'm already tired again.
  7. Oh hey there Gents.I am in fact still alive! People still have hope for the Halo franchise after Halo 5!?! You're all stronger than me. Gandhi told me he was gonna bring me back for part 2 on that, he never did. I used to talk to GHO57 and Bravo with some regularity but they never had enough pull to make anything meaningful happen long term i dont think. I could be wrong. I dont think any of this stuff is gonna change. I appreciate the love tho. I really did and still do care about this stuff. I can post parts of that 60 page tome i wrote about the Reach beta but i dont want to put the whole thing out there cause theres a lot of grandstanding and ego in there that isnt really what i would write today.
  8. 'Everyone' is like a dozen people who still remember who I am lol I'll check it out, but we all know it's going to be more of the same. I hope I'm wrong, but it's just not likely.
  9. Well I'm a digital packrat so here's some of my favorite posts from the old THC forums. The formatting is garbage, my apologies. Have fun. https://pastebin.com/2rxdtiAN
  10. Hard Way told me to swing by and say what's up to all the nerds in my old stomping grounds. Looks like modern Halo is still lost and people are still playing Halo CE. That's rad. I hope no one is using a password for this website that they use anywhere else, change it now if so. There is no SSL certificate and the site owners and webhosting company could easily pull your password data in plain text. So yeah, that's not cool. Hope everyone who's still around from the old days is doing well.
  11. <3 and all of my Destiny montages are named after Halo CE things of course
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/4muco0/my_second_montage_flawless_cowboy_by_chaostheory/ new destiny montage if anyone cares
  13. Never posted it. Just another piece of my project. BTW whats up mark? Long time no see. Below is the part where I call out the human reaction time. The numbers are different but I find it hilarious that BigShow and I both drew the same conclusions based on that idea. His explanation is better than mine for sure. The rest of the stuff is in other areas.
  14. I've typed almost this exact same thing word for word, complete with the examples, call to average human reaction times and the "I don't want Halo CE 2" disclaimer. It's actually kind of scary. Needless to say, I agree 100%. A bigger separation between minimum and average TTK combined with a lower minimum TTK is really the biggest thing thats never been tried in any Halo sequel. And it's the biggest reason I don't find them fun.
  15. I still may finish and release it. I've let a few people look at it and read it and Ive gotten some good feedback. Thing is, it's like 60 pages right now and in the current attention-span environment of 2016, the only people who would even consider reading it are the ones that already agree with most of what Ive ranted about for the last 12 years. I just don't see the point. PM me Ill probably shoot you the current draft at some point this week, maybe Ill work on it a little more. The feeling of being close to good. It's so close but there are so many dumb things about it. Like better primary - good, everyone can evade instantly - bad, no shields while sprinting good, unliminted sprint bad, timed powerups great, three foot radar benefits only campers - bad, interesting maps good, I can clamber over every obstacle, bad, sniper descope good, time to zoom back in awful. So many annoying things man, it just all is cumulative until I realize its just not fun to me. Plus its still long TTK team br halo, which Ive never loved. Being close to good is somehow worse to me than being something just stupid that I have to adapt to and deal with. It makes zero sense and it completely irrational, but that's why I said it's subjectively not fun. Objectively it's better than anything else we've ever had on day 1.
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