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  1. Can’t wait to grapple no scope. Huge poggers
  2. JBee

    NFL Thread

    Always next year dad Horse Cock Lock
  3. JBee

    NBA Thread

    RIP My sweet flat earther
  4. JBee

    E3 Discussion

    Excited to see Scorpio tomorrow and EA's new game Anthem running on it.
  5. How long has he been the mosted hated pro? And how has that stopped him from getting a team?
  6. What cratos did was wrong but I like how all of you are so high and mighty to not do the same thing if given the chance.
  7. JBee

    NFL Thread

    Carr deserves it 100 %. He was insane this year and the team looks like shit without him.
  8. How do you guys feel about the new balance update? I still feel triple tank will be the meta with ana still being played a ton.
  9. You make valid points. Teamwork and communication will win majority of the time and thats what I love about this game.
  10. No, its being stuck playing with kids way below your skill level. Diamond is the worst but I made it to 3900 and dont get bad kids on my team anymore. I think soldier is almost a must pick in the 3 tank meta. He's flexible with his dps, healing, and his ult pretty decent compared to other dps characters.
  11. Being stuck in elo hell is the worst
  12. JBee

    NFL Thread

    Late but I agree with Kubes. You play to win the game. You cant play scared. That partly why Fox was fired.
  13. Really fun game. Need people to do horde and campaign with next weekend! Let me know
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