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  1. 'Everyone' is like a dozen people who still remember who I am lol I'll check it out, but we all know it's going to be more of the same. I hope I'm wrong, but it's just not likely.
  2. Well I'm a digital packrat so here's some of my favorite posts from the old THC forums. The formatting is garbage, my apologies. Have fun. https://pastebin.com/2rxdtiAN
  3. Hard Way told me to swing by and say what's up to all the nerds in my old stomping grounds. Looks like modern Halo is still lost and people are still playing Halo CE. That's rad. I hope no one is using a password for this website that they use anywhere else, change it now if so. There is no SSL certificate and the site owners and webhosting company could easily pull your password data in plain text. So yeah, that's not cool. Hope everyone who's still around from the old days is doing well.
  4. <3 and all of my Destiny montages are named after Halo CE things of course
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/4muco0/my_second_montage_flawless_cowboy_by_chaostheory/ new destiny montage if anyone cares
  6. Never posted it. Just another piece of my project. BTW whats up mark? Long time no see. Below is the part where I call out the human reaction time. The numbers are different but I find it hilarious that BigShow and I both drew the same conclusions based on that idea. His explanation is better than mine for sure. The rest of the stuff is in other areas.
  7. I've typed almost this exact same thing word for word, complete with the examples, call to average human reaction times and the "I don't want Halo CE 2" disclaimer. It's actually kind of scary. Needless to say, I agree 100%. A bigger separation between minimum and average TTK combined with a lower minimum TTK is really the biggest thing thats never been tried in any Halo sequel. And it's the biggest reason I don't find them fun.
  8. I still may finish and release it. I've let a few people look at it and read it and Ive gotten some good feedback. Thing is, it's like 60 pages right now and in the current attention-span environment of 2016, the only people who would even consider reading it are the ones that already agree with most of what Ive ranted about for the last 12 years. I just don't see the point. PM me Ill probably shoot you the current draft at some point this week, maybe Ill work on it a little more. The feeling of being close to good. It's so close but there are so many dumb things about it. Like better primary - good, everyone can evade instantly - bad, no shields while sprinting good, unliminted sprint bad, timed powerups great, three foot radar benefits only campers - bad, interesting maps good, I can clamber over every obstacle, bad, sniper descope good, time to zoom back in awful. So many annoying things man, it just all is cumulative until I realize its just not fun to me. Plus its still long TTK team br halo, which Ive never loved. Being close to good is somehow worse to me than being something just stupid that I have to adapt to and deal with. It makes zero sense and it completely irrational, but that's why I said it's subjectively not fun. Objectively it's better than anything else we've ever had on day 1.
  9. It's just crazy dated. I went back and read it recently. Still needs a lot of work and now it needs a lot of revision. I started the damn thing during the reach beta. A lot has changed, a lot has actually been dealt with, a lot of new problems to discuss. It's just a huge project that I lost a lot of my original passion for. ;[
  10. Well yea, of course. I just mean that I played all the dumb AR and SMG matchmaking and somehow halo 5 is still less fun subjectively while being a much better game in matchmaking. At some point we are going to have to realize though that 99% of the competitive Halo population (hell probably the rest of the noobs too) wants to play team BR halo. That's just never going to change it seems.
  11. Noobin it up on Destiny with IRL buddies. Halo 5 is the most objectively good matchmade halo at launch yet somehow the least fun. Go figure.
  12. I'M SORRY OK My only point is that if dere had shipped in 2001 my way, aligned with all the other maps in it's design philosophy and weapon timing, and then someone tried to change it to 30 sec rocket and cam up top a decade later, they would have been completely derided and laughed out of the building for even suggesting it. The fact that dere is even playable in its current form is a testament to how incredibly versatile and balanced the core mechanics of H1 are. People have become so good that they are able to consistently win on Derelict despite it's design, not because of it.
  13. I always knew that Teapot made a site for Halo spawns, but seeing as I already know 99% of them I never bothered to visit. HOLY CRAP I DID NOT EXPECT THAT. It's a fully interactive FPS simulator with real-time spawn percentages? Seriously? Who developed this and where can I send a small donation? This is absolutely freaking incredible.
  14. This is an interesting and encouraging thread. Thanks for posting that old message to Neighbor I wrote, Moa. Hopefully he read it and listened.
  15. I bought an XB1 for myself AND ANOTHER ONE for my wife. MS got hundreds upon hundreds of dollars from me for this game and it was a colossal disappointment. I had people over at my house for a week and we had to go back to lanning on the OG boxes because we couldnt even get in the same lobby to play matchmade Halo 1. Even if we did we wouldnt have found a match. I'm definitely not still bitter or anything.

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