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    Hey guys. I made a post ~2 years ago about a website that a friend and I had made called Pointcheck, which allowed you to enter 2 Xbox Live Gamertags and returned a list of bungie links to all Halo 3 games played between those players. Well, we just re-launched the website with some cool new features. You can now search for Halo 2 and Halo: Reach games as well. We've revamped the site's design, and reduced search time. There are some limitations imposed by Bungie's record keeping system though. Because they stopped tracking games in March of 2012, gamertags must be entered as they were  at that time. So if you wanted to check whether you ever played against Walshy in Halo 2, you would need to search for djizboss (someone else bought/obtained his account and changed the gamertag). We hope you all enjoy it!

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