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  1. Viewership has been a disaster for Halo full stop. Invitationals work if you do them right and strike while the iron is hot. They're cheaper, easier to run and reach a wider demographic. The fact that Halo hasn't been in a position to make them work doesn't devalue what they can bring in terms of exposure. Guess below which is the ONLINE INVITATIONAL FUNMODE STREAMER EXPERIENCE vs the super serious competitive LAN league.
  2. It is well worth reading the article. The writer obviously isn't the biggest fan of the comp Halo community but there are some valid criticisms and lessons to be learned. What Halo needs to succeed on any relevant metric going forward is really its own subject.
  3. It's kind of missing the point of the article. The article isn't saying that the comp Halo community should be playing older games now, more why didn't the comp Halo community do something in the moment when they were actually relevant. The sustainability of the Halo community hinged on the success of a single entity, MLG, under the guise of commercial mainstream success - everything else got flushed be it third party local grass roots participation / international participation / meaningful online participation. I don't blame MLG because they too were a grassroots start up, wanted to create a monopoly and were fucking good at what they were doing. But that is basically what happened, the competitive community sold its soul to one entity assuming they wouldn't need anything else and it backfired. When the competitive community gave up autonomy it lead down a track of playing more and more mediocre games under worsening settings along with a completele absence of the parts that make up the foundations of other successful grassroots esports titles.
  4. Why on earth would you stay up? The best bit about being from europe is getting to skip the time between series and technical issues. Weekend mornings with a coffee catchup are the EU life, embrace it*. *Until the championship match where you stay up far too late and it's really the only time staying up has consequences because you're in work the next morning where everyone can see you're shattered. Maybe you've got home issues they wonder, maybe it's drink, little do they know you just like watching the little red and blue men fighting on your computer screen for a bit of money and internet fame.
  5. At the same though it is one weight taken off the table with ex-MLG taking the helm. From the sounds of it, 343 are wanting to continue to try and stoke the open circuit / multiple event organisers coals so really they're going to need some starting money to get it off the ground. Obviously we are talking about a AAA title so [with the amount of development time] polish is expected but the game basically needs to be serviceable at launch and it will do fine for a while. CSGO was dogshit when it released then started getting the support it needed, Rainbow 6 again flopped and has since gained traction. Halo at least has a leg up on these games in that their developer focus SHOULD be on Infinite and supporting it's scene from the off, not to mentio they have the funds / resources to do so. We'll see, obviously gameplay direction could be a terrible turnoff but I'm feeling optimistic.
  6. Big news. Obviously wait to see what the schedule actually looks like but honestly I just can't imagine it being lackluster with those boys behind it. Now we just need a serviceable game...
  7. Progression systems linked in with cosmetics is an absolute minimum. Considering they're making the thing from scratch there's no real excuse for a lackluster design / implementation. Overwatch is a good example in terms of how to structure progression (linked in with themed events, linked in with watching and supporting the esport, linked in with competiting in the ranked playlists etc) and offers a good variety of paid verses non-paid options but outside of the creative design of the skins there isn't any scope for variety / value. Something like CSGO provides a much better overall product: Items are unique - individual float values are present to show the exact wear of your item. Each item pattern has random elements that can range massively. Invididual items have a wear value - a general indicator of value but also a means to allowing people with less money the opportunity to have the same skin but more worn Items hold actual value - cannot be overstated the boost to interactions that allowing people to buy and sell their own skins creates. Items are created by the community - who knows what the community wants best better than the community? You also remove the need for the developers to put any work in after the system is set up. Items sustain the community - team stickers fuel the major events for CSGO with a cut going towards the teams attending. Teams make enough sticker money just participating to make it worthwhile, the event gets more eyes on it because of the in game interactions. Sounds dumb but for armour specifically I wouldn't mind something akin to a progression tree with a mix of XP / challenge based unlocks
