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  1. Played a few games of CE throwback last night. In my first game, nearly half my kills were perfect and my accuracy was well over 60%. Granted the players weren't great but the "Halo One Pistol" definitely has an aimbot.
  2. That sounds fantastic actually. I just hope that 343 doesn't pursue a T rating in a game with flood. The goofiness in Halo 5 (no blood, elite screams, avengers) is already annoying enough
  3. The thing that I'm worried about is that since humanity is more outgunned than ever before, they're going to have to pull some cheesy bs (Infinity stumbles upon a guardian self destruct button.)
  4. Anyone else getting a constant half second stutter every 10 seconds?
  5. Probably the servers screwing up. Whenever someone quits in Warzone, the game pauses for about 2 seconds for me
  6. It feels like it. I played campaign a bit ago and was amazed at how much crisper the aiming felt than the mp. It would also explain why 343 refuses to talk about it, since it's probably not an easy fix. Aiming is the last thing that should be latency dependent. 343 please. I've been playing on 2.5/2.5 sens, 2 acceleration, and 0 dead zones. Probably the best it's gonna feel for me
  7. I have a laptop with a 950m Why is this port so poorly optimized? Like a 950m is slightly stronger than the Xbone, yet I can't run this at even 30fps. Thanks 343
  8. I think they said something about removing CE in favor of Fiesta Doubles :kappa
  9. Well that's annoying. My computer has a 950m in it (a bit stronger than the consoles) and I thought I'd be fine
  10. When you finish the entire Halo 5 campaign on Legendary and the achievement doesn't pop
  11. At first, I liked it and didn't get the complaints. Then, I got 2nd place in a game in the last 15 seconds when I was King the whole time. The guy who won only did by spraying me down with an AR for King points. He also messaged me about how he "owned me despite my aimbot". Turned me off from the playlist for a while. The fact that your King bonus didn't drop until you lost the crown was infuriating. If they made it where your bonus reset each life the gametype would've been way better for what it was trying to do.
  12. I love Breaking Ben and Ben Burnley even more now.
  13. I really wanted Buck to break the 4th wall Teen Titans Go style and just be like "Sorry Locke but the contrived nature of Mr. Reed's setup for this fight prevents me from crossing this 5 foot gap. Look at the bright side: At least the rest of Blue Team went through the portal. Guess us only bringing one armor restraint wasn't a problem after all!"
  14. And then in Warzone Firefight they apparently were outfitted with titanium gauntlets, since it feels like I have to shoot the hand at least twice to get them to raise their shield. Enemies having completely different health across Halo 5 is really breaking my *immersion*.
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