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  1. No way you can have Lethul ahead of Ogre2. The guy has done amazing things in the later years of Halo but he's behind in literally every metric. So ready for infinite with all the juice flowing at the moment. Thankfully we've got some quality Orgs already under the belt, specifically G2 / Sentinels putting on a master class of creating an artificial rivalry in Valorant this weekend. There are a few choice names missing currently but actually of all the Orgs I'd say we have about 6-7 that could carry a scene on their own with the right players / personalities / results.
  2. OOoooffff. Don't think T2 is happy but loving the juice.
  3. Pretty sure they've got the MLG lot on the case this time?? To draw these orgs in before the games even out they've obviously got a promising road map. MLG knows not to fuck the little guy either, Halo has its foundations in grassroots fill a convention centre with sweaty gamers - I'm expecting at least part of that to return. At this point it doesn't really make sense to jack off to near half a decade old hate porn.
  4. Just putting my tinfoil hat on ... don't all those bullets seem to be going in the same place but that place isn't in the center of the crosshair. Feel like I'm going mad that way but could you shoot from a distance a wall and view the spread that way?
  5. They're just making matchmaking so that you only match with your chosen peripheral, then you can actually use cross platform play with your xbox buds if you've got a controller. I hope they'll keep it mixed for casual just for the sake of population.
  6. It's a sci-fi compooter game mans, it ain't that deep. Had a quick look at some streams etc, you're never going to get a clear picture at this point how it plays. May as well wait a few flights before they introduce matchmaking and show off some proper maps. Quite happy that as suspected Sprint is just a little bump up now, nothing dramatic.
  7. I was going to say this, I don't know if there's anything like a windup mechanic with the sprinting but from the clips they've shown the base movement speed looks decent and the sprint speed barely looks 10-15% quicker. Maybe 'flag running' slows you down but there's a clip where the sprinting flag player is barely creating distance.
  8. Looks alrighttttt for a casual game. MCC is dead in any meaningful capacity so really if you're wanting something resembling a Halo fix that isn't bending over backwards this will be it. Being f2p it's basically it's going to live and die on the quality of the experience alone so yeh... No more excuses. I'll be playing it as a casual side game at least and remain open minded to see if they can produce anything competitive worth exploring.
  9. Viewership has been a disaster for Halo full stop. Invitationals work if you do them right and strike while the iron is hot. They're cheaper, easier to run and reach a wider demographic. The fact that Halo hasn't been in a position to make them work doesn't devalue what they can bring in terms of exposure. Guess below which is the ONLINE INVITATIONAL FUNMODE STREAMER EXPERIENCE vs the super serious competitive LAN league.
  10. It is well worth reading the article. The writer obviously isn't the biggest fan of the comp Halo community but there are some valid criticisms and lessons to be learned. What Halo needs to succeed on any relevant metric going forward is really its own subject.
  11. It's kind of missing the point of the article. The article isn't saying that the comp Halo community should be playing older games now, more why didn't the comp Halo community do something in the moment when they were actually relevant. The sustainability of the Halo community hinged on the success of a single entity, MLG, under the guise of commercial mainstream success - everything else got flushed be it third party local grass roots participation / international participation / meaningful online participation. I don't blame MLG because they too were a grassroots start up, wanted to create a monopoly and were fucking good at what they were doing. But that is basically what happened, the competitive community sold its soul to one entity assuming they wouldn't need anything else and it backfired. When the competitive community gave up autonomy it lead down a track of playing more and more mediocre games under worsening settings along with a completele absence of the parts that make up the foundations of other successful grassroots esports titles.
  12. Why on earth would you stay up? The best bit about being from europe is getting to skip the time between series and technical issues. Weekend mornings with a coffee catchup are the EU life, embrace it*. *Until the championship match where you stay up far too late and it's really the only time staying up has consequences because you're in work the next morning where everyone can see you're shattered. Maybe you've got home issues they wonder, maybe it's drink, little do they know you just like watching the little red and blue men fighting on your computer screen for a bit of money and internet fame.
  13. At the same though it is one weight taken off the table with ex-MLG taking the helm. From the sounds of it, 343 are wanting to continue to try and stoke the open circuit / multiple event organisers coals so really they're going to need some starting money to get it off the ground. Obviously we are talking about a AAA title so [with the amount of development time] polish is expected but the game basically needs to be serviceable at launch and it will do fine for a while. CSGO was dogshit when it released then started getting the support it needed, Rainbow 6 again flopped and has since gained traction. Halo at least has a leg up on these games in that their developer focus SHOULD be on Infinite and supporting it's scene from the off, not to mentio they have the funds / resources to do so. We'll see, obviously gameplay direction could be a terrible turnoff but I'm feeling optimistic.
  14. Big news. Obviously wait to see what the schedule actually looks like but honestly I just can't imagine it being lackluster with those boys behind it. Now we just need a serviceable game...
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