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  1. you objectively look like jeffy da bear irl
  2. AppleJoose

    NBA Thread

    Stan needs to trade for Carmelo this offseason
  3. AppleJoose

    NBA Thread

    Steve Blake is Gilkey
  4. AppleJoose

    NBA Thread

    Marcus Morris is the guy who goes +10 on narrows CTF by grabbing every fresh sniper and spawn killing people from mancannon to manconnon all game, but then goes -7 in every slayer gametype.
  5. AppleJoose

    NBA Thread

    ctrl+f "stons", 0 results. smh
  6. Who u guys think has best sparty charge?
  7. I tried googling it yesterday but couldn't find it because I couldn't remember what the title of the thread was, and because I had multiple accounts on mlgpro (I got banned a lot).
  8. True story: In 2010 I made a post on the mlgpro forums where I said that I honestly thought my teammate, TJ "Lethul Lethul" Campbell, was the best player who had never been to an event, and everyone in the thread blasted me for hyping up "an online kid". So when CLG wins the million today, I just want everyone to know who real OG Lethxl fanboy is.
  9. AppleJoose

    NBA Thread

    If any of you live near Charlotte I'll pay you $100 to mail me a Chuck Finster Hornets T.
  10. No more Halos from 34 Please baby no more Halos from 34 No more Halos from 34 Please baby no more Halos from 34 Hey baby you forgot your skill gap And your game's still broken from the first patch It was more than just a game for the J-man I remember Str8 Rippin, I was a first day fan Uhm, well devs, I hate this iteration The scene is dissapatin', or, just on vacation You're, the reason everybody's trying COD Ground pound, it's kind of odd Mad at him cause he clamberin' Halo used to be teamwork and skill Now it's sprinting left and right, no more king of the hill Spartans speedin' and radar readin' to win, it's a sin Spartan charge to the chin Throw this game in the bin Halo 4 and COD kids, noobs and novices winning, Frank O'connor is grinning This shit unanimous to me, it's damaging to me, I think The scene should only be holding a spot for Halo 3, I mean It took us into MLG on main stage We even had Farooq and DMaq on the front page Now you wanna dumb it down, so you can make extra cash? This shit's not addin' up, you making me mad as fuck We said we came out here to see Halo win You said, sprint around and buy this BR skin Casual gaming is in Don't kill a franchise's heritage Just 'cause you're a pleb, learn what competitive merit is Campaign still good though, campaign still good though Make em' say wow those graphics look real Make a gamer play big team and just chill Make him no skill Make him play 30 minutes of Onslaught Flag and drop 6 kills Lord have mercy, Bravo heard me Still haven't fixed the bugs from last Thursday Bad devs, greedy devs, did us dirty The opportunity, to make a Halo that was new to me No Am community, I mean this game should come with nooses, we All are losers see, anyone can be a booster when the game rewards stupidity And no g, I was not for it I said 34, sprint's not good, you're gonna blow it I'll tell it radical for the casuals and everyone that they know 343's the best dev for ruining Halo No more Halos from 34 Please baby no more Halos from 34 No more Halos from 34 Please baby no more Halos from 34
  11. Sniper kills used to feel so good man. There were professional players that could not snipe to save their lives, shit was an art form.
  12. AppleJoose

    NFL Thread

    ^ I'm here for you also. I can't imagine how you feel right now.

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