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  1. Die hard Blues fan. Rabid ALG supporter because my best friend/ former teammate is the owner. I know that feel.
  2. You got Chicago written all over you. Come on down to STL for some Bandana's BBQ or Imo's.
  3. What happened to Killer N? I feel like the Twins (Roybox) ended his career.
  4. I'm waiting for that response. Lmao. 10:00 am on a Tuesday morning and I'm refreshing my page to see how you respond to that clap back. This is my life.
  5. I mean....yeah. You're gonna have to. Lol. But you're damn right I'm going to be livid about it and some other guy shrugging his shoulders saying "get over it" would make me force him to eat that food that spoiled. That's just me though.
  6. ALG will be fine as long as they don't catch Spylce. That team seems to be their kyrptonite in tournaments.
  7. I am finally watching The Office. I know this is OT, but I never understood the hype. Now I understand. I can't stop watching it. I literally foam at the mouth laughing. I just finished the Valentine's Day episode with Michael going to New York. So far my favorite episode has to be Dwight's Speech and The Injury. On topic, whatever happened to Legit?
  8. This deserves more credit if anyone paid attention the past two days. Hahahahaha.
  9. The issue is that competitive Halo is more like one big neighborhood of people. Professionals can be reached easily for the most part. Their fan base usually consists of close friends. When an org gets it's name dragged in the mud by a player, their friends will echo the exact same sentiments. One of my close friends runs an org and as respected as it is now, he had to do some damage control over a player trying to paint them in a bad light. EDIT: Which isn't to say these players are in the wrong. However I think professionalism isn't all the way there for some players. Instead of keeping disputes in the locker room, it's aired out to the media (forum, twitter). It's juicy and fun for us to read, but it sucks for the parties involved.
  10. One would think that any major org wouldn't/shouldn't really care what a forum thinks of their investments.
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