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  1. Oh god, you guys need to watch Fearitselfs stream right now, the shitstorm is brewing. http://www.twitch.tv/fearitself
  2. Was there any bad blood between fis and Vicx after they split? edit:FiS team already bitching at eachother just a few games in. I hope he grabs a better team. Good GRAVY. Also, i hope they do another fancy req pack soon.
  3. Snoop dogg about the servers yesterday. http://www.cnet.com/news/watch-snoop-dogg-get-very-angry-at-bill-gates/
  4. It would be hilarious if Chig was the catalyst for all of this to get revenge.
  5. Comparing the optic halo team work ethic to the CoD team work ethic is a laugh though. Formal is routinely on from 8/9pm to noon the next day grinding. There is a reason hes a the top and the halo team isnt. All of the halo team are capable players, but they just fuck around so much. I dont think this needs reiteration though. Their opportunity vs their work ethic is inexcusable.
  6. The only noteworthy out-BR in halo 5 thus far was @@Spartan over Lethul on Eden during that 2v2 beyond tourny. Shit was rude af. EDIT: there is two of every map. It was midship with the beetles. lol
  7. That montage is so cringe-tacular. i love it.
  8. Legend. I'm glad nv split up. Big names that simply weren't getting the ball rolling for some reason. I see pistols going the same way Fis is unfortunately going. Meanwhile @@Chig is probably laughing hysterically cause he dodged 103747392 bullets (like neo) and is likely glad he doesn't have to crush relationships. Salute
  9. All of these plain slayers are interchangeable. They need to bring something else to the table as well - @tiberius Audley Shits gonna get shady as fuck. (Someone post a picture of an eclipse)
  10. We still aren't getting everything. Get the PIs back in here lol. Also: @@Stikki Lawndart thanks fam. @@GoldeNade your new Avi has me all kinds of fucked up lol.
  11. Guys, I know why everyone is freaking. It's cause they found out that... Yes... I'm an f/a For real though, if a select few of those players tweeted that, it would have been a believable shitstorm. Also--- someone post the "iTs happening" gif. I'm on mobile.
  12. So... The venue is out. Why is that a big deal? Or is there still unspoken info?
  13. What dont you guys get? Dream Team IS an org... we've been over this a hundred times already. Its just a really generic name.
  14. Every time i watch his stream, hes just sitting there spitting his nasty chewing tobacco and playing his game. No stream interaction, and little reaction to donations/subs. He just plays his games stupidly well. this is experience from a low amount of watching his stream cause its always pretty brutal to watch. Ogre2 is the same, just plays the game and pretty well disregards everything else.
  15. What hecz is saying is that he knows his brand will be more successful when his team is still rpofessional, but can manage the youtube/content grind. Crim and Scump can handle it, but they know how to grind. they call him "crimbot" for a reason. whereas optic halo isnt a top team anymore, and now hes struggling with that, but he still likes them having the content grind. Formal is just as bad a streamer as Ogre2 and still pulls stupid viewer counts. I think that yeah, optic is known for the content, but hecz is too lenient on his halo kids. The amount of driving around and achieving nothing they do every day is actually absurd lol. /2cents
  16. OMG This Asia qualifier YESSSSSSS everyone watch this rebroadcast of you miss it omg @@TheSimms hypeee
  17. Audlwy stated that top tiers layers like mikwen and and are interchangeable. It was also stated that Pistola can't hang in h5 and although he is a big name, he still requires reconsideration based on his play. Regardless of his past.
  18. I suggest actually watching the rebroadcast. I never really thought twice about watching talk shows but I was thoroughly entertained. Shout outs to @@throoper for putting these together.
  19. Cratos is a savage insertflameemote (mobile) I would love to hear CLGs response to this pit stream. The heat would be so real. Also, mobile TB has gotten exponentially worse. Anyone else experiencing this? (iOS)
  20. Who cares.... Blaze [insert rapper name] is irrelevant regardless. Edit: moar negz please.
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