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  1. I'm on looking to run HCS for a few hours. Hit me up. GT: ItsKangarooJack
  2. Lookin for people to run some HCS with. I'll be on most of tonight. Hit me up GT:ItsKangarooJack
  3. I absolutely hate when people ask me "why do you play that game?" for some abstract reason. I play the games that I have fun playing. It doesn't matter all that much to me that MCC was broken and may still be. I play it and I have fun with it. Whenever I get frustrated or bored, I do something else. I'll buy Halo 5 too. I may think twice about pre-ordering it, but I'm sure as hell going to buy it because it looks fun. May not be true to the Halo formula or whatever, but it looks fun. Please stop preaching about not playing broken games and all that. Let people play what they want to play.
  4. I wouldn't bother playing to rank up. They'll probably reset ranks in the next 24 hours and thennnn the grind begins
  5. Looking to get on the HCS grind this upcoming weekend on XB1 Add: ItsKangarooJack I'll probably run through a couple pages and add you guys as well. Shoot me a message so I know to add you back
  6. Looking to play a bunch tonight and tomorrow Add me and message me for MM or Customs GT:ItsKangarooJack
  7. Does team chat work in MM if you aren't in a party? I don't think I've ever had a teammate with a mic in. Or am I missing some setting?
  8. Is anybody else's game freezing on the initial loading screen right after Microsoft studios? My game was working perfectly just a few days ago and now it isn't. My other games work fine and my hard copy and digital copy of MCC are both having this issue
  9. I have to say I'm really impressed with how fast 343 is knocking out issues. Hopefully we'll get ranks and everything fully functional in a month. I would be very happy with that
  10. Jeez you guys need to mellow out. Whether his 50 is real or not, who gives a damn? Leave the poor kid alone.
  11. I think there was something obviously wrong with the network. Seems to be going smoothly now. All I want for Christmas is you All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth All I want for Christmas is MCC to be fixed
  12. Is a new update supposed to come out this week or what's the latest news? I'm battling finals right now, so I haven't been able to keep up with things as much as I would like to
  13. Honestly the game is just way more inconvenient than broken. I played today and had a really good time. I think most of the issues are with random crashes, unbalanced teams, and party splits, which 343 definitely will prioritize with the next update. When I was on today for a few hours I found games in like 3 minutes in teams and had no real issues. I had ZERO problems with H2A rumble, which is easily the most viable playlist right now with no teams to balance and no parties to split
  14. Someone should tweet this to Bravo or DM him maybe to avoid showing the whole world how to do this glitch Probably someone well known in the community so it is definitely looked at @@Saucey @@Moa @@CyReN
  15. Seems like every patch makes improvements and springs smaller issues in it's wake which is to be expected when putting in new code. I'm glad to see them working so hard and I really do hope that they get some time to celebrate the holiday. If they continue this work, Id expect most major issues completely ironed out by Christmas
  16. The reality of it is that none of us know why the game came out in the condition it did. Could have been for a number of reasons. And I know we are all frustrated but at least find comfort that they are working on it and eventually we will have all of the best Halo games on one disc. That's pretty amazing. Plus competitive Halo is in better shape than ever before with sponsors latching on to teams left and right. Granted, 343 loses a little more every second it isn't fixed, but it's not like patches come out of thin air. They need to test and code these patches for a very complex game with several engines. It will be fixed. It will probably take weeks or a couple months but someday soon this game will be fixed and we'll all forget about this. In the meantime play Smash or Destiny. Have fun. We'll be okay
  17. Looking to run customs now Add: ItsKangarooJack and send me a message
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