  8. You can and should blame 343 for putting Sprint in. The fact that they do keep putting it in the game conditions the audience and erodes the original identity of the series. "There will be more Halos with Sprint than without" no shit, if they keep putting it in. And that's the thing... they DO keep putting it in. They do a shit job shoehorning it in promising people things will be different and it never is. They also KNOW people don't like it for Halo. How many times over the years do you have to hear that it's a 'contentious mechanic', even within the development team. That video did a perfect job by someone who obviously doesn't mind Sprint, how many times did he say "the audience didn't like it"... I mean jesus christ that should be in the middle of a whiteboard at every single meeting at 343. THEY DON'T LIKE IT How about you stop trying to think of ways to nerf and curb the shit mechanic or manipulate your audience and just remove it. Then your level designers don't have to [wrongly] consider two cover-to-cover speeds and can design maps that don't have airport runways running through them. Then you don't have a large portion of your core audience (you know the ones that stay with your game for the full 3 year dev cycle) nagging you to give them a 'classic experience' only to have a half hearted effort from the sustain team a few years in. 343 choose to ignore the cries of a decent portion of their core audience chasing a mystical unicorn that doesn't really exist. People like good games, period. CSGO is back to being the number 1 game on Steam in it's 8th year as a title. Overwatch is 4 years in and still bopping on all platforms. "bUt ThEy'Re DiFfErEnT gAmEs?!" and that's the point, they're their own games doing what they do to a level that no one can compete with - Halo actually used to be in that catagory. The new hotness comes and goes but unique quality games prevail.
  9. It's exactly what you asked for... a game with guns that use the exact same weapon with different sounds and visuals. If you want the option with reduced 'clutter' of course it should just be skins, if you're pretending there's anything other than that (see loadout options where there's zero difference in the weapon properties) it's disingenuous and will be seen instantly by the community as so. Quake champions also utilities loadouts in the form of character and spawning weapon choices, the latter showing the minutiae of weapons only goes so far in impacting the game. Obviously there is a lot more stock in the 'utility weapon' of Halo but weapon redundancy is an overplayed non-issue for the most part. The quality and balance of the weapons is really what matters, I'll take the chance on several utility weapons in the hope we find a low AA/BM/kill time option rather than focus on one and have it potentially be shit. The idea of the developer wasting resources which was also a concern is kind of lost as well with the fact they've taken six billion years to release this next game and it SHOULD be a rolling title with proper after release support (incentivised by all that juicy skin skrilla).
  10. Quake Champions. Quake 1 RL, Quake 2 RL, Quake 3 RL. People aren't idiots, if it's going to be done it has to be sold as skins not 'loadouts'. Also redundancy isn't a big deal so long as the quality of the weapons is good.
  11. It scratches a very specific itch for PC players who have left console behind. Classic Halo has a unique flow in that it is procedural but still retains enough fluidity and individual play making ability. The fact that you can actually roll through games quickly is also a huge bonus compared to say CS which is an hour commitment at least or Overwatch which has a 10 min queue time with a gamble on the quality of the experience. You are right there are plenty of flaws that age has made more apparent and I think everyone who is still playing can see them quite clearly. But honestly for the most part the expectation is a lot lower, no one is pinning their hopes and dreams on a hardcore playlist of a port of a failed remake of the first mediocre Halo experience. Personally I'm just rolling a few games, seeing some old names and taking some heads off - it's fun enough.
  12. Bloom was terribly implemented in Reach, badly designed for console AA/BM. Even post TU it was just a band aid on a terribly implemented mechanic. Having said that the base game for Reach was terrible anyway for the most part. MLG/Hardcore goes some way to showing that there is a version of Halo that works on PC satisfying that Halo itch it just lacks polish and content (namely better maps, maps that aren't 90% grey, better gametype combinations, bug fixes). The pacing also feels right without Sprint, but I don't feel developers learn that lesson until their shit version of the game fails and they're forced to compromise with what people actually want (see NBNS, Mythic Arena etc).
  13. Dropped in for the Clap. God tier event organiser touching pretty much every corner of the esports landscape. Wherever he end up he's going to be kicking ass, so you can only hope it's within the circles we travel .
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