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  1. h5 is goated. Just checking in to say that.
  2. Lol, H5 was awesome. If you guys want classic halo, you should make a movement to just go play it...
  3. I just wanna see danoxide catch a dope pickup. As always i wanna see contra find a good team as well. Always killer to watch them both play at worlds.Hopefully naded makes a good run as well. Really glad to see subzero and sparty stick together. This hurricane should be an interesting one!
  4. Falcated and Vator (not reliable) were talking hot trash to eachother as always and said something huge is on the horizon and they had to shut eachotehr up otherwise theyd let the news slip. Can't wait for the intel. edit: team changes
  5. So Spartan, Ace and Cratos all got dropped. That would make for a really good team, and the conflict would be utter gold.
  6. Yo everyone, check out the homie Hitzels splatoon montage:
  7. i bought XBOne for mcc and for halo 5... i wont be buying another console for halo. so heres to hoping halo 6 is on xbone.
  8. Anyone hyped about the Nintendo NX? where the real homies at?
  9. In case you guys forgot: @@Nemassist
  10. Is it possible to delete all of my posts? Thanks!
  11. had to, i was in a chat call with boam and i was hyped as fuck for him
  12. Excited to hear the casting @@aPK and @@Clicked during todays Beyond tourny today. LETS GOOOOO
  13. Also if you cant turn 150k into more money, youre doing somethign wrong haha.
  14. I guess ace can't get his ankles broken if he's on naded a team...
  15. LOL ... In case you were still wondering, it was creampie. I suggest the use of urbandictionary again, please don't ask here. Lmfao
  16. Assault AND lethul said a shitstorm was coming. In b4 hurricane _________ Bold prediction but I think naded formed a god squad in the shadows and it's gonna break some teams. Or snipedown left EG
  17. I think if you stuck hysteria and randa together, you'd have a killer foundation to an actually good squad. They play very similarly and I feel like they would do well together. Perhaps cloud and mikwen as 3/4?
  18. New halo transition screen: TIME TO POUND [something about groundpounds] T2P
  19. Thats what i was thinking. Scroll scroll "who the fuck is that?" scrolll. grats guys.
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