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  1. Short term money doesn't equal long term profits. Doesn't matter you can't monetize it you're building a brand. Brand recognition makes it possible to attract sponsors and generate a mainstream appeal. This builds a stable business than can generate long term income. Flamesword understands this which is why he partnered with optic. If you're gonna make business decisions only thinking about the immediate return and not the long term benefits you'll never grow and never be successful.
  2. Most million dollar prize tourneys are community funded. Cod champs is an exception but the international and smite wc have the 3 biggest prize pools of all time and they're funded through the community. Don't see the halo community being able to do that
  3. Denials organization taking 3rd at umg and winning halo the same weekend. Optic won umg and took 4th at halo. They're quickly rising to what could be a huge rivalry in na fps. That's a good thing for esports as a whole. Would love to see more of this.
  4. Samurai was better than both Bon and luck
  5. I wasn't gauging them or being comparative. I'm saying esports has reached all new heights since halo disappeared. We should be reaching to go higher than we've ever reached. Obviously no console game can compare to a freemium PC game in terms of users or likely viewers. Doesn't mean we should short ourselves in our goals.
  6. Considering LoL had 27 million viewers at the world championships I think halos goal should be a little higher than the level of popularity we had during the mlg days. Obviously you have to start small which means reaching that point where we're back to where we were would be huge and exciting, I think the "end goal" should be to take it to heights it's never seen
  7. I think naded just really wants to win a tournament. I wonder if he will retire after he wins won. Like immediately walk off the stage like fuck it I'm out. Peace bitches.
  8. I think they just said shrine is the map for game 4. Str8 needs to win game 3 to have a chance here they're still struggling big time on shrine.
  9. It is and I'm an agent. Can enroll him myself. It wouldn't be active til February
  10. Not sure how this shows players have to be careful. He breached his contract and they released him anyways. Seems like the orgs need to be careful since the community will always side with the player even when they're wrong
  11. It actually states in the rule that they would lose their points
  12. To me we need to define what MVP means. Is it the most valuable player on the winning team (ogre2 arguably brings the most "value" to CLG in that final series especially). Is it the player who played the best on the winning team (royal2). Is the player who played the best the whole tournament (maniac - best stats at least). Or is it the person who without whom the team he is one would've woefully performed much lower (possibly hysteria). I'm not sure. Snipedown was absolutely destroying but in terms of value it's be hard for him to win a MVP with so many great players. If the award is just for who was most dominant throughout the whole course of the tournament you have a strong argument for snipedown. He was extremely impressive. The way I view MVP though would be who provided the game changing "value" to the team who won the tournament. I'd say probably royal2 with ogre2 being a close 2nd.
  13. Right!! Not saying I advocate this kind of behavior. Just saying I'd have probably peed my pants laughing if I had seen it live
  14. I think you overlooked the point actually. Comparing the numbers of a established brand with a huge following with a game that has lost it all and is trying to rebrand and rebuild is ********. Saying we're doomed because one tournament hosted by an org that is not liked in the halo community doesn't draw as many views as the most popular player In the fps scene who is getting mainstream coverage from places like the New York Times is ********.
  15. Whoops accidemtly reposted bear in the woods. Was gonna say it's unintelligent to compare apples to oranges. Which your poist showed. Expecting the nba and a high school game to have similar attendance js unrealistic. As is comparing nadeshot a viewership to a halo tournament.
  16. How was their matchups against every other team. We will have to go back and tally it up. Either way still serves the point
  17. Scorched is a good squad and they definitely have potential but I don't think c9 probably considers them much of a threat. Close slayer though, definitely gotta stay on their game
  18. . The two maps play very differently. If it had been slayer warlord I could understand the argument. I don't think it was close because if shooting skill gap issues. Team shooting, positioning, and power weapon control played a factor. In halo 2 classic ( bigger skill gap right ) final boss consistently won more objective games than slayers. Don't think the shooting skill gap is really relevant based on evidence of the results of the last two games. Not that h2a is necessarily a game that has a large skill gap in the shooting department.

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