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  1. Off topic but is anyone in this thread going to Gamers for Giving in Michigan at the end of the month?
  2. They didn't lose it, they just didn't pay to renew the contract. And they put the money they would have spent into their first party esports titles so I'm okay with it.
  3. I may not enjoy playing Halo 5 anymore but god damn that was an incredible event that had me hooked from start to finish. That being said, I would not be dissapointed if this was the last H5 event. No better way to go out than on such a high note.
  4. Don't lie. If you were up there with all that adrenaline pumping and your emotions higher than they've ever been you'd probably shit your pants
  5. They delayed the match just so Tox could make a Twitter account XD https://mobile.twitter.com/toxgaminggg
  6. That controller disconnect gave nv the sniper and that was a total momentum shift. That could be drastic.
  7. This is the most careful game of Halo 5 slayer I have ever seen.
  8. So nV could could potentially win a best of seven with zero slayer wins. That's so trash. Who cares what games you win as long as you win 4 of them.
  9. Renegades came out so flat. Was really hoping for a good competitive series. So disappointing.
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