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  1. Most of us right now. also, not looking forward to catching up in the morning lmfao. #RealLife
  2. @@LethuL you just caused the biggest shitstorm. You turned the HCS upside dow. Fresh prince meme
  3. APG and Ola dont even have the internet required to actually grind. I wouldnt be shocked if they picked mikwen up though tbh. Naded would be the pickup of the year.
  4. This guy has it all figured out. Please ++++++ (Also welcome to beyond) Lunch to go the way of OGRE1 after this tourny. Calling it now.
  5. I didnt even consider that. 2 mil is gonna make any team fall apart. I dont see Liquid or nV sticking together whatsoever. He has his own, thread with all the stats No, Ola was a consideration in H2A, but serious check the stat sheets. He hasnt even been present for H5 thus far it seems. @@TheSimms is gonna have quite the morning read. Hope he doesnt have a heart attack.
  6. people making predictions and fanboys be like I think i just felt @@VinFTW 's heart smash into a trillion pieces.
  7. we all know lxthul is refreshing just as fast as the rest of us. Just spill it m8.
  8. OpTic needs an analyst... Optic is known for content. @@TiberiusAudley is an analyst. He makes content. #capitalize #whocaresaboutliquid
  9. Your new sig is absolutely A1. My favorite h3 montage purely for the cringe and the mid 2000s swag.
  10. Such a wEll run tourny. Holy moly. Hopefully they keep going like this.
  11. @@Wonderboy amazing commentary so far. Your post match analysis have been on point. And you've called more outcomes correctly than not. Before that truth slayer match you were like "infused can pull off this match if they're able to control the brs and camo". They did just that and were able to pull it off. Keep up the great commentary. Like batchFord said, you look very in your element as of late. Great job. Edit: I love a good sperm whale Wdit2: I haven't been this hyped on a halo stream in forever. This production quality is seamless. I was totally cool with watching spectator mode before but I didn't realize how much better it is to actually watch shots connect etc. @@Jimbo is an absolute monster.
  12. I hope to see epsilon make some upsets when they come over for HWC
  13. Honing my inner Audley here: optic tried too many 1v1s on their Plaza strongholds game and just got annihilated. Theyre strong slayers but their ability to hold position as a team is laughable.
  14. sad part is that i was just relating... I am canadian too. Kids got an attitude is all. Hes a big 16 year old lol.
  15. Teambeyond.net/store has a bandana for all of you roughriders fan #plug #modme Edit: i was checking the store cause my gf broke my mug and I wanted a BE mug. I was left disappointed. @mods hook me up.
  16. Chad made the nicest graphics for scores and he got eaten alive for asking what people thought. Youre making a contribution, if people dont like it, forget them. If the map in question is obvious in the back - great. If the score is visible - great. if the team logo is decipherable - then you did your job. THey all look great. pick one and stick with it. You obviously know more about graphic design than the next guy that isnt doing any. Keep up the good work community stat guys, and graphic dudes. someone make me a sweet new avi using my orange already.
  17. Pro halo player alex buck discusses the continuing rise of esports http://www.vice.com/read/professional-halo-player-alex-buck-discusses-the-continuing-rise-of-esports-318
  18. Ninja needs to get dropped more often... we had like 20 pages in like 3 hours the other day. Im sitting here refreshing and getting a post or two an hour. I need that #intel :flames: danoxide, posey, FiS, scaryotic lost to tucker, NB gonna, dalai lama and someone else in GBs... The Ragequit was real
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