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  1. Dropped in for the Clap. God tier event organiser touching pretty much every corner of the esports landscape. Wherever he end up he's going to be kicking ass, so you can only hope it's within the circles we travel .
  2. Knowing it is probable doesn't make it any less terrible. Their reasoning for including Spirt is self-fulfilling, people will expect it more, the more you put it in the game. They already know the gameplay negatives, they already know there is decent support behind a no Sprint game. Honestly need to grow some bollocks and just remove it rather than lean on the indifference on people that will buy the game, find out it's still mediocre building around a shit mechanic (for an arena shooter specifically) and move on after a month or two.
  3. What is considered, especially by this community, to be the worst Halo game in Halo4. Saying it is better than what is considered, especially by this community, to be arguably the best Halo game in CE. Saying something flippantly known to be controversial for a reaction, I don't know what else you'd call it. You probably have your reasons but that doesn't stop it being a wildly controversial opinion. You're more than welcome to explain your perspective but here's mine: There isn't a single map I would want to see remade outside that game, put them all in the bin. Gather up all the abilities and Sprint, put them in the bin. The light rifle and possibly the rail gun are the only new additions I would consider keeping weapon wise. Set the scattershot, boltshot, saw on fire and put it all in the bin. I don't like the way the game looks. I don't like the way the game sounds.
  4. Delete that whole game and every memory of it.
  5. I have nothing positive to say so here's a badly made meme.
  6. One thing I think we can all agree on is a moonboots powerup that furuther legitimizes spring jumping. I wonder what the audio visual feedback would be on that... Maybe throw in a juicy optional pad rumble?
  7. Giving people the option to disable individual pieces of haptic feedback is smart in that it drives engagement. A legitmized spring jumping option is the perfect example in that it introduces an unfamiliar concept [to a lot of the Halo population] and makes it easier for people to engage in said concept. It's similar to custom keybind mapping, if you're actively thinking about how you want things setup you're more likely to use them: e.g. Mapping melee to a mouse button for Winston increases the likelihood you're going to try cancelling the melee animation with leap OR use melee to burst the final small chunk of health OR use melee to conserve ammo in longer engagements OR use melee more frequently because of the relationship to armour / sheilds verses his tesla cannon. e.g. in one of Shrouds most recent youtube videos he talks about how he doesn't have sprint toggle in PUBG verses other quicker BR games. You're already taking the second step by rebinding the key / selecting the option so that assumes some base knowledge and your willingness to commit to that idea in the first instance. Basically yes it's a good idea, yes it can be done much better than we've seen before, be useful throughout the skill gap AND the engagement theory behind it should be applied across the board.
  8. That's the point of the asymetrical timers, you could theoretically have situations where they come up at the same time, come up in almost complete isolation or one leading quickly into the other. Also countermotion, just call it Vamp.
  9. Late to the party but I would absolutely love Quake style powerups in Halo, IMO the way TDM functions is something that Halo's Team Slayer should be striving for. Being in or out of control when it is known a powerup/s is/are coming, how you deal with that situation becomes objective gametype in and of itself. If everyone is reading the game and you lose the powerup then really you forego the advantage, much in the same way you would lose a cap in CTF or time in KOTH. However powerups have the added advantage of having the objective efficiency be entertaining as fuck to watch or play while one person terrorizes the other team for 20-30 seconds. In my mind it works much in the same way that the ultimate economy works in Overwatch, if you're reading the game correctly you can mitigate the effectiveness when the other team has a distinct advantage but if they do execute correctly and vaporize your team that's not the sign to 'pick up your ball and go home', if anything you should be thinking how much harder you're going to hit them when it's your turn in control. However powerups have the advantage of not gifting individuals/teams powerful abilities purely by existing in the game. I think we saw a glipse of what that kind of power could be like in Halo in the Lethul vs Snipedown showmatch on H5 where Snipedown gets the 'CE pistol' and goes on a spree. I want to see the best raw slayers in the game get to tear through enemy teams. I want to see how that emphasis on items really shapes teams interactions in Slayer. I'm picturing something akin Quad and as mentioned previously some implementation of a strong Vampirism powerup on asymmetric timers (so that at points they meet). Make them however skill based you want (reduced AA, increased speed) but to me that is how you refresh Team Slayer and make it its own competitive discipline rather than wishing it were replaced with an objective gametype. EDIT; does a full charged shot with a plasma pistol again OS with Vampirism in turn give you full OS? I want to live in that world.
  10. Someone start paying the server bill again at MLGSanctuary I beg. Considering you thought you needed a space to speak more freely you're doing a pretty good job fucking up the shared space where you would actually get any discourse. I'm mustering up the last of my long gone moderating powers and I'm going to spirit bomb this whole thread. I don't think that's true is it really... I mean I've seen a few 'iNhErEnTlY's knocking about and a good couple of 'FuNdAmEnTaLlY's from both sides. Someone even had the good manners to correct themselves, I'm not sure who but good on them all the same. It is far too easy to reduce and simplify to suit your needs but it doesn't come off well at all. Take Basu's post or Hard Way's post where they have come out as having an individual opinion that doesn't coincide with the idea there is a singluarly thinking opposition. I mean shit I prefer projectiles for Halo and have argued the toss in this thread yet every second post of mine is about Counter-Strike.
  11. I tallied up all the uses of "yikes" and projectile supporters said it less so they win and that is what we will be using for the franchise from now on. In all seriousness knowing how familiar people are with each other makes the whole incestuous nature of the thread much more understandable. In fairness there has always been some tight nit group in these threads for as long as I've known them but usually opinions diverge even within that group to the point you get meaningful conversation when these types of polarizing topics roll around. Unless there is some goal (content creation?) having conversations with people doesn't make sense because it's just ping-pong but with more chance for people to say what they don't think because of the direction of the conversation. Watch any of the old discussion content Gandhi used to create and you see how quickly (and happily) people fall off topic. That is the beuty of posting these types of discussions, someone like Multi can do a long ass post detailing not just specifics of projectiles verses but the overall essence of why he prefers projectiles. Really that's what needs to be tackled, it is very easy to shit on mechanics anything by hanging on a few details to try and tear it down but honestly in something that is as subjective as this the positives should outshine rather than whoever can tear down / simplify / demean the other opinion quicker.
  12. I think so long as you accept that prediction is a skill (i.e. something that can be improved on) then the curve for projectile vs hitscan is infinitely larger. So when talking about the theoretical benefits, projectile stands out because there is a quality that scales to the point that it is seemingly unmasterable. Consistency is really the only leg that hitscan stands on, there's nothing particularly interesting in anything you do with a straight performing hitscan rifle, especially balance wise, which is why developers use it as a starting point and then move away using other mechanics e.g. bloom, spread, spray patterns etc. Go and watch shroud play a game of Apex/PUBG. Especially in Apex, he is leading instinctively to maximise his damage output to a level that is just crazy.
  13. Agreed. Overwatch is what happens when you try to curb behavior and make peoples statistical contributions vague, it just becomes even more of a blame game. If anything they should put more stats on screen in game so people can actually see in what areas people ARE contributing as well as where they're percieved to be not contributing.
  14. What I'm saying is you're peddling redundant opinions that have no wordly basis. Having kept up with the thread for a bit the only thing I know you would do with a Halo game is make the weapons shoot straight and have a hitscan based primary. And that's about as far as it goes beause everything else you seem to have a problem with.

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