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  1. In regards to the PC implementation issues: I'm working with the assumption that 343 is a competent developer. I would say use whatever input you want, but aim assist is gone... so basically mouse and keyboard. I want to say that 343 wouldn't abandon their core players, but they're actually pretty good at that.
  2. I'll respond to each paragraph respectively. They would still release episodic campaigns every few years, although maybe not for full price. They can offer some sort of co-op experience like Firefight. The main point here is that the multiplayer would independent of whatever creative decisions are made by the campaign team. It's actually a little mind-blowing to me that there is an actual esport whose rules are in part influenced by the whims of sci-fi fantasy writers. League, Dota, and (almost) CS:GO are sustained on micro-transactions alone. Hell, even a game as small as Smite is sustained on micro-transactions. The PC market is much larger than the console market for esports, and the gap is expanding every year. I would say COD takes up a larger share of console esports than CS:GO's share in the PC scene. Not to mention Halo's competitive format and gameplay is far more different from CS:GO than it is from COD. In my opinion it is 100% the correct choice for the growth of the scene, but they would never do it because of the impending backlash. I'm not even a PC gamer outside of League. I just think the low ceiling for consoles is only getting lower.
  3. I haven't lurked these forums in a while, so sorry if this is a retread... What are people's thoughts on Halo changing up their release format? For example, in my personal opinion, I think Halo should release on both Xbox and PC, with PC being the home for esports. I also think multiplayer should adopt a standalone, actively updated/sustained platform like CS:GO, LoL, etc. while the episodic campaign releases on a cycle as is (think ODST). This is incredibly far-fetched, but I wanted to know other people's take on it. There's only a few esports left in the iterative release market, and the only relatively successful one is the MLG supported COD scene.
  4. You may be right, but that makes me wonder why they have never commented on it. Silence or ambiguity on a topic tends to mean that the audience will not like the answer, as we have learned from 343... I was also just reminded that Halo desperately needs a pause function on LAN (lol). Restarting games is so confusing and embarrassing. Maybe if we ask desperately we will get a pause feature by Halo 7.
  5. I prefer to offer realistic solutions. You can't 'update' hardware for all of us who already own a One, sadly. Anyone can say what MS should have done. The more important discussion is what can they do now.
  6. I don't understand why Microsoft can't produce some LAN boxes for tournaments. They don't even have to sell them, just give some to 343.
  7. Yeah, I understand. I said we should just discuss it on a grander scale. Like brainstorm, idk.
  8. I'm just relieved that my new thread that had nothing to do with this specific title was converted into a post in this thread. I guess I'm just getting used to reddit... Real talk, though, a F2P Halo should be discussed on a grander scale, not on an obscure Russian exclusive scale.
  9. The recent reveal of 'Halo Online' and the not-as-recent emergence of dominant Free to Play (F2P) games has got me thinking about how a F2P Halo title on the Xbox would benefit the franchise and community. I've thought of a few things that I think the competitive community could warm up to. It's no secret that F2P is wildly popular as can be seen in MOBAs like LoL and Dota. One of the biggest and most immediate questions is how it would fare for FPS titles, seeing as there aren't any massive free FPS games at the moment. CS:GO is close, only costing someone a total of $15, assuming they have a decent PC. This brings up one of the glaring problems that Halo faces in this expansion phase that we are in (or want to be in, at least): it's expensive, especially to people that don't have an Xbox One. This topic has probably been beat to death, so you can form you're own opinions. The main reason I am interested in F2P is because it gives the competitive community an environment that is essentially isolated to the ever changing lore and single player influence. Never again would HaloFollower's comment section berate me for disliking sprint, and no longer would the competitive community complain about jetpacks and thrusters, God willing. I find the idea really exciting because they could do all the cheesy things, like immersion, that they want for campaign to mix it up, but the multiplayer would be untouched outside of patches and updates. This would allow for a long-lasting, saturated meta that doesn't crumble every two years because of title releases. There are a lot of factors that would have to go into this. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is longer and more dynamic gametypes so that the meta doesn't exhaust itself in 5 minute slayer games (think CS). If revenue is your concern with this pseudo-proposal, then it shouldn't be. I'm a sucker for cosmetics and chances are that you are too. Micro transactions are genius because we only pay the money that we want to pay. LoL has made more money off of me in the past year than Halo has in the past 3, and I don't yet regret spending that money.... *cough* MCC. A set of badass armor or maybe pro team armor decals is all it takes to get my money. I know this isn't a great proposal as there are countless loose ends that should be discussed. There is a plethora of problems surrounding the fact that it's on Xbox, that it might greatly effect single player sales, etc. I'm also describing the ideal situation, with a hardcore competitive and esports focus on the F2P multiplayer. I just wanted to present the pros, especially in the sustainability and gameplay departments. I would love to hear what others think, because at this point in time I feel that it is a potential solution to many of the franchises problems. If anything, It's fun to brainstorm!
  10. This is D struggle (afk J4). I know I'm not special for experiencing elo hell, but cmon... As a jungle main I should not be hard carrying in every lane. I just can't wait to climb when I have more free time . ty loss prevented.
  11. I'm embarrassed. How do I add media on this forum??? I feel like an old man... I've played out of my mind today (9.44 kda) and gone 1-3 so far. I'm honestly not salty - I just wanted to share. It's quite hilarious.
  12. The game is actually pretty fun, but it's not Halo. Grenades are stupid OP. Take out sprint and make thruster displacement shorter and its almost Halo. Can't wait to make my feedback post and tear into this game.
  13. So I got my first pair of Astros for Christmas a few days ago, and I'm 90% sure they are dysfunctional. I got the A40 + Mixamp M80 package. I messed up and updated my controller with the headset plugged in instead of doing it before, like the instructions said, but I updated it without the headset plugged in right after. I thought this was the problem at first, but it seems the headset doesn't work with anything. It only outputs half of the sounds - sort of like its on stereo with only 1 ear working, except the sound works for both sides. ex// When playing a song on my phone, I can hear about half of the instruments and no singing, but both sides output sound. This happens no matter what device I use them with; my xbox, laptop, and phone. I was hoping there might be an Astro guru on here to help me out before I just return the thing this week. Sorry for the weak explanation, but I don't know exactly how to describe it. Also, if there is a better headset/package, please let me know! Thanks!
  14. Thanks, man! I remember getting free skins for following their social media... I thought it was from a similar webpage. Color me embarrassed.
  15. Guess I'm a noob :3. The more you know!
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