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  1. Good man! The best part of you guys being the top team is that you're all positive ambassadors for the game, and that's all that matters. You and deni have had some pretty tight scrims, I foresee a humongous audience. I won't be mad at either of you winning the tourney. @@Snip3down The real question now is... Who's getting third? Haha
  2. Grats man!!! Way to go!!! Ps I think EG is gonna get de-throned at Indy. You heard it here first! The Denial grind has been real.
  3. I love the idea of unlocks led, whether it be skins, armour, name plates etc. give people something to work toward and its what keeps people coming. I'm certain they've added a multitude of things that will be unlock able at certain points throughout gameplay. However hopefully they aren't broken like the nameplates and emblems in mcc lmfao.
  4. I'm a Durham Region resident. I actually was offered to work for them during their stay here but I'm not sure I'm in favour of all of the people crowding and wreaking havoc in my city. Are you from this area as well?
  5. Surprised Lockout vs. Guardian wasn't an option. Perhaps they'll matchup later. I'd be interested to see the response.
  6. No scrims lately? Missing @ right about now. Or perhaps something from @@TiberiusAudley. This thread is drying up, I am desperate for PGL Indy. Competitive halo is my Drug. Intravenous :milk:
  7. Come on fellas, I really thought there was some protected, secret stuff that went on in this forum, it's so quiet here, let's breathe some life into this sub forum and give the "lesser kind" something to wonder about! lmfao On a real note, I live in Ontario, Canada, the place where they are holding the Pan am/Parapan am games this year, the expected amount of people in my city is roughly 300,000 people... My cities population currently is ~160000 people... It's gonna be a busy hellhole soon. Does anybody actually watch these games?
  8. Personally, I'm switching to halo 5 when it comes out, however I know that there are a great amount of players that got MCC solely due to the fact that it has the original game versions on it. Do you think 343 will continue to put work into after the release of halo 5? I'd hate to see the prevailing old style players get betrayed like that.
  9. "Obviously a person who's never competed in anything ever would say that" -BE poster But on a serious note, there is big money to be had if this were to become a real thing. Personally I'd like this or if they all ran on screen and jumped onto he couch like they were The Simpsons.
  10. I'm sure he wil produce more and more, this one was really soft and easy to look at, i really like it, makes for a nice smooth lock screen.
  11. Lol k I've never done anything competitive It just looks unnatural and dumb. If you're a pro halo player they do that in real life, so why bother with the douchy screen? I'm not objected to it, I just think it looks awkward to watch. I'm certain it isn't going anywhere, I'm just stating that I really don't like it is all.
  12. TBH i was super confused when trying to get involved with following competitive halo, i thought BE was an actual competitive halo Team because of the name "TeamBeyond" so i figured this website was no different from the forums on say, CLGs website etc. And im still trying to figure out if the logo has any pertinence or if its just a cool design (dont shoot me) But after all i found out it was just a place where the competitive fans come to discuss, and where the constructive people come to assess the politics and to rip on 343 for being the epitome and the definition of "Double-Cancer". I found the waypoint to be far too negative and whiny, whereas this forum is far more mature. I really enjoy it, so heres to the future of BE!
  13. Military ranks/symbols are done. Youre iron/bronze/silver/gold/onyx/semipro/pro and thats it, there is literally nowhere you could put the ranks as far as im concerned. The three-tier system is incredible cause it gives you an actual visual of where youre at, whereas the current system shows just a number and thats it. Im looking forward to that. My only real gripe is (Sorry if its already been addressed and beaten to death) is the bro-spartan cheering. Master Chief doesnt seem like the kind of guy who would give props to someone after slaying on the battlefield. It actually disgusts me tbh lol. EDIT: and good gravy, tone down the medals. I bet Josh Holmes wants a medal for showing up to work or wiping his ass lmfao. I put 36 hours played time into the H5 beta and still had no idea what some of the medals were.
  14. My personal preference for what im looking for is just what they gave us in the beta in regards to balanced matchmaking, with 3 tiers of each rank. I really like that theyre going the customizable armour route as well. There were some posts by 343i staff that mentioned something along the lines of how the customization we saw in the beta is a microscopic look into what they have planned. I mentioned in a different thread that this is the reason that destiny does so well.. Think about how crazy kids in halo 3 went when they saw recon armour etc. I want to see a forge world like we havent seen before because the stuff these kids have been coming up with lately is so much fun to screw around on. Giving people something to work toward will keep the community around. The gameplay in itself had only minor issues that are already being tended to as we speak. It comes out on my birthday, and im going to sleep for as long as possible right up til Oct 26 at 11:59 and play forever. I really hope the community blows up again, and that is a definite possibility so long as they give us the full and complete game the very second it launches. (obviously minor issues always arise, but not a total colossal failure like mcc) which guaranteed will not happen because of the way its coded.
  15. @@Sal1ent I trust that the halo 5 armour possibilities are endless, perhaps something along the lines of these for the future are a possibility? I believe that would be cool as hell to be able to rep your team through your armour set. I think weapon skins are a great way to keep the social community growing. Hell, look at destiny, its repetitive as hell, but people will grind forever simply for a couple pieces of armour or whatever. I think that is the angle halo 5 is beginning to take with the armour sets, which is one of the most crucial aspects of keeping those grinders playing.
  16. 100% will use. I wish i had this type of skill, Well done dude! EDIT: @@Royal MOARRR! I instantly put this on my phone
  17. Just joined the Premium Master Race! had to do my part to support this community. I've been lurking since the beginning of HCS.
  18. Switched cause people called me "Jen" in game or "General Orange" or "Generation Orange". So I decided to drop it so i could strictly be called just Orange lol.
  19. Hey all, I'm a reasonably new member here, been lurking since the beginning of the HCS Seeds thread and I just wanted to show my support by buying premium! Been an awesome community, and i look forward to sticking around in the future! :hcs: :milk: :milk: :hcs:
  20. What happened to "The Bulletin" with Jay Freschette? I actually really enjoyed those.
  21. I'm in full agreement. I personally find the way that Team Liquid is so constructive about the times that they suck real bad, and they also talk about what they did right in order to improve.
  22. Streaming is becoming bigger and bigger of a deal now, and i understand that if a streamer wants to be successful, he/she has to do "sub games" and stuff like that. Streamers like Naded etc incentivize their subscribers by telling them "sub and ill personally add you to my friends list". That is quite clearly VERY threatening to the weekend Online cups. Perhaps new gamertags for competetive play for each of the top pros to fully avoid this from happening? Perhaps no-friends on those gamertags and to join a custom lobby you ahve to go the old fashioned friends app>find player> im no computer guru, and i dont see the point in DDoSing and the like, but im just offering suggestions. (please dont eat me alive)
  23. Every pro has a gamertag for Matchmaking so they dont ruin their record or get ddos'd or whatever, but they have their old original accounts with tons of friends. They need a pros only account it seems
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