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  1. Random but I just checked your profile because I didn't recognize your username and I just want to say it's cool to see young kids that are into Halo. Back during Halo 2, Halo was THE game that teens played. Now, cod is that game and that's why there hasn't been any young talent breaking out into the pro Halo scene. But hey you're here so maybe there's hope for some more youngins to pick up the game and become the Snipedowns of Halo 5!



    Typing that made me feel really old. Brb shining my cane.


    This. I recommend shoe polish ,works wonders on mine.

  2. In the meantime you recommend everyone in here just... Not play.


    Pop goes to poop, then we just return months later for decent settings?


    Eh, might come a bit too late. Especially with the funnest game types not launching.


    Especially with other awesome games coming out around that time too. Such as fallout 4.


    This. Much This.

  3. In the hunt for a relativity decent XBONE. I'm not sure if sales is permitted on this site and if not, I apologize in advance. Float at me some prices and bundles if you're looking to get one off your hands!



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