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  1. Ranked mm should be forced gamechat. And you’ll go to discord? Go ahead, because most likely your buddies won’t even be playing the same game and don’t want to bother loading up that app on their Xbox ones(most Xbox one players don’t own a pc) because it’s buggy as shit.
  2. for real though. Idk if you do, but when I play pubg(pc) 9 times out of 10 every teammate has a mic(I only play squads). That used to be halo for me h3 & reach, and I know in h2 Everyone had a mic.(or at least 90% of the population did). The party system can’t all be that. It’s the halo community in general. I say that because when I play cod a good chunk of the lobby surprisingly enough had mivvs.
  3. maybe people would join those fucking lobby’s if the players who started it weren’t in a party chat, and refuse(even after messaging) to invite me to the party you’re damn right I’m not playing in their custom game!
  4. Why are we considered sweaty fog simply wanting not to be weak as shit on spawn? Remember snowbound AR starts, they get the beam rifle it’s like instant death all the time.
  5. I honestly doubt that. Honestly we need more info than concept art, halo infinite needs to show some gameplay or something soon, because if these bastards think people want to play halo 5 or mcc for the next year or two(if the engine is all they’ve got atm this mostly means halo infinite is a 2020 release date which is dumb AF) then they got another thing coming.I know they’re going to do an insider beta for the game, but then that ponders the question of when?! 343 is playing it “too” safe with this game. Who knows maybe they’re removing abilities, I bet my ass the kids who say they wouldn’t play it without advanced mobility would still play it(waypoint kids say stupid shit like this) halo online and mcc is evidence people want a more classic experience with halo. There’s perfect ways to do just that as well. 120% based movement speed needs to be the default. Map sizes need to be similar to h1-3. As for btb and warzone they can easily make that work by having plenty vehicle and infantry friendly routes(water works from halo 2 would be a good example of this)
  6. My data won’t sync now and my game keeps resetting long wtf was working fine yesterday
  7. H3 could be better. And why the fuck is KOTH AR starts in btb
  8. oh it very well could. When you don’t play console anymore and try playing halo it’s horrible.
  9. The 1-50 isn’t a system that works today I’m afraid. There’s a reason division ranking is the ranking in most games. It works greatly in most games(except h5 but that’s partly due to no party matching).
  10. Sorry buddy not everyone is a coder. I just know in some games hit detection became better or worse when rate of fire was increased/decrease. One example could be the current h5 Br. It’s still hitscan yet the weapon itself is now total garbage. Maybe increasing the ROF could improve the online experience but who knows? I’m just tired of shooting a mofo and they’re not dying. My headshots don’t mean shit! Heck’s on the insider the hit reg felt fine as shit, yet now it’s just ass!
  11. I still am waiting for h3 hit reg improvements because it sucks! One thing that could improve Br is increase the rate of fire. Halo online originally was projectile but it’s hit reg loads better b cause the Br has a faster rate of fire. I get constant blood shots, it’s hit reg still isn’t as good as OG H3!
  12. Typing errors. I’m on a phone mate and I have pretty big hands so it happens. iPhone 6
  13. when I log onto website it gives me the page I last commented on and sometimes that’s not the latest page.
  14. P2P though isn’t that great either though. We just neee better servers
  15. yeah and the hit reg been a huge hit or miss lately on some servers. Gosh M$ servers are awful
  16. So the servers went down or something? Edit: so something wrong occurred at 6:30, anyone wanna play customs? GT:gonagon.
  17. lol keep telling yourself that. I bet ya if you did a poll of what’s better h1-3 on a website other than here, h1 would be at the bottom
  18. you already answered your own question “glitches”Look at Fortnite double pump was skillful and gave individual empowerment, but was removed because it was a glitch/exploit. When unintended features end up in a game and are “abused” it frustrates people. It doesn’t matter to most if it takes “skill” to do, the fact remains is it was an unintended feature and to most should be removed. And sometimes it could frustrate those in competitive communities, since if you don’t use the glitch/exploits, then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Phurion is one of the best h2 players and if you don’t know how to use The glitches you’ll lose majority battles against him. And this can frustrate a player greatly by the fact an exploit is what’s used to win against him. Another example is Fortnites double pump was also highly needed to win. If you didn’t double pump yourself you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Exploits and glitches aren’t favored by many and these are the reasons. There’s many of us who could care less since it takes “skill”.
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