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    NFL Thread

    It's truly an honor to be a fan of this football team
  2. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    Imagine if we lost this
  3. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    fuck your fantasy teams
  4. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    imagine being a lions fan
  5. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    best 0-3 team in the fkn sport
  6. 343 is unfair. Frank Oconnor's in there. Standing at the consession. Plotting his oppression.
  7. aoty so far imo. I'm seeing Soof in Detroit in April.
  8. I had Iowa State in my finals. Good thing last place in my pool gets their money back.
  9. He'd have the same issues with TiP. Being able to communicate with his top laner wouldn't do him much good. He just needs a Korean support.
  10. imagine looking and sounding like that guy.
  11. Just realized that the mastery page I've been using on Vi is completely empty... and I'm 6/0 on her. OP?
  12. Getting +30LP per win, thank you based mmr reset.
  13. It's gonna be interesting to see what happens to the mid lane meta after DFG is gone. I had some really good games today on Ahri and Leblanc, so I'm pretty bummed about its removal.
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