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  1. Hey guys, I haven't played the game in about two years and I just started playing again a few days ago. I'm just looking for a doubles partner to play with, and I'm trying to improve my game. GT: bjenks If you add me, please send a message on XBL so I know it's not some random person adding me. I get a lot of wacky requests.
  2. Still sitting here, almost ten minutes now, with the "downloading latest matchmaking data. Please wait." Message.
  3. I've been sitting here with this message for a couple of minutes now...
  4. Patch notes look pretty good actually, maybe I can play my favorite FPS withy friends at some point this weekend without it being a gigantic waste of time.
  5. Everyone having the same emblem in H2 makes it difficult to tell who is where. I care about the radar working half the time, and then dying because the person that killed me didn't show up om my radar. For me, these bugs and glitches make the game not fun even if i can find a game. Halo 3 sound being backwards literally makes it unplayable for me. I just wanted a game that worked and didn't appear to be in pre-beta form. Especially a game that I paid $60 for. In which case, my complaints and being upset are completely justified. Also, just because you personally haven't had your game crash or the sound and be backwards, or any other bug that someone else has mentioned, that doesn't mean it ceases to exsist for others.
  6. This. I've said it three times in this thread now.
  7. Sad thing is, I've been having a lot more fun playing Madden than wasting my time trying to have fun MCC.
  8. So you're telling me that the H3 sound being backwards, my game freezing mid game, crashing randomly for no reason, emblems not showing up correctly in game on H3 and H2C, spawns being wack, radar only working part of the time, grenades not showing up until they hit your feet, among many others, those are all server issues? I've literally only played maybe 10 games since it came out last Tuesday, and those are just a few of the bugs that I've noticed. They're not all "server related". This game was pathetically shoved out to consumers all the while the company fully realized how broken and buggy it is. Why did we have to download a 15 GB patch to the game before it was even released. There's a difference between you being patient and the rest of us being upset with a game that doesn't work how it should because the company didn't take the proper time to work it all out before shipment. They wanted our money before the holidays, and so they rushed it. Simple as that.
  9. Here's the thing. Why should we have to do work around "tricks" to get a game to work. I paid $60 for a game that's literally in pre-beta form right now, and I'm supposed to just accept it and be patient? No. Just no. Not only that, but even when we can get games, my friends and I always get thrown on different teams. That isn't fun. Can't play H3 because the sound is backwards which makes it unbearable.
  10. Yes. It's difficult to see players. Especially on Lockdown if your opponent is the blue team.
  11. Have to agree. I find it really difficult to play on any of the remastered maps due to the lighting and graphics. It literally is straining to my eyes.
  12. I posted this about the radar a page or two back. Glad it isn't just my imagination.
  13. The spawns in general for H2C seem to be off. Also, the radar for H2C randomly works or doesn't work. All players' symbols in game are identical so you can't tell where your friends actually are on the map. The sound is backwards for Halo 3. At least it is if you are using Astros. Me and three friends ran a custom in H3 and all of us have Astros. Each person noticed the same thing. It's simply baffling the amount of bugs this game has at launch. For a professional company to release a game with so much unfinished or untested is simply unacceptable.
  14. The problem is, they should have had things right to begin with. Taking it out on them, in my opinion, is justified.
  15. Hey guys. Never joined THC due to the lack of appropriate moderation and the consistent bashing of anyone with a foreign opinion, but so far this site looks good. Anyway, been around Halo since 2005 and around MLG since 2006. Never been to an event due to complications with teammates each time I've tried. Probably won't post all that much, but figured I'd actually make an account incase I wanted to share my input.
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