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  1. I need a partner for the upcoming 2v2 beyond tournament as my partner cannot make it. The team is registered so I really just need someone to fill in for him. All the details can be found under the tournament tab on the top of this page. Please no noobs or young children (Unless your shotzzy) :holmes:
  2. NJ/NY Veteran , add for customs/arena in h5 GT Anxiety LIVE
  3. I agree but it also depends upon how the rest of his team can perform as it is a W/L skill system.
  4. RIP my future social engagements or lack there of. :holmes:
  5. In the hunt for a relativity decent XBONE. I'm not sure if sales is permitted on this site and if not, I apologize in advance. Float at me some prices and bundles if you're looking to get one off your hands! Cheers
  6. Anymore left? would appreciate one ! Thanks brotha
  7. Gamertag: Anxiety LIVE Customs/MM: Both Region: US of A Getting my xbox back after a year of having a life. If you were a sweaty in 3/reach/4, we have crossed paths.
  8. Are the suddoths retiring after this season? I thought you had to be considered an entity within something to be then able to retire from such? Deeznuts out.
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