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  1. If they announce 2d Metroid.  That'd be my only reason to be.  And actually I wouldn't want to buy a console for a 2d game. 

    i bought XBOne for mcc and for halo 5...


    i wont be buying another console for halo. so heres to hoping halo 6 is on xbone.

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  2. Side note...  Going back to OpTic Naded...  


    I think at this point in his career that he realized that he needs to do what's best for him.  He can benefit more by growing his brand, especially with the help of OpTic.  I feel like he made this decision for the long term benefits.  He is probably thinking more for his child, than himself.


    Either way....   HYPE.


    Also if you cant turn 150k into more money, youre doing somethign wrong haha.

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