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  1. http://youtu.be/rtcURJZzXYY *Specifically #1 play in this Top 10* God do I miss watching H3 MLG events
  2. Side note: Ambush could now be a slighter less deadly team with dat descope
  3. You are 100% correct. The DMR and Lightrifle are not godly weapons anymore from longrange with descope. You are 100% correct on that one.
  4. Online with everyone else of course, but I haven't had a DMR in my loadouts since BR 4 shot came out. BR 4 shot is what Halo is and should be about. But we are not even discussing anything outside of the competitive scene at this moment, we are literally discussing descope for Team Throwdown (yeah never going to happen) and 4 v 4 competitive game types. The DMR is and should be irrelevant in this discussion. Personally, I would love to see the lightrifle go away also or made irrelevant when it comes to competitive gametypes.
  5. What's the problem with the DMR? It's currently irrelevant in competitive play which it should stay like that... irrelevant
  6. Just like how Apple hired Comex who created the JailbreakMe website. Majority of major software developers hire hackers who break competitors and their own software, including Microsoft. I am unsure what 343's official comment about descoping has been or how long it would take for them to implement it, but someone just literally did it who just did it to fuck around.
  7. Blessing to Classic, now Classic doesn't have to deal with the emotional person and pick up 2gre for next major AGL. And if they dropped Naded because Naded went MIA for 10 days... that'd be crazy. The next major event they are attending is not until what? November?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjpdjX0y67A Well that is unfortunate!
  9. I have a -5034 exp booster account, anyone want a 50?
  10. Yay more ideas to make Halo more like Battlefield and CoD now! Yay! I love buying Halo because secretly I want to play Battlefield and CoD and not classic Halo! Yay!
  11. I am sorry but having mandatory healthcare is a sorry excuse for a healthcare plan. Especially when we live in a country were large corporations are keeping wages down and staff low while making huge profits while not providing health benefits. Obama making it mandatory for EVERYONE to have healthcare was literally money served to Insurance companies on a silver platter. It is like the Banks with their free checking accounts... They don't make there money over the initial opening of the account, they make money off of you from the fees you are later going to incur. Insurance companies will find a way to keep a lower price of insurance in the beginning, but will tack on different fees later on that will be legal. Insurance companies are not going to get tired of the influx of new customers that are now forced to get insurance, they will accept them with a smile because they know how many hidden fees are going to be there now
  12. I love you. You nailed it right in the head of what happened. The way Ninja acted was not completely in the wrong, especially if it is for $200,000.
  13. Oh man I think you have me confused with a pro-Obama supporter :P I was stating the support of Obama on SYG because it is relevant to his lies after he won the Presidential election in 08. It looks like Obama had a clear mind of real change before he was elected and has changed his mind all across the board in his policies the moment he became President and this is just another one. Obama is all talk no walk.
  14. Yeah the guy with the longest title reign in UFC is not the Goat... Because he only had a 7 year win streak 2,458 days with the title.
  15. I've disliked Ninja ever since I first saw him stream. How is my anti-fanboyism affecting my reasoning in thinking that it reasonable for Ninja to be pissed since Halo is currently his job? Maybe your ignorance is affecting your reasoning for simply not understanding that. Ninja's job is playing fucken Halo... When someone fucks with his job... He will get upset!
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