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    I ran into you at DTW airport when I worked there last summer. It was towards the end of a 10 hour shift and I was half asleep, I'm pretty sure I just said something like, "Woah Bestman, I know you but you don't know me", and walked away to go clock out. Any chance that you remember this?


    also fuck Gore.

  2. I'm heated. I clicked the button to drop Kaep for Davis (I have Brady on my bench, so I wasn't planning on using Kaep anymore after this week anyway), and Yahoo.fuck won't let me make the transaction until Wednesday, even though neither player has played yet.


    Go 9ers.

  3. I need 25 points tonight from Kaepernick to win my match. I'm seriously considering picing up Austin Davis and starting him last minute, because if SF gets ahead early, and Frank Gore gets 25 touches, there's no way Kaepernick gets 25 imo. He hasn't scored 25 yet in a game all year, and Davis has in his past 2 games. STL will be throwing a lot, but the 9ers defense is scary. Someone please talk me into/out of picking up and starting Davis in the next 20 minutes.

  4. Worlds Predictions:


    Group A 

    1. Samsung White

    2. EDG

    3. AHQ

    4. Dark Passage


    Group B:






    Group C:

    1.Samsung Blue





    Group D:






    Assuming that bracket stage is A1 vs B2, A2 vs B1 etc:


    SSWhite > TSM

    EDG > TPA

    SSBlue > C9

    NJWS > Fnatic


    Final 4:

    EDG > SSWhite

    SSBlue > NJWS



    SSBlue > EDG


    Winner: Samsung Blue

    MVP: Deft


    Hype af for Worlds: Me

  5. Was just in a solo queue game where my team was winning by 12 kills and roughly 15k gold 40mins into the game, when my mid laner and adc started arguing for some stupid reason.

    The 17/7 mid laner threatened to afk, and did after the 12/6 adc wouldn't apologize.

    Our jungler, who was duoing with the mid laner also afk'd and /ff'd.

    I voted no.

    4 people voted yes.

    Our nexus blew up.

    I lost LP.

    I'm fucking tilting mannnnn///////////////////////////////////

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  6. 9/2 on Ahri 20 minutes into the game.

    4 members of the enemy team buy Banshees Veils as their 2nd item.

    Literally not even a Chain Vest's worth of armor on their entire team.

    Get Maoki'd and Wukong'd out of every teamfight thereafter.

    Lose a game in which every person on the enemy team itemized specifically against me because my adc is an avacado and my jungler is a stick of celery.


    Might start jungling again er sum, mid sux.

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