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  1. Shits pretty hype doe. Hopefully they get this small misunderstanding sorted out.
  2. Is that true? I would say there are more Sprint than non-Sprint: I don't think the fact there are more Sprint games detracts from the fact that non-Sprint shooters can be and are currently successful at the top end of gaming / esports.
  3. There isn't and shouldn't be enough income for people to be making a living when you're talking about building a grassroots type ecosystem. Then it wouldn't be grassroots it would just be another developer funded circuit. The whole point is to bring expectation in line with value, incentivizing tournament organizers and the scene to grow the game on their own back. If you start handing out inflated $50 - $100k prizepools then no tournament organizer worth their salt is going to be interested in running events without similar support. Keep the prize pools as they are and you'll find out who wants to play the game because they want to play the game. Bring in multiple partners in at the ground level to find the value of the scene itself (filling out venues, growing our own hype) - MLG, gfinity, Dreamhack, Beyond. Approach the scene from different angles (streams / content creators, lans, online leagues, cups etc). Below is a tweet that exemplifies where we want to be heading. Two massive tournament organizers working on their own growth but coming together for the betterment of the players and the scene. No developer money. No developer involvement.
  4. Jesus christ what an incredibly shit year. Here's to 2019 and Classic Halo
  5. It depends on your perception and the implementation. Done well it drives fan engagement, provides 'free' advertising while increasing the prize pool. Done poorly it falls flat or just looks like begging. If every esports event did it, the differences would be much more apparent. That said, this kind to revival event is perfect for crowdfunding.
  6. I would put the colour of the viewer experience in H2A between pickle and seaweed, christ even the skyboxes were dark. The clarity and general aesthetic of the H3 2v2 gameplay at the event was night and day from that of the H5 event. CoMpEtIvE iNtEgRiTy is debatable but what isn't debatable is that people are will to watch Halo3 and more importantly people are willing to turn up and play Halo3. I hope some older teams/players turn up. I am fucking hyped and will be letting everyone I know who used to play this game about this event.
  7. It's a great idea, kinda like an overwatch 'monthly melee' type of vibe. The only real stumbling block is getting the Halo community to accept online gameplay, going down the route of entertainment tournaments is definitely the right way to go about it though.
  8. Damn... timezones. Probably a Sunday morning replay with a coffee job. Is it going to be on the main Halo channel?
  9. The way I see it the competition for Halo is the long term gamer who has a preference to stick to a particular game, hence why the population for the original triology has always been so consistent. Obviously there are 'CoD kids' but I feel most of the gaming community treats that game like fast food; buy, consume and chuck away. By the time Halo4 came around there were enough popular games with proven long term potential (SC2, LoL, Dota2, CSGO) that when the game was very obviously hot trash people actually had viable alternatives to go to. Then obviously Xbox shit the bed spectacularly in the console wars and people had another reason to invest in PC gaming where said titles were popular. Now more than ever the multiplayer gaming market is saturated with quality experiences that offer longevity. The big three in DOTA / LoL / CSGO still exist but there's also OW / PUBG / Fortnite and the promise of quality and longevity in rising titles like R6 Siege.
  10. Onlines relegation really shouldn't be the be all and end all in terms of drama, if anything it should be a juicy bonus. As you can see with franchise leagues like OWL the drama should be the relationship between the storied teams and really it is what you make it. I think at the time there were a number of issues with Pro League: The scene not being accepting of the format, not being ready for the saturation of games and/or being online. The very clear cut nature of the compeition at the time, very few upsets and a lot of lopsided series (still reasonably problematic even today). The sterile nature of the presentation; although some blame can be leveled at ESL I think we can all agree how much the presentation of casting / analysis etc has matured since that period. The platform as a whole not being pushed by the developer / TO or really any Orgs. You look back really and in a lot of different ways that was definitely not what you'd do when you think of running an online league. Just with how everything fell in the end, the really memorable storylines ended up being about controversy rather than the natural rivalries in competition.
  11. The current visual representation of the game is trash. It's dark, cramped, clustered whilst still be uninformative. Almost everything presented in that screenshot could be improved in some way, highlighted are some of the obvious ones where you move from 'my first spectator' mode to something that seamless that can fade into the background.
  12. Good for him. Honestly he seems serious about it and personally I want as many Halo players to brach out and gain popularity / success. If Infinite is what it needs to be then there's a world where all these personalities / competitors converge draging Halo back to the forefront of gaming.
  13. When you are making enough money you start reversing the aging process.
  14. Watching both the little details stick out, not even production value in terms of additional cost, just decision making. For instance spectator mode needs a massive overhaul going into the next game or the ability to do your own on PC for tournaments. CSGO has miles more information on the screen AND both team cams but it still feels miles less clustered than the Halo spec.

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