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  1. I'd say with how short notice this is, its like 90% Cloud, 9% Cloud, and maybe, just maybe Cloud. Tonight will be interesting
  2. Ok you found me out I want to watch Cratos get destroyed again, was trying to be nice about it
  3. Has E6 scrimmed CLG since they formed? Would be interested to see how well that team plays against the best
  4. Attention Pro players! Please make sure to sign onto Team Beyond by 7pm EST everyday to see who you are scrimming each night. Your schedule will be provided to you upon sign-in and substitutes will be chosen in the case where one of your teammates cannot play. In worst case scenario where you are teamless any given night, we will choose your team for you in a timely manner wholly based off of past performances in prior Halos. See you tonight and Happy scrimming!
  5. Thankfully Team Beyond told me there were 7 new posts since I started typing or else there would have been more
  6. Snakebite just said CLG 9 - 2 Liquid. His !series command says the same, I wasn't able to actually watch though
  7. Listened to this the other day and with all of the CoD miss-steps lately (and potentially a gimmicky CoD coming out this year **rumors not fact**), I was thinking that 343 should really work (invest) to make sure their AM league has some decent payouts/tournaments that could entice some CoD pros/AMs to make the switch (would need to be an investment and not affect Pro league payouts/etc). The investment could potentially help Halo 6 with the amount of followers some of these CoD personalities have. But then again I really don't know what I'm talking about, was just the thought I had listening to Seth say that in the video
  8. And the multiple times he sent back to back tweets (prob like 10 - 15 tweets per spree/prob 3 - 5 sprees) saying he's going to do tons of Youtube/Twitch content, talking about his parents, mental state, etc. He hasn't been on twitter since really so I'm assuming someone told him to ease up or something. I really do hope he's fine now, but it wasn't just one Twitch stream that made people start worrying about him
  9. ALG vs Denial at Regionals, shit was crazy EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ffZhNqkE2k
  10. Doesn't sound like LBX is retiring at this time as Roy was saying on his stream earlier that everyone on EG were hungry for redemption. Seems like Suspector is the only change happening with EG
  11. Commonly has been a Ninja stream fan for many years per their conversations when they were initially teaming (heard on stream). They seemed fine when they were teaming, but obviously Commonly going to EG when Leftovers were doing well will cause some temporary tension. I doubt they are holding grudges over each other at this time especially since they both placed 5th-8th at HWC
  12. Brb gonna get in on this and make an account that RTs tweets made by Halo rumor accounts like yours called @HaloIntelRTs. Just @ me in your tweets
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