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  1. This got -15 rep, you guys all jumped ship pretty quick. lol i thought we were the 2gre goat fans?
  2. "I'm down with the kids" -benson pre-conviction 2016 Rip ankles
  3. No replays will happen. Not a single competitor said "hey we aren't playing until this obvious audio issue is rectified". That shocks me considering the weight of these matches.
  4. I Just hope golden boy comes back at walshy for once. Walshy just digs at goldenboy and I know goldenboy has that heat just waiting for him. We need him to drop a bomb next time. Lol
  5. Bumping my own post for truth. Optic not on main stage today? That's gonna hurt viewership for sure, at least there won't be audio issues. Can't wait to see Naded be a fucking psychopath murderer again today. I also hope they can tone down the time between matches this time. This is the first event I've viewed on mute because I simply couldn't handle the banter and useless excess of talking between casters. @@GoldenboyFTW @@TheSimms @@Bravo and walshy (Jesus we need to twist his arm to get on here) are all we need.
  6. Haven't been this caught up since regionals. This is gonna be an awesome few days coming up. A couple of you guys have chosen denial to move forward and I'd love to see them succeed. I also predict that triggers pound will narrowly beat optic, although optic stands an awesome chance and it's better for the scene of they move forward. Really looking forward to seeing what noble brings to the table as well. They've been the strong silent type for sure this far. Penguin is an absolute monster
  7. </3 at @@Infinity 's new title. RIP me and @@Jazzy
  8. Thats where i stand as well. However sometimes you have to disregard the chat lol. Good luck to the optic guys. Cant wait to see pool C. Wheover said its gonna be a "bloodbath" couldnt be more on the money.
  9. Chaser making huge plays tonight, as well as having the balls to tell the team whats what. "What was that push at the end nick?" "I dont know, im playing lazy" "We arent going to play lazy at regionals, so dont practice lazy" hes actually really constructive, shout outs to gary too, he does a good job of turning morale around.
  10. @@ContrA we see you lurking the forums edit: look closely in the tv behind him for those who dont get it.
  11. Do you think that CLG would work with optic to make them better? I would love to see lethul at the house. lol. Also, neg rep me if you miss rostermania. I miss live for that shit. #RIPHurricaneLethul
  12. Optic plays the most scattered halo ive ever seen, I don't know if anyone actually watched the LCQ but optic barely made it out of a few of those matches. Teams like allegiance that are calculated and have better small talk, are going to step on them. Other notes: -I feel bad for denial and winterfox. -dT is criminally underrated. -Noble definitely stands a chance, they've been unreal lately. (Noble/elevate is gonna be an amazing matchup, just wait and see) -Liquid will struggle to get out of their pool. (IMO)
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