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  1. I generated some stats on the aggregate rank distributions for H5 Arena playlists. (Reddit thread - see album on imgur) It's more complete than the HaloTracker.com stats, I believe. I'm still working on tracking more players to improve the stats.
  2. You all might be interested in these Arena CSR distribution stats I scraped and posted. Clearly there's no UI here, I was mainly interested in the back-end data collection and aggregate display side of things.
  3. New pistol is much improved, IMO, sniper as well. Seems to be harder than pre-patch, but easier than pre-hotfix. Closest yet to OG, IMO. There still are some issues and inconsistencies though, with pistol and sniper. For example, how does shooting this fool directly in the nose not register as a headshot...? http://imgur.com/Pik81Ay Maybe this is a host/client communication conflict issue, and his shields popped on my screen but according to host I missed him? Lag was not bad at all this game, grenades and rockets were coming out fine...
  4. This is exactly how I feel - going into every game I have no idea how bad I will be lagging, how much I have to lead, whether there will be literally zero magnitism or slight magnetism, etc. I feel like from game to game on different hosts my aim and behavior has to change drastically, and that's incredibly frustrating. Also, when I pull host it seems like things are different still. At least on XBC I knew my ping going in, and could calibrate my lead amount accordingly. Now it takes me 5-10 pistol battles every game to figure it out. Some games I feel like I can actually get hits, others it honestly feels like I'm trying to shoot an infinitely thin target. It actually would be very helpful if during the loading screen it showed you your ping to the host -- would let you calibrate yourself.
  5. Thx. Also, I know some of the bugs I linked vids to have already been reported on HaloBugs.com. But those vids are all post-5/30-patch, so just confirming that those are all still issues.
  6. Dumb question, but how do you tell if you're host? People have said something about the sound your pistol zoom makes?
  7. Yeah I think it only glitches "some" of the time, not sure why -- I've had it work one game then not work the next game. I read somewhere a hypothesis that it only happens to the host, but I can't confirm that. Example of that "camo robbery" or "new camo burned when already camoed" glitch: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/RzR%20J3ST3R/video/3011191 Example of "can't pick up camo when visible" glitch -- different than camo robbery: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/RzR%20J3ST3R/video/2925916 Example of "can't pick up weapon" glitch, where I press X but can't pick up the weapon. I also saw this happen to Dirt on Twitch last night: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/RzR%20J3ST3R/video/3011193
  8. Actually I don't think the "camo robbery" glitch is fixed. Happened to me yesterday. Also found a bug where I walked over camo on Damny but didn't pick it up - had to walk over it like 5 times before it registered. l think I've seen this happen on Twitch streams too.
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