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  1. That moment when you ask @@Batchford to invite you to a game of star wars battlefront beta but he was playing with friends that are too cool for me, then I match against him and he kills me at the start. Had to go Faze MLG QuikSkop3z on his ass. I killed him off spawn too with another shot but it didnt fit in the clip for whatever reason, i thought it was funny anyhow. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GenORANGE/video/12189400
  2. Lmfao when i saw the front page i thought the redbull thing had something to do with FS. Also, i feel awful for FearItself, i really wish he got on optic. And what round did Poseys team go out in?
  3. @@LethuL leading a crew of 23k people is the most fun thing to watch. DO MY BIDDING PLEBS! STEAKTAC CHANT GO! NICK DONT FCK UP! this is great. weback
  4. So sad how so many people can take a joke that seriously. Also, someone so eloquently put this in my house "The game took so long because they had to give 'That Gary' some time to sink in so they can get that laser-like focus before the game" GLHF, may the best team win. Its better for halo as a whole if optic wins though.
  5. I've just never seen the beyond crew at that level of stupidity before. It saddened me immensely in the moment.
  6. You guys are painful. If suspector was gonna play for legendary, he would obviously do it and say nothing. Its OBVIOUSLY a joke. Stop, youre being waypoint kids. edit: please more negs, you idiots. i want hysteria level negs. lets see where we stand on this matter next week. Last week lifestyle was being a scumbag and you have all seemingly forgot and become optic fans. Use your brains. You cant prove matter like this, let go.
  7. That awkward moment when your first post of the day at like 9:30am is to wish Very Nerdy and his team good luck today.... And now he's teamless... I cursed him.
  8. For those of you who aren't watching / who care. This new EA game called "unravel" is coming out February 9th. It's aesthetic at and looks to be on Ori and the Blind forest level of feels. Check it out. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VVLzQMqWER8 Can't wait to give this a go.
  9. @@AbK good luck today dude. Looking for a big win out of your squad.
  10. Today is a good day for halo. I've been itching to watch the LCQ since the second the x games stream finished. This one is going to be a BATTLE. It's crazy how much the finals are worth. Such a stunning amount of money on the line. I hope all the shade was worth it. It's been a ride so far. Lol
  11. I need help finidng a certain halo CE montage. There was a guy who posted a thread here about 3-4 months ago with a halo CE montage that was absolutely hilarious. He basically just pooped on kids and added in 90s arnie scenes and top gun stuff etc and its was absolutely the funniest montage ever and now i cant find it. Please help, if you see this poster, let me know!
  12. Stellur, like el town, was really well known for crushing doubles in h2a as well. Players like Spartan and ninja would often run with them to secure good placings or crush matchmaking. Glad to see both of those players succeeding.
  13. Still cant believe that load of cash. I had 50k req points on my alt account, so i was grinding warzone to get to 80k for the HCS req pack, and now i wish i had gotten it on my main account. I'm hoping they do something like that again as well. Lastly, It seems like flamesword has been spending a heck of a lot of time (too much time) looking for a 3rd and fourth rather than getting two, focusing hard on them and grinding til the last chance qualifier. If im not mistaken, he HAS to come first just go make it to regionals. Hes scraping by by the skin of his teeth, im stunned that its come to this for Optic. I was watching Poseys stream last night and he is absolutely rude at H5, holy moly. I just hope his team came sneak in, poor kid has gotten screwed so many times already lol. Next weekends event is gonna be awesome to watch.
  14. Woah woah woah. Let me regroup. I am VERY pleased with EVERYTHING about how this tournament went. It was flawless. I am displeased with the final placings. I really wanted to see allegiance top 2. P
  15. bro im so displeased with everything about this tournament. also slayer game 7 on regret especially is #bigfatthumbsdown This just stirs the pot for worlds. This is huge.
  16. I'm celebrating my sisters wedding today. If someone could gather the req pack plays together for me, I'll buy you a month or two of premium. Thanks fam <333
  17. Ill take faster matches over mic listen-in qual every time. x-games has been going amazingly so far. Very happy with this event.
  18. I'm so pleased with epsilon. Can wait to see what they bring to HWC.
  19. Doesnt excuse them getting generally outplayed. CLG needed that week of practice to separate themselves from the rest of the pool of competition. I dont see EG winning any tournaments for the rest of the season personally.
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