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  1. S4E9 Spoilers Below



    Can someone explain to me why an army of 100,000 wildlings would send maybe 200 of them to open the attack on the wall?

    Also, I was expecting a much bigger story changing event than, "uhh yeah Jon's ex gf is dead now". Hopefully the finale will make up for this episode.


  2. IMO i disagree. While i'll agree that some of the newer champions and a few old ones do their jobs better than a majority of the champion pool, I still think that if someone takes the time to learn the ins and outs of a champion and their play style, they can be useful. My personal opinion though.

    Yeah I probably overstated that.

    My main point is that the Art Team is working their asses off designing an awesome new map, but the Balance Team still hasn't fixed things that, in my opinion, have needed fixing for about 6 months, which tells me that Riot is currently more concerned with the aesthetics of their game than the gameplay itself (see Halo 4).

  3. Yes, im sure the balancing team and the art team do the same jobs.

    I never implied they did.

    I just think that Riot should be putting more emphasis on motivating their balancing team to fix things that have been plaguing the game since the beginning of season 4.

    The only viable mid/top laners anymore are the 3 or 4 that can lane against Leblanc/Shyvana, and the only viable ADCs are the one's that can get away from them.

    More than 50% of the champions in this game remain completely unplayable at a competitive level.

    Throw in the fact that lane swapping and fastpushing still happens in 9 out of 10 LCS games, and I'd say that the quality of League has gone down in the past year.

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  4. Bronze and silver id say arent different from my experiences so far. I think its more like Bronze/Silver 4 and 5 are the same, whereas Bronze and silver 1/2 and are alot more calm and generally more positive and understand how to win more.

    I found that a lot of times in bronze/silver I would try to force things early on because I almost counted on someone on my team feeding eventually.

    Since hitting Gold I've been able to play a lot better in lane, and ultimately win a lot more of my games.

    It does get better bronze-bros.

  5. My plat/diamond friends would always tell me that bronze/silver/gold are all essentially the same thing, but that is so far from true.

    I finally hit gold about 10 days ago, and have had maybe 2 afks, 1 troll and 3 or 4 teammates who fed beyond repair since.


  6. Just to show some love to the AM community, some players I HATED playing against in H3 because of their snipers were:






    iEli x







    Reach basically turned everyone into a good sniper, but that shit used to be an art form man.

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