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  1. That is why Piglet has a better chance going to TiP then staying with Liquid. Imagine Piglet and Impact team again? It was all part of the plan to get SKT to come to NA. #illuminati

    He'd have the same issues with TiP. Being able to communicate with his top laner wouldn't do him much good. He just needs a Korean support.

  2. What upsets me more than the games themselves are the amount of people that have simply vanished from the community.

    You could show me a team list from a 2009 MLG event and I would recognize hundreds and hundreds of players, because I'd played against them in playlist or saw them post on the forums. I knew the community as well, if not better than I knew my high school graduating class. To this day I can remember the names, placings, and even emblems of countless players. I remember the hilarious OT posters like Strongcat, notAIDS, JamesIsIrish, and so many others. I remember being psyched for Saturday mornings of events because that's when they'd show some amateur players that I recognized on mainstage. Chris Puckett's Top Tens, BryanSimon going from 10 red boxes to being a moderator on the forums, Aurora's supposed fake girlfriend, GoofyBRbecue, Effin Ninja, Lethul Lethul, I remember all of it. I even remember LANing with Cyren and Legolas18928402402972049724 at Unleashed Gaming, and what SauceySoars was like before he started making Halo content (very rude dude, as was I).


    Over the last 3 years I've been slowly desensitizing myself to this whole situation, but the shit I listed above is that shit I'll remember for the rest of my life, because at a time in my life when I needed something to latch onto, Halo was that shit that mattered to me. I don't have the time to grind the game and go to events anymore, but I'd love more than anything to see some familiar faces back on the forums, in the playlists or at events. I probably sound like an 80 year old man talking about his glory days, but the thing that really hurts about this is that, as Lemon said on page 1 of this thread, it never needed to happen.

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  3. Like y'all legit spent 2 and a half hours collecting research and building up a court case instead of watching football, just to throw all your documents in the shedder and use it as confetti in the last 30 minutes.

  4. Looking back, kinda crazy this will be the 2nd time I've watched the Lions in a playoff game. Was too young/didn't follow football when I was really young.


    Let's go Lions!



    My dad has been a die-hard fan since the 60's, and has been rewarded with 1 playoff win.

    It's a pain that maybe only Cubs fans can comprehend.


    That said, LET'S F'N GET IT BOYS!

  5. Imagine chasing someone in a full circle around the entire bottom level of Warlock, unable to kill them because of sprint.

    Imagine how the ability to sprint up pink street would have completely ruined Midship FFA.

    Imagine trying to hold a Construct Slayer setup when enemy players can run from top gold to closed purple in 2.5 seconds.

    Imagine trying to spawn kill players in courtyard on Pit CTF when they can all sprint runway to your courtyard 2x faster than your teammate can run the flag.

    Imagine the 2 Halo games that have had sprint being by far the most hated of the series.

    Imagine trying to do so many things right for Halo, and ultimately causing it's downfall, because even though the bulk of your most dedicated fan base is telling you why sprint ruins Halo, you can't see it yourself.

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