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  1. Bubu, suspector, penguin, rayne... All players that have done time on one of @@ContrA s teams. Coincidence?
  2. Hecz openly says that maniac and flame don't make a salary, instead he provides them with the atmosphere to produce content and a place to grind their game to be successful.
  3. Hey dude that was awesome, keep up the good work! The editing was great, very minimalistic which is much appreciated among the beyond community. Great clips man!
  4. Red vs Blue 2003 bug LOL http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/GenORANGE/video/16007362
  5. I fear for the status of my full red bar. I need to get on @@Clicked 's level. #goals
  6. also nice avatar, i can barely wait for this new starfox game.
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/genorange Oblivion Tournaments tourny if anyone wants to see my ginger ass
  8. I blame moa and infinity, they dont like gingers. :P
  9. /unsubscribesfromyearlybeyondmembership RIP
  10. He could have done a lot of things. He did the legendary thing and drank it at almost a decade old.
  11. Can i get on the Beyond Company? I know its an elite few... but motherfucker i have 10 days played time... i grind son. @@CyReN @saucey
  12. "Gonne stream more" "Gonna make youtube content" "gonna be around more often" -Shit halo pros say
  13. Nadeds stream with "Mikey" may be the most fun I've ever had watching a non-tournament halo stream ever. Love that dude.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdODOwfwyM8xH01KRfUm0A this Proximitty guy has some great videos. THeyre actually watchable. Goodluck
  15. The homies are lingering. I added you. Feel free to hit me up whenever.
  16. @@pROxiMa your team was shitting on me and i noticed your name so we put the tryhard pants on. GG brother
  17. This, hes so relatable because some of those viewers are his age and stuff like that, also hes a young gun so hes a big deal. Id love to see that. Huke and Bubu showed up this weekend. Also, contra regularly gets 50-100 viewers in his stream, definitely check his stream out too.
  18. It's okay everyone. 2gre will be back. He didn't have long to play with this team and get into the grooves with them. Mikwen isn't h2a mikwen in this game(yet), ola is lol... What are they supposed to do? Denial was simply better prepared. This nV squad just needs more time. If they stick together I'm certain they'll be a threat. I hope they stick together anyway. Also, hygiene + haircuts.
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