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  1. Not sure if I'm saying what I meant right. With the way the poll is coded it's not possible to vote for Sanc vs. Gephyrophobia without voting for Meltdown vs. Burial Mounds.
  2. Can we please have a option to vote for neither? I don't know Burial Mounds or Meltdown well enough to vote in that matchup, but I want to vote for Sanc.
  3. Yeah, it's definitely more serious than casual and deathmatch, and it's definitely a great way to get better. Especially since we were in a lobby with other people (lobbies tend to be more communicative, all have mics, work together more, etc). When I solo queue I find the game can occasionally get frustrating (when people don't communicate, when they bait or camp on T side, and so forth). Getting a decently sized friends list so you can always have at least 2-3 good teammates online and available to play is a big plus.
  4. OK now that the stream's over, somebasic highlights for people who missed it and would like a recap (I missed the first couple minutes) -Hardy worked on socom and Far Cry -The Jet Pack was only in CE for a short period of time; it was prototyped and removed, and left Boarding Action in an unsatisfactory state. -Rat Race was Hardy's first time modeling. He just made tunnels, had them go up and down, and made sure they connected. He didn't expect it to become one of the more popular competitive maps (and I say "more popular competitive maps" with respect to Chiron and company). -Damnation was originally a segment of Campaign that got scrapped. Hardy and Dave Dunn (the maker of Damnation as a single-player map) adapted the campaign segment for multiplayer. -Nading weapons: The devs didn't specifically think about people throwing nades to get weapons to themselves. Instead the devs thought about denying the other team weapons, and figured it could potentially be interesting for weapons to have physics. Also: Another webinar next week! Yay for tuesday
  5. I see what you're saying. But it's just us having different interpretations of the poll question; if it specifically stated "As they are right now," I would probably have voted differently.
  6. What I'm voting yes on for thruster (and I assume there are others doing this as well) is the hope that thruster will get patched. Or that thruster, in an environment without sprint, will only provide a short boost backwards rather than just making sprint getaways faster.
  7. @@WIIZZZAARD Yeah the initial skill thing is annoying. It's supposed to discourage boosters and hackers from making loads of new accounts IIRC. let's get this thing going!
  8. I'm terrible and trying to get into CS too, let's figure this stuff out steam: thespincycle @@WIIZZZAARD Did you spell that wrong? No one shows up for that username, but with two Zs, 2 people show up. Or is it the is and Ls that are messing with me?
  9. How to Self-Selection Bias 101: 1. Acquire a huge audience of players and fans for Halo. 2. Lose most of your audience by drastically changing Halo's game mechanics. 3. Create a poll asking the people still playing CoDified Halo whether they like the new mechanics. 4. Since the vast majority of original Halo fans quit Halo, your few supporters of CoDified Halo are now a majority. 5. Use the poll as "community support" to justify CoDified Halo as a success to yourselves, to the community, and to your bosses. A more comical example: If you asked people walking into a Justin Bieber concert whether they liked his music, a vast majority of people would say yes. Doesn't mean that most music fans like Justin Bieber.
  10. Well at least if we get Pegasus we can try the rocket launcher.
  11. Saw you post the link to Orion, figured a video of the map would be helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMzv4VNSUJI&list=UUzGLSfWbq4CiqKFO9lU9HLg
  12. @@Three Six Xero That's pretty much what they are, "tiers" is the terminology Quinn used to describe it. "Tiers" aren't official or anything.
  13. @@BuckeyeState26 Can confirm roughly those times. Frame by frame was done during the invitational.
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