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  1. 3 of the greatest video games ever created on one disc.
  2. Idk man, I find this lane swap shit incredibly hard to watch. Edit: Seraph has been really disappointing so far.
  3. Yeah I probably overstated that. My main point is that the Art Team is working their asses off designing an awesome new map, but the Balance Team still hasn't fixed things that, in my opinion, have needed fixing for about 6 months, which tells me that Riot is currently more concerned with the aesthetics of their game than the gameplay itself (see Halo 4).
  4. I never implied they did. I just think that Riot should be putting more emphasis on motivating their balancing team to fix things that have been plaguing the game since the beginning of season 4. The only viable mid/top laners anymore are the 3 or 4 that can lane against Leblanc/Shyvana, and the only viable ADCs are the one's that can get away from them. More than 50% of the champions in this game remain completely unplayable at a competitive level. Throw in the fact that lane swapping and fastpushing still happens in 9 out of 10 LCS games, and I'd say that the quality of League has gone down in the past year.
  5. Leblanc can still 100 to 0 me with 2 spells that aren't skill shots, but hey, now I can buy my Banshees Veil from a red walrus!!
  6. First PowerPoint slide reads "No Sprint" in 72pt font.
  7. That guy who is 1/7 and keeps split pushing top with no wards and dying, then typing "wtf team push, I'm distracting". That's a p cool guy.
  8. My favorite part about this game is how one human being can decide to make 4 other human beings entirely waste 45 minutes of their day!
  9. After what Halo fans have had to put up with for the past 2 years, he should feel fortunate that people still care enough about the series to be interested in leaked information.
  10. Down for fantasy if there's room.
  11. I found that a lot of times in bronze/silver I would try to force things early on because I almost counted on someone on my team feeding eventually. Since hitting Gold I've been able to play a lot better in lane, and ultimately win a lot more of my games. It does get better bronze-bros.
  12. My plat/diamond friends would always tell me that bronze/silver/gold are all essentially the same thing, but that is so far from true. I finally hit gold about 10 days ago, and have had maybe 2 afks, 1 troll and 3 or 4 teammates who fed beyond repair since. Feelsgr8man.
  13. does anyone in here still use last.fm? if so, let's be friends :^] http://www.last.fm/user/KeefBrosch
  14. Just to show some love to the AM community, some players I HATED playing against in H3 because of their snipers were: InfamousGhost Bryanman99 BaseballKid Advent iEli x Zildjian Krunchy Monarch Piggy Reach basically turned everyone into a good sniper, but that shit used to be an art form man.
  15. Wow, never knew this thread existed. If anyone is around low gold skill level feel free to add me: Joose
  16. AppleJoose

    NBA Thread

    '04 was 10 years ago :'[
  17. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    Nice of the Chili Peppers to dedicate a song to Peyton like that.
  18. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    Neither have 26 other teams.
  19. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    Shoutout to all the dads out there who have been Lions fans since birth and are starting to wonder if they'll ever see a Super Bowl in their lifetime.
  20. Does anyone remember a Halo 2 montage where this guy just stuck himself with plasma grenades, but in the most insane ways? Can't find it anymore.
  21. AppleJoose


    If the pro players decided to switch back to Halo 3, I'm positive that the majority of the community would too.
  22. In game ranks No sprint Good competitive maps. If H5 has these 3 things, I'll buy it. If not, I'll pass.
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