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  1. It is very awesome to see new players having such success in competitive Halo. Looking at some of these gamertags that I didn't see in the old days and knowing that they are making so much money from their passion is just great. It's also really cool to see new players get an opportunity to team with the pro players that I grew up loving, despite only having played competitive Halo since 343 Industries took over. I'll be rooting for Denial this year, Seduce is my favorite player!

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  2. There are definitely a handful of really good songs here, but he needed to trim the fat. He's not a versatile enough artist to hold my attention for 76 minutes.

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  3. His self titled worked because it was only 37 minutes. Overgrown had better production and more traditional song structures, and was also pretty short.


    I'm gonna give The Colour In Anything another chance today, but the first time through I could not wait for it to be over.

    This is coming from a long time fan of Jim Blake. I saw him in concert in 2012 before he released Overgrown. 

  4. Marcus Morris is the guy who goes +10 on narrows CTF by grabbing every fresh sniper and spawn killing people from mancannon to manconnon all game, but then goes -7 in every slayer gametype.

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