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  1. Still sucks compared to DBZ. This coming from a Avid Naruto fan. One Piece right now tho...
  2. Rumors today that we are still gonna push for Hiquan and challenge for rooney. God I wish the window was close to deadline.
  3. Titan Wrath

    Bucket List

    I plan to pull together a list of feats. All to be accomplished in a bucket hat.
  4. Death note is one of my favorites. I've never read the manga though. If you enjoy a good story I recommend Liar game.
  5. Anyone watch the wire?
  6. Never enter your Credit card to Microsoft and leave it. Swear they take money for shit I don't even pay for each month. Thinking of downloading this as I got 3 for like 15 dollars and wanna beat 2 first. Is this one worth it?
  7. It's just the fact that viewers will never be as high. Hoping to see some record numbers at this event. Then we can see the turn around.
  8. Try telling that to my friend who still thinks Man u are gonna get Fabergas, fellani, and baines.. lol
  9. I just hate the way he acts on and off the field. But Arsene Wenger is the best to fix that I say. Giroud is a good enough striker to be used until his 5 or 6 game ban is ended. I mean he almost goofed. But I like brek shea hope he finds his place in that team. I'm more interested in the development of Holden.
  10. idk man fighting a different set of weirdos in costume in every region seems pretty serious to me. I'd like to see a story based more around winning your gym badges.. and not making it the standard get all 8 badges then head to indigo. Kinda make it like the show where you had to fight trainers until maybe the like 4-5 rounds where you would then fight the best of the best basically the the elite 4. but then also add in quests in each town. Side missions, minor villains, along with the big shabang team rocket. Which needs to come back over Team purple hooded freaks. Giovani is the goat.
  11. Lol I got so much stick over a joke post over americans playing halo 4. My Rep so cool. Arsenal really stepping up the pressure to sign suarez. You guy think that's a good decision?
  12. I mean if you look at my sig.. It's not meant to be taken quite so literally. If it were it would be a boring piece of shit. But this is a top team scrimmage results thread, :ninja:
  13. What loadouts are you guys using for this? and what counts for a win top 4 or just 1st?
  14. Others didn't. Glad you aren't as the rest.
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