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  1. Happy birthday @@LethuL . Gonna be a lifechanging year for you. $$$ keep up the good work scrub. Love what you've done with halo this past month lol.
  2. To those who haven't seen arkanum as of late, his communication, movement******, and his ability to respond to callouts is tier 1 no questions. The more talking the better for him I found. He's all around a player that could find a place on any team. And shout outs to mikwen on that filthy roster meta game. Jesus that's greasy and I love it. I put down folks for being to generous with ola and overrating him but I can say I'm really looking forward to seeing how this team works out.
  3. I knew there was something up with that team beyond forums twitch account. The Person That Uses It Doesn't Know The Current Rosters And They Type Like This. Cute that you have a doppelgänger though lol.
  4. Tomorrows qualifier will be amazing. Can't wait to see the seeds after
  5. I was confused when I found this site cause I thought team beyond was already an org and this was basically the equivalent to optic reddit. Might as well toss the boys some gear and tell them to get to it. Lmfao
  6. Could this potentially mean tha maniac is getting the boot? #droptic
  7. I back the notion to get ninja and Spartan to optic. That would be great for the game as a whole.
  8. I forget who said it a few pages back, but we've all been making excuses for pistola since HCS became a thing. "He was never good online" "he's better at LAN blah blah blah" We need to just hope he grinds and becomes the player you all remember from h3. I'm not convinced about this nV squad but I pray ogre 2 can lead them to victory. I feel like if they battle, they can grab 2/3 spot. Mikwen quitting streaming and all of the internet issues his teams have been having, I haven't been able to see him play. I hope he's as dominant as he was in h2a. One of my favourite players to watch. All has been quiet on his front. This shitstorm is gonna be amazing come Sunday. Thanks to Lethul for breaking the HCS worse than when Kim K broke the Internet with her nudes. Someone post the iconic Kim k butt pic with lethuls face #BreakTheHCS Edit: as soon as the rosters are set, let's shoot mega +rep to the stat guys so we can get the front page edited cause I can't wait to see the new seedings for regionals.
  9. Hysteria and Cloud are teamless again? jesus cloud has gotten it in the ass in H5
  10. EG lost a scrim. RIP the dynasty. FiS to WFX>FiS not playing>FiS to optic cant wait to see Denial in action against these new teams. Also -- elumnite has winterfox overlays on his stream. :flames: :milk: :milk: :milk:
  11. "Im gonna be using this optic scuf at x-games---- its all i have" [email protected]@StelluR FUCKIN SAVAGE. SAYS IT WHILE HES IN THE OPTIC HOUSE. disrespect is so real. they must have done SOMETHING to the guy.
  12. I fuckin hope not. Still have my finger crossed that commonly isnt safe (great player, not hating) but i just want so uber-shade and for ogre 2 to make EG
  13. You can see the hurt in his eyes. That move could potentially have separated him from a few hundred thousand in winnings.
  14. EG picked up commonly to neutralize the threat of renegades, only to have renegades pick up a weaker player just to have a locked roster. EG will drop commonly last second and grab ogre 2 and lock him in. This will kill the threat of renegades as well as guarantee themselves top 3. That's my two cents. That would be some filthy shade if it happened. That's max halo shade. Also ninja has fire tweets.
  15. Lethxl was the snakebite to CLG. Im worried that theyll suffer without the Ogre2 guidance/communication/willingness to bait/obj. I would hate to see ogre 2 go to nV or some other tier 2 team.
  16. I'm being dead serious in saying that we should all sub to sudd2 or do something to show support.
  17. Not that stupid. If based grinds as hard as he says he does, then his whole team is putting in that overtime just to get that win. Maxed wants the prestige of the win, as well as the money. I really want to see his crew take this home. I'd kill to se 2gre join him.
  18. Nadeds team grinds harder, that's what he's enjoying I think.
  19. My top 1 move would be to see el town dropped for 2gre. El town would be a good fit with RNG.
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