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  1. I don't think you understand this community or what state Halo 4 is in at all.


    Plus AGL already did that




    He was talking about Doju, not you (for the jabs).


    Trust me I understand but I also understand how a few people can & have impacted our community with their words.


    Exactly Now can you imagine if they followed EU! You can't deny this would give Halo a spark. 


    Fixing Halo 4 is critical if we expect Halo 5 to be better. We are already seeing a lot of members from our community move to COD or other games. They will establish themselves in that community and possibly never return even if Halo 5 has everything we demanded. Think about it..

  2. To the whole standing up thing, I think people playing Halo 3 over Halo 4 will do more of an impact since there will be less people on Halo 4. That's me though.


    Halo 4 probably has 1-2 tourneys left? You have to figure with Titanfall, Destiny, and various other Xbox One titles coming out Halo 4 is pretty much done in the coming month(s). It just feels kinda of weird to throw out the support we have for tourneys people already bash, don't support, to a game themselves already hate.


    Funny you say that "It just feels kinda of weird to throw out the support we have for tourneys people already bash". Who started bashing AGL for not paying up? I wont answer this.. We all know the answer but whatever man. 


    You really think playing Halo 3 will make a much more impact then demanding AGL to support and adopt EU settings? You must be kidding yourselves! 


    " titles coming out Halo 4 is pretty much done in the coming month(s)" Nice! Show how much support/faith you have! Don't call it "Its reality".  There's still a chance to revive Halo. I'll prove it to you. Why don't you tweet out "If AGL held a NS tournament would you attend/support?" Trust me you would be surprised by the response! Yes you will have few "sheeps" saying "No halo is dad" but that's because some of you guys + community personalities keep bashing that statement into our heads.

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  3. #1 - Developer support will be gone - The US scene has seen a lot of dev support in the past few months, & we would essentially be severing ties. (ToS)



    What reassures you this will happen? Last time I checked it's in 343 best interest that they give what the whole population wants. Well in this case 70% (HWP Forum Poll).

  4. We have always supported European Halo when they are having a tournament - and we have recently reached out to Simms who does a live show discussing the EU scene on our twitch channel which we support as well.  If we did not support you guys this thread would have been locked and deleted off of the face of the planet within 5 minutes of it being made.




    Short answer: Yes.


    Awesome! That's nice to know! Thanks for the quick answer! 


    Hopefully AGL takes the same initiatives & follows EU.


    Now since I believe Beyond will also support them if they took that route. Having EU and NA with NS will send a clear message to  343 that NS is necessary in the process of reviving Halo. We should demand/ask AGL to adopt EU settings. & since many people claim AGL 10 will be the last competitive tournament for Halo. It's essential that AGL does this to bring more competitive gamers out & possibly have a 32 team tournament instead of the 10-16 teams. We could promote it hype it up & believe me Halo will rise again.

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    I don't really follow why people bring them up either. I swear that some members just bring things up for the sake of arguing instead of actually wanting to help this community.


    With that, let's try and keep this thread about the rules for the EU settings.


    Regardless if "he did or didn't" The real question is will Beyond support EU decision and promote them? Knowing that 343 might not but also find it offensive if anyone supports their decision? Saucey or Cyren or anyone else who runs Beyond could you please provide an answer?

  6. @Beyond staff. You may like where you are right now politically with 343 Industries and their "developer support", but don't act for a second like you do not support efforts to return no sprint settings to competitive Halo. The last time there was a massive push for no sprint settings, the Beyond team hijacked the test settings and put their name all over it claiming it was the "official" v4 NS. You even streamed NS testing on the official BE Twitch stream. Nothing about sprint belongs in competitive Halo. It creates a lack of punishment for bad positioning, lack of relevance for positioning at all, and waters down power positions. This site is the American home of competitive Halo. The staff of this site should be doing everything they can to support efforts to bring Halo to its most competitive state. 


    Instead, the staff of this site (including administrators) go to TopMid and threads on BE and attack them for challenging the v5 settings. All in the name of "developer support". If the competitive Halo community truly had developer support, we would have received a no sprint gametype long ago.


    Have fun playing settings with sprint Beyond. TopMid will be playing real Halo.


    Edit: This is only directed at certain staff members. You know who you are.


    I'm happy to see more people expressing their opinions without following the rest of the sheeps


    Congratulations EU for making the right move!


    I advise NA Halo competitive scene to follow in the direction EU has taken. When a Nation comes together (around the world) demanding change ... Change will follow. 343 will notice and reevaluate their decision & possibly give us an Official NS settings. BUT this will only happen when & if we all demand/support each other on this. We can't flip flop on this issue. If we do then nothing will be done. 343 has done an amazing job giving us what we want. Yes not 100% the time but they have shown that if we demand something then they will provide. For example, when everyone demanded a 4sk BR they in return made it happen. This was only accomplished when our community across the Halo Universe came together. The argument wasn't "This a bad idea because we will lose Dev support". That argument wasn't even brought up. Always remember 343 depends on us.. We don't depend on them :) Without Halo players ...Halo will fade away.. (Ex: GoW M.E & so on)


    I understand the argument made in favor of "dev support" but like many have stated at this point NS setting is a better trade off then "dev support". 


    Stop the whole "let the bashing begin". One of your co-host said some pretty ignorant stuff in the past and got outed by it.


    Anyways keep up the work.

    Naw I'm free to express & say what I want Cyren. Thanks anyways.. Whatever problems you & our co-host has that's between you guys.

    Yeah we will keep improving.. Hopefully you could join us again.. lol



    "Even if the game is trash we should keep playing it...."


    "We do not need pit, we need epitaph.."


    "It would be good to have a game that didn't have forge in it..."


    "If anyone is going to be able to switch over to COD its Ogre 2" (da fuq?)


    "I gained five followers" (after telling everyone here to to fuck off)



    Those were his opinions. There's nothing wrong when someone expresses their opinion. Anyways our group did awesome! I'm proud of them..

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  8. Since nobody made a thread about it


    Here are the all star rosters




    My two final teams are


    Snipedown. Roy, aries, elumnite


    Sudd2, pistola, ryanoob and flamesword

    I agree! 

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