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  1. That's good for Halo.. The more people return the more halo will grow!
  2. If you've been on Twitter, Twitch or here on the forums then you've notice all the support for MLG. This past year MLG dropped Halo due to differences (Lack of faith in Halo) but yet we seem to support MLG by retweeting, attending or promoting their events. Some say this shows MLG there's no grudge within the Halo community. I'm not saying we should have a total boycott of MLG but what I'm leading to is.. What will happen when Halo starts growing and expending? In the past months competitive Halo has grown & motivated many ex Pros' to make a return. Many are returning because of the new settings Ghost has helped modified; others seem to notice the growth of AGL. The very core of Halo is it's community; which is doing everything to bring back Halo to it's Glory days of H2, H3. Though it seem the community contribute in the growth of H2 H3; in my opinion it had minimal affect because MLG was there promoting & helping Halo grow. Today we find ourselves in a similar situation that Halo CE had. As a Halo community we have hit "rock bottom" but started rebuilding through grassroots efforts. Through small tournaments (Ex: Outright Gaming, Community based, UMG & ect) & AGL, PGL; we have witness a steady growth & a bright future ahead. This brings me back to my original question "What will happen when Halo starts growing & expending"? Will we allow MLG to pick up competitive Halo once again? Undermining all the hard work the community did to help it expand or will we turn our backs on MLG (saying no Thank You)? & take our chances with a new league (AGL) & online tournaments (PGL). In other words will we allow history to repeat itself or change our "Destiny".. Everything the Halo community did to bring back Halo.. Will be scooped up by MLG once again; eliminating AGL, UMG, PGL & all the hard work the community contribute; only to be drop once again in the near future & we will find ourselves back to square one. Thank you guys. - L.A :ph34r: Edited - Noticing flaws it's late
  3. Good game-play bro..DMR or terrible kids you did good..
  4. They should add a system where it shows how many games someone has quit. For example, Tomb Raider has a quit tally count. If this is added to Halo 5 then I believe it would reduce the amount people quitting early. People are very stat oriented now days!
  5. I wish I had Law or LuisLA always used LuisLA for everything
  6. Yeah that's happens to me lots of times; when I'm king 80% of the game and some other dude wins going negative! Kinda of crazy but then again it's fun! Specially when you get Reign of terror!
  7. Love it bro keep up the good work! You could also talk about small tournaments being run by member's of the community. For example, Outright Gaming ran a tournament which held 32 teams today.
  8. This week been crazy for all of us halo fans! I love it!
  9. Since I already preorder the xbox one I'll stay with that. I use to be a fan for ps but I left because of halo in og xbox & ps controller doesnt feel right..
  10. Awesome idea! If you need any help let me know!
  11. I'm also happy to see him back! Even if it's for the $ because (I'm praying)he might just fall in love with Halo again.
  12. Luis

    NFL Thread

    What are your thoughts on the Bears? Also do you believe Alshon Jeffery will step up and become #2 receiver?
  13. They should add the DLC also. :unb:
  14. I'm delighted you find that funny. Anyways I'll keep expressing my opinion; without poking fun of others. Give respect to earn respect...
  15. That's fine you're entitled to your opinion. I still believe he should be top 20 because he's currently still competing and helping grow the halo community. One of the first to stream... but anyways.. Don't get ninja while playing Halo
  16. A group of my friends started youtube.com/AverageProGamer currently we are trying to set a direction towards helping average gamers become better.
  17. I love warheads! Sour kind are the best! I believe G4C are going to sponsor more teams in the future.
  18. I cant speak for G4C but if you don't believe in Christ that doesn't mean you cant be sponsor but the decision will always be made by the sponsor. Everyone has the right to there own beliefs.
  19. You should come back! Sometimes I also feel like just quitting but then I realized I needed to have fun and not worry about K/D.
  20. The problem with this statement is. You are judging ninja which has nothing to do with his skill in the game.
  21. Awesome idea! This would help G4C sponsor only those who are actually capable of holding their end of the deal!
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