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  1. "Allegiance wont show up on lan cause theyre all noobs" - TB kids lol
  2. Suspector was fucking rude, and cratos with the fuckin plays. El town showed up when it mattered to. I am stunned at this gameplay.
  3. Ninja gave the sword away, making dumb pushes. If epsilon lets this go to game 5, they lose. LETS GO EPSILON.
  4. Liking elamite on the mic. But he doesnt post on team Beyond, so hes still dead to me. I must be one of the few missing @@GoldenboyFTW and @@TheSimms
  5. The Optic Scuf bringing @@StelluR the big W. He's looking for the green name. Ninja WTFFFF turn up, im no ninja rider, but the haters are MAD. Also GG apg
  6. DieseLs graphic looks unbelievable. Assaults team absolutely falling apart. Hysteria being his typical menstrual self. Ogre2 in chat "really chill stream in here. Loving it" Edit: best stream since lethuls last OQ win last weekend. Good god this is hilarious.
  7. It's hilarious that Hecz has put out MORE and BETTER content than most halo pros. Nadeds Vlog about his grind was a hit because it was real as fuck, its not all about the gameplays. People love snipedown cause he was the very best of the best for a long time, and they grew to love him as a player, rather than the team hes playing for. You can make a killing from youtube, give it a shot. It can only make the game better.
  9. I thought he was just being a cheapo. lol Glad to hear that then. edit: The GOAT quoted me!!! (lol)
  10. When is it safe to buy req packs? i saved up 100k for this update. @@Moa
  11. Pros are gonna be displeased with slideboost and fastfall being removed in the latest update. also, @@Mikwen , why did ola buy a 5ms monitor?
  12. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/updates/infinitys-armory Actual patch notes. - Scroll down.
  13. JUsT catching up but shout outs to stellur for lurking team beyond at the optic house. He needs to show flamesword and maniac, they lurk the optic reddit which is bogus.
